Hello everyone! This is one of my many fanfictions. I have written them for many different stories. However this is my first attempt at a fanfiction for the mortal instruments. I would like to start this story right after the final book ends. So it's kind of like a pick up where the author left off.

Disclaimer: I obviously do not own the series or any of the books.

Clary watched as the sun set against the tall sky scrapers of New York City. She loved the way the pastel colors danced across the horizon of the City. Resting her hand on her cheek as she leaned out over the front porch of Luke's home and watched the scene dissolve into darkness, she wished she could paint the scene. She imagined it in her mind, the brush stroking the canvas gently.

She was snapped out of her reverie as a hand gently rested itself upon her shoulder. She glanced back to see a flash of red hair and a face that looked remarkably similar to hers. Jocelyn. Her mother looked down at her with a smile before she looked out over the yard and up to the nigh dark sky.

"New York is nothing like Idris." She said, as if she missed the city of Alicante. Clary could imagine she did. Some part of Clary missed the streets and the Demon Towers. She felt a strange sense of belonging there. But then she felt that sense of belonging here as well and said:

"And Idris is nothing like New York." Clary smiled and her mother returned the smile softly as only a mother could. Resting her hand on Clary's back, Jocelyn proceeded to lead her daughter inside when Clary suddenly felt the urge to stay on the porch, if only a bit longer. "Wait, I will be in. Just give me a minute."

Jocelyn agreed and made her way back into the house. Clary heard the door shut with a decisive click as she turned her attention back to the yard. A shadowed silhouette moved across the lawn with a distinct motion toward her. The moon shown suddenly over the figure and odd shadows danced across Jace's face.

"Jace," she said, unable to disguise the happiness she felt at seeing him. But then why would she want to. A small smile dance over his lips and she walked down into the yard to greet him. He wrapped his arms around her as if it were simply a reflex. She relaxed into his arms as though it were perfectly natural, which to her, it was.

"Hello," he said kissing the top of her head gently before pulling himself away from her.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, surprised at the sight of him nonetheless. She wasn't supposed to see him until the next day, he was going to pick her up and take her to the institute. She was starting classes with Jace and the rest of his family. At the thought of starting life as a shadow hunter, learning shadow hunter customs and life she was a little nervous.

" I wanted to show you something. It's pretty interesting," he said and then added, "And I think you'll like it," with that said, he smiled and grabbed her hand, lacing her fingers through his. He began walking her out into the street and she wondered how they were going to get where they were going, that is until she saw the demon bike parked. She never even heard it coming to her surprise.

She waited for Jace to hop onto the bike, and she followed suit. The engine revved loudly for one second before there was utter silence. Clary was sure for a second that it was broken and was about to ask Jace what was wrong when she felt the machine jolt forward. Her arms tightened around Jaces waste reflexively and she could swear she heard a laugh escape his mouth.

"Silencing rune!" He shouted over the wind that whirled over them as they picked up speed. The bike raced forward and Clary pressed her face gently against Jaces back to protect her eyes from the vicious winds swirling past them.

Before she knew it they were stopped outside of central park and Clary wondered why he had brought her here. More than that she wondered what other secrets lie here, perfectly unknown to her as much of the other secrets had been. She stepped away from the bike and wrapped her arms around her now cold body. Jace chuckled and pulled his jacket off. His newest Leather jacket was jet black and very similar to the one he wore before, only this one was much less worn looking.

"I should have told you to bring a jacket," He said with a chuckle, slipping his over her shoulders. She grabbed it and hugged it close to herself gratefully. Jace smiled and led her over to the biggest tree in the park. It's foliage hung low like a weeping willow and it had a lot of charm, but Clary just couldn't see what was so great about it.

"The Fare Folk cast a sort of glamour over it, but concentrate Clary, I know you will see it," Jace said urging her to look again. This time she looked over the tree with a very relaxed state of mind. Suddenly a world of color burst forth before her eyes and she suppressed her urge to gasp at the lovely scene before her. She watched as hundreds, maybe even thousands of lights danced around the tree. Between the branches, in and out of knot holes, thousands of lights moved around the tree in all different colors. The colors and light seemed to have been provided by a myriad of lightning bugs.

They weren't the usual green though, they were a rainbow of color.

"How?" was all Clary managed to say. Jace smiled, apparently glad that she was taken with the scene he was showing her.

"The Faries enchanted the lightning bugs. Every firefly within a 100 square mile radius is there, dancing around that tree." He said with a grin. Clary leaned against him and his arms wound around her waist, pulling her closer. She looked up at him with large green eyes that reflected the light of a thousand fireflies.

"It's so beautiful," she said looking up into his eyes, his golden locks reflecting the scene with a dull radiance.

"So are you," He whispered, bending to kiss her gently. His lips brushed over hers lightly once, and then he deepened the kiss. Clary's arms wound around his neck and she stood on her tip toes to gain more access to him. It seemed to her a perfect night.

When morning came, Clary sat up from her bed groggily. Rubbing her eyes she stared at her mom standing in the doorway.

"Wake up, wake up!" she said enthusiastically. Clary could not find it in herself to feel that enthusiasm. She pulled herself out of the bed and stumbled a little. Her mind flooded with images from the night before and she couldn't stop herself wondering if it had been a dream. But the glass jar of multicolored fireflies told her otherwise. She smiled at the jar and picked it up as though it were from a long lost memory. She replaced the jar to it's spot on the table and began to dress herself.

"I'm up I'm up," she said to dismiss her mother. Jocelyn nodded and before the door shut she paused.

"You should want to hurry, Jace is downstairs." Her mother said, and with that she closed the door. Clary pulled on her usual clothing and pulled a brush through her hair until she was satisfied. Making her way through her bathroom rituals she smiled as she saw Jaces golden features sitting at her kitchen table. Jocelyn and Luke were talking to her, Luke just on his way out. Clary started for the door, Jace hot on her trail until her mother stopped them.

"Hey, no breakfast?" she asked. Clary smiled at her mothers attempt to make her first day a good one.

"Nah, I'll get something on the way," she said and grabbed Jace's hand with a squeeze. He returned the squeeze and held her hand as they headed for the door. Jocelyn smiled at the retreating figures and sat herself down at the table.