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Hermione stood alone at a table in a dark corner of the Gryffindor common room. She tried desperately to concentrate on the notes she was writing but was finding it extremely difficult with all the chaos around her. Gryffindor had just won a quidditch match against Hufflepuff and the entire house seemed to want to celebrate. Usually, Hermione would join in, but felt compelled to continue her independent study for potions class. Normally quidditch matches took place on Saturdays but because of the upcoming Hogsmeade trip, it had been moved up to Wednesday afternoon. She felt that it was incredibly irresponsible to spend time celebrating on a school night, especially when afternoon classes had been cancelled. Though she always appreciated watching a good game of quidditch, she felt that studies came first.

The room seemed to be getting smaller by the minute as more and more students packed in. Hermione's eyebrows knit in irritation as the Weasley twins clumsily bumped into her.

"Watch it guys!" she admonished, holding her goblet to the table so that it would not spill.

"Oh, Hermione. Give it a break. Come celebrate!" urged Fred.

"Yeah, feed your pets later. They're not going to starve if you leave them for a couple hours," assured George.

Hermione looked down at the two cages in front of her. One held a bird and the other a tortoise. "They're not pets. They're for a study I'm doing on-"

"Always a study," teased Fred, setting his bottle of butterbeer on the table. "Can't even enjoy an animal unless it serves for scientific purpose."

Hermione huffed indignantly. "I can to. I have Crookshanks."

"Just put it aside, Doll, and join the party," said George.

"No. I have to finish this," Hermione said determinedly.

"Suit yourself," said George disappearing into the crowd.

Hermione looked up at Fred, wondering why he wasn't leaving as well. He looked at Hermione with a look of pity that annoyed her. She was not a pitiful person and therefore did not deserve to be pitied.

"In all honesty, you really need to relax and enjoy yourself sometimes…"

Hermione just sighed impatiently, wishing he would just leave her be. She turned her head back to her notes and picked up her quill.

"Here, at least have a drink…" Fred picked the goblet off the table and offered it to Hermione.

"No thanks, I know better than to except drinks from you," she said without looking up.

"Well, suit yourself then. But I tried to help." Fred looked around the common room and smirked when he found his twin snogging Angelina Johnson in the corner. He glanced at his watch and hoped that George would make it a quick snog. They had to leave in just a minute. Fred absently brought the goblet to his lips and felt an unexpected burn as the liquid seared his throat. His body shuddered violently and he choked and coughed. His eyes watered and he tried to clear his vision. He stared down at the goblet in his hand and turned around quickly to face the table where his bottle of butterbeer sat. What did he just drink?

"Fred?! Oh, God… don't tell me you just drank that?!" Hermione gasped, staring at the goblet in Fred's hand.

"What is it?!" Fred panicked.

"It's my potion!" Hermione cried. "You drank it?!"

"Oi! Fred! Let's go!" Lee called over the heads of their underclassmen.

Fred held up a finger to Lee that indicated that he needed a moment.

"Yeah, I drank it," answered Fred in the same panic as Hermione. He was looking over his body, expecting to grow spikes or scales or something, but nothing was happening.

"Did you swallow it?" Hermione looked terrified and it was making Fred feel even more anxious.

"Yes! Is it going to hurt? What does it – "

Hermione had taken a quick look around the room as he talked and before he could finish, her lips were on his. Fred's eyes widened as Hermione's lips moved forcefully with his. His lack of response did not seem to deter her so he joined in, not knowing what else to do. Her tongue quickly requested entrance to his mouth and he complied. Her tongue swirled around his and he felt his head becoming dizzy, a warmth spreading to his groin. As quickly as the kiss started, it stopped. Fred looked around and saw that nobody had noticed.

"You are so bloody retarded, Fred Weasley!" Hermione yelled angrily. She wasn't one to cuss, but she had rarely been so angry.

Fred blinked in utter confusion. Did the potion work like a reverse love potion? He ingested and she fell for him? But then why was she yelling at him? "What – what was that?!"

Rather than respond, Hermione angrily reached up and grabbed a handful of Fred's ginger hair and tugged his head into a bow so she could better reach him. She plucked a single hair from his head and turned back to the desk. Fred could not see her well, but could see that her eye was twitching in irritation.

"Oi! Fred!" George yelled at him this time. "We have to go! Hurry your arse up!"

"All Right!" Fred yelled back. He glanced at his watch again. He really did have to hurry. "What does it do Hermione? Is it going to hurt me? Is there an antidote? What does it do?"

"It's for my independent study…" Hermione picked up the goblet herself and took a large gulp, emptying the remaining potion. Her body shuddered and she coughed uncontrollably.

"And you call me a retard? Why did you drink it?"

"So that-"

"Nevermind. If you drank it, it can't be that bad. I gotta go," Fred said hurriedly.

"Not wait!" Hermione shouted after him.

"I'll be back in an hour! Wait for me!" he shouted back.

