Hello all.

This is a terrible update, I know. And I apologize to any of you that expect to see information about a sequel as it's not here… yet.

The thing is, I just haven't gotten around to writing a sequel and I really doubt that I ever will. It's depressing… BUT…


I am opening the option, giving my blessing, for YOU to write and post your own sequel to this story! I'm dying to know what happens next, probably more than you! So, if you have a good idea and want to post it, I would love to, not only to hear of it myself, post information here to help people find your story. And this isn't just open to one person. I would love to see several sequels if people are willing to write them!

So… the challenge is there. I desperately hope that at least one of you out there is up to that challenge!

Thanks and I am truly and sincerely sorry that I don't have a sequel to give you myself.