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In the Underground

"I wish the Goblins would come and take me away…"

The sing song voice drifted through the halls of the Castle Beyond the Goblin City. Jareth lifted his face from his palm in curiosity. It had been many years since he'd last heard those words. Many years since the humans had left their Earth and it had been many more since Sarah had defeated his Labyrinth. In truth he had not expected to hear the words again, but now that he had there was a duty he had to fulfill.

The thought of a runner, after all this time, in the Labyrinth brought a feral smile to his face.

In his haste to leave, Jareth forgot the peculiar phrasing of the words.

On Firefly class transport ship, alone in the black


Giggles came from overhead, causing Simon to stuff his headlong rush towards the cockpit. Craning his neck he could just make out the shape of her face.

"Méi-Mei, I thought we talked about privacy and locked doors?" Simon thought he was being remarkable calm.

"So what did my lil' albatross do now?" Mal said walking up behind Simon.

"Wuh de ma! Mal, don't sneak up on me like that!" Simon had staggered back against the side of the hall in surprise, as he had not heard Mal walking up.

"You're such a boob, Simon. Nothing wrong with crazy monkey sex, quite natural" River dropped down from her hiding place, landing gracefully on her feet. She frowned, "But there may be something wrong with your auditory system." Her frown quickly turning into a grin, she ran off giggling.

"River!" Simon was blushing furiously.

"Crazy monkey sex? I don't want to know… I so did not need to hear that lil' albatross!" Mal yelled while covering his ears and heading back to the galley. Simon hid his face behind his hands and groaned loudly as he headed back to Kaylee's room.

Zoe stuck her head out of her bunk, looking at the now empty passage, "Maybe I should have a talk with River, my mornings do not need to be ruined this way…"

"Apologies Zoe, I did not mean to disturb your rest. Will not spy on Simon and Kaylee having crazy monkey sex again." River looked ashamed and quite putout, as Zoe had given a startled yelp at her sudden appearance.

"It's all right, Méi-mei. Thank you for that… I'm sure we'll all appreciate the quiet" Zoe smiled softly at River, hoping to convey a feeling of forgivness. She knew that River still felt like an outsider at times, and did not want to compound this feeling.

River smiled in turn and danced off in the direction of her bunk. Zoe shook her head in amusement and went back into her quarters to get dressed, figuring that since she was awake she might as well start the day.

Several hours later in River's bunk

"And so the girl said, "You have no power over me…" and the castle fell to pieces around her…" River was reading a book. A rather interesting book, a play to be exact, that she had picked up last time they were on Persephone. She could almost see things happening when she touched it.

A young girl, a few years her junior, spoilt and selfish, with emerald green eyes and flowing dark hair dressed in a white ball gown.

A baby in striped jimjams, flying up into the air before being caught by strong arms, laughing all the while.

A fae king, with mismatched eyes, and a voice like velvet who juggled your dreams in his hands.

A labyrinth with strange creatures and a little helpful worm, who told you where to go if you but listened.

This was not the first time she had read the book. She could barely put it down since she had found it. It had to be quite old, from Earth-That-Was… but was in seemingly perfect condition.

Although River knew she was quite more lucid after Miranda, she still had her moments and she would never be normal.

Everyone had their place on Serenity, but where was hers?

True, she had taken over piloting the ship and her abilities as a reader made her invaluable to Mal's jobs, but she still did not feel at home. Simon was finally happy, as was Kaylee, and River would never forgive herself if she took that away from them. Even Mal and Inara had finally stopped dancing around each other and finally started dancing together. As much as it made her feel more ostrasized, she was happy they had finally listened to their feelings. Zoe was definitely still in love with Wash, and finally at peace with what had happened at Miranda. Jayne was… well Jayne, nothing else to say there.

That was until she found this book.

There was an idea forming at the back of River's mind, one that could answer her questions, but did she really want to take that path?

Opening the book to the beginning River read the goblins' words and decided.

"I wish the Goblins would come and take me away…" River sang the words softly to herself, and then quickly looked around. Nothing.

Pouting, River put the book down and promptly stuck her tongue out at it.

"Now, that wasn't very nice" a darkly seductive voice whispered from her doorway.

Turning slowly, oh so slowly, River peered at the shape in her doorway and then her face broke out into a smile. "Well, what are you standing there for? Let us be off, depart, leave and vamoose." She beamed up at his gobsmacked face. She decided then and there that she wanted to see that look on his face as much as possible.