"FRED! STOP!!! Wait!" Hermione shouted angrily over the crowd. Most of the students stared at her curiously, but Fred didn't turn. Hermione saw his flaming red hair disappear through the portrait hole and she buried her face in her hands. What did she do? She had to do it to save his life… but… "Oh, God…" she muttered to herself. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid."

Fred stood crammed in between George and Lee in a small broom cupboard in the dungeons. George had a small glass circle against the door which allowed them to see through the solid wood. The three of them wore mischievous grins as they watched a few Slytherins walking down to the entrance of their common room. Fred glanced at his watch again. Any moment now, the group of boys would be coming.

Fred's stomach clenched uncomfortably and he straightened. An odd numbness began to creep through his toes and finger tips. He took a small step back and looked at his hands which were becoming numb. His breathing became shallow and quick. His heart raced uncontrollably fast. The numbness was spreading up his legs and arms. His head was swirling, his thoughts becoming fuzzy. His heart beat so fast that he was afraid it would burst. George and Lee were now watching him.

"Fred?" George asked tentatively.

Fred's breathing stopped as the numbness reached his chest. His heart raced ever faster. His body shuddered violently, his heart stopped, and his body fell into a limp heap on the cold stone floor.

Fred gasped, pulling in a lung-full of air and his eyes flew open. He stared above him at a piece of deep crimson cloth. His head was resting on a soft feather pillow. He was in the Gryffindor dormitories. He wondered what had happened and why he was there. Before he could pull any thoughts together, two high pitched giggles stole his attention. Why were there girls in the dormitory? He sat up and put his hand to his head. He gasped in shock as his hand came in contact with long bushy hair. He pulled it in front of his eyes to examine the soft brown strands. He caught sight of his hand and put it down in front of him. His hands were small and dainty, and so very soft.

"You okay, Hermione?" one of the female voices asked. Fred looked up and saw Parvati and Lavender on one of the dorm beds. But this wasn't his dorm. There were no posters of qudditch teams. The room was covered instead with posters of famous wizard music bands and message boards covered with photos, flowers, and strings of beads. The smell also, it smelled soft and floral. "Hermione…?"

"Hermione?" Fred asked. The voice that came out was not his own. It had a higher pitch and, though very familiar, it was not his own. He touched his throat and looked down. His eyes widened at the sight of women's breasts on his chest. Hermione… he was Hermione. He looked down at his hands again and noticed that there was a piece of paper clutched tightly in his left. It was a letter addressed to 'Fred'. "Umm… yeah… I'm fine." Fed lied in Hermione's voice. Lavender and Parvati looked uncertain, but they had given up trying to understand Hermione years ago.

Fred quickly turned his attention to the letter.

Fred Weasley,

You are such a sodding ass! Not only were you stupid enough to drink an unknown potion, but even more stupid not to stick around for an explanation. I'm going to get you back for this if it's the last thing I do!!! I risk my life to save yours and you don't even have the kindness to let me explain. I sure hope you're paying attention now! The potion you drank was a soul switching potion. Obviously your soul has taken residence in my body and as you read this my soul is stuck in yours. I'll explain everything as soon as I get back. DON'T GO ANYWHERE! As soon as I'm in your body, I'll come right to you. Don't move from that spot! And tell NO ONE!


Fred looked around the room nervously. He looked down at his lap, or Hermione's lap, and noticed that his skirt had slid up and most of his thigh was exposed. He blushed furiously and pushed the skirt back down. There was nothing to do but wait.

"Fred… Fred… Talk to me mate. Are you alright?"

Hermione gasped for breath and her eyes flew open. She was staring directly into the faces of George and Lee.

"You alright, mate?" asked Lee.

Hermione ran her hand through her silky ginger hair and looked down at her body. Her chest looked broad and slightly muscular even under her grey jumper. Her Gryffindor tie swung loosely at her neck. Her large feet felt awkward to her, almost like they were in the way no matter how she positioned them. She looked up again into the concerned faces of the boys in front of her. It was hard to see them through the dark. She looked around, wondering where she was.

"Fred… you alright?" asked George.

"Um, yeah," Hermione had expected to hear Fred's voice when she answered, but still felt startled. "Yeah… I'm okay."

"What made you fall out like that?" asked Lee.

"I don't know," lied Hermione. "I accidentally took some of Hermione's potion… that must be it."

"Did she say what it did?" asked George.

"No. She just said it was harmless," answered Hermione.

"Doesn't look so harmless to me," chuckled Lee.

"I'm alright. I just want to go back to the common room," said Hermione.

"But we didn't get the Slytherins yet," pouted George.

"Well, you stay. I need to go talk to Hermione," Hermione said. George lifted a curious piece of glass to the door and looked through it.

"Coast is clear," George stated and opened the door. "Don't let anyone see you."

Hermione nodded, and hastened through the open door. As she hurried back to Gryffindor tower, frequently tripping over Fred's feet along the way, she could only pray that this time Fred had done as he was told and stayed put, otherwise there'd be hell to pay.

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