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Hearts of fire
Streets of stone
Modern warriors
Saddle iron horses of chrome

Taste the wild
Lick the wind
Like something they never saw before
Their jaws dropping to the floor
Steel made of soul and sin

Rebels born without a care
And the day he listens
Only to fly where eagles dare
And the night she whispers

Ride The Wind
Never coming back until I touch the midnight sun
Ride the wind
Never coming back again
Ride the wind
Never coming back until I touch the midnight sun

Ride The Wind ~ Poison


I pushed my way through the crowd, towards the women's bathroom. This was the fourth one I had been in, and my last place to look. If they weren't there, I was officially going to hate those bitches for the rest of my life. How did I ever let Jessica and Lauren convince me that going to a concert with them was a good idea? I wasn't regretting seeing Aerosmith, just the company I came with.

About halfway through the concert, they left me to go to the beer garden. They never returned. When the house lights came back up, I tried calling both of them on their cell phones and reached voice mail. I sent them each a text, but got no reply. Since they were together I wasn't worried about their safety, but I was about getting home. Jessica had driven tonight.

After checking out the last bathroom and no luck, I headed outside. I stood in front of the Key Arena, glancing around hoping I would find them. I parked myself on a bench and wondered how the fuck I was going to get home. Alice was out of town for the weekend. I sure as hell wasn't calling my ex-boyfriend Jacob. My only option really was to take a cab. I was pretty sure they took credit cards. Getting from Seattle to Redmond wasn't going to be something I could do with the thirty dollars in cash I had on me.

I walked towards the area where there was always cabs waiting after a concert got out. I paused for a moment to call Jessica once more, just to let her know what I was doing. It went to voice mail again.

"Jess, its Bella. Look I don't know where the fuck you and Lauren are, but clearly you forgot that you are my god damn ride. So I hope whatever you are doing is worth the fact that I'm never talking to you again." I hung up and shoved my phone into my jeans pocket. "Damn skank cows." I muttered to myself as I pulled on my jacket. I heard a low chuckle behind me. Whirling around I found myself a few feet from this bronze haired man astride a Harley. Correction, this bronze haired God astride a Harley. My breath left me in a little gasp. How had I not noticed him there before?

"Sounds like you are having a rough night." His voice was deep, and as smooth as velvet.

After a second I found my voice. "Something like that." I couldn't help by stare at him. He was wearing tight blue jeans that sat low on his hips. They accentuated the muscles in his legs. He leaned back a little astride his motorcycle and his white t-shirt stretched across his chest. His black leather jacket just accentuated the masculinity that emanated from him. When my eyes finally met his I could see he was enjoying my ogling. A crooked smile lit up his face and he chuckled again.

Irritation flashed through me. "I'm glad you find me amusing. If you'll excuse me, I need to get home." I turned to leave and heard a few heavy steps cross the pavement behind me. A hand firmly grasped my elbow and turned me around.

"Excuse me! Get your hands off me!" I pulled my arm away from him and looked up at his face angrily. His eyes were so green I was startled by them. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." He looked contrite as he dropped his hand to his side. "My name is Edward. You are?" A small smile played on his lips as he waited for my reply.

"Isabella. Bella actually. It's been lovely talking, but I need to go." I blinked hard, trying to break his gaze. Edward put one hand on my forearm. I swear I felt a spark of electricity from his touch.

"Wait please." Reluctantly I looked back up at him. Just like before his eyes just seemed to suck me in. "Can I help you somehow? Do you need a ride home? I couldn't help but overhear what you said on the phone to the…." He chuckled again. "Skank cows."

I giggled when he said that. I couldn't help myself. Edward grinned at me. "That's a beautiful smile Bella." That made me blush and I took a deep breath as I looked down at the details on his jacket.

"Look, I promise you I'm not some psycho. I'm just a sucker for a damsel in distress." Edward shoved his hands in his pockets. Naturally my eyes followed their movement and I had to stop my gaze from lingering too long on his groin.

"Really, I appreciate the offer, but I live in Redmond. I'm sure that is way out of your way and….." I didn't think he was a bad guy, but I just didn't do this. I never did anything that I hadn't planned out first.

Edward grinned down at me. "Actually, I live in Bellevue, so it's not that out of my way. Besides, extra time on the bike always makes me happy."

I looked behind him at his motorcycle. "That is a very nice Harley." His bike was black with blue accents, and lots of chrome. I'd never been on a motorcycle in my life, but there was something innately sexy about a Harley. Combined with Edward, the thought sent a rush of heat through my body unexpectedly. I shook my head trying to clear it.

Edward looked over his shoulder at his bike. "Thanks. I like it." He turned back to me.

"You must have friends here that you're with or something. I don't want to mess up any plans you have." I was grasping for reasons to say no.

"Bella, I wouldn't have offered you a ride if it was going to mess up any plans, which I don't have." He ran his hand through his hair and looked at me expectantly. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair. I needed to get a grip. A naughty voice in my head started suggesting some things on Edward good for just that.

"Well, okay I guess. As long as you promise you aren't some psychopath or something." I couldn't resist him anymore. My sanity was clearly in question, or I was just too tired to care at this point.

"Good. Come on then." I followed him over to his bike, butterflies awakening in my stomach a little. He opened a side compartment and pulled out a second helmet. It was smaller than I expected it to be when Edward placed it in my hands.

"Have you ever been on a motorcycle Bella?" I shook my head at him. That tempting crooked smile showed up and I felt the butterflies go crazy. He took the helmet from me and carefully placed it on my head. "Looks good." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Whatever Edward." He climbed on the bike and then took my hand, helping me up to sit behind him. I placed my hands lightly against his leather covered back, at a loss what to do with them. The desire to press my entire body up against his was instantaneous.

"Bella, you better wrap those arms around me and hold on tight. I don't want to lose you somewhere on the 520 bridge." He winked and I blushed again. I really wished he had a helmet that covered my face, that way my flushed cheeks would be hidden. I scooted closer to him and slid my arms under his. My hands came around his abdomen. I hesitated for just a moment before I settled them against him. His muscles were rock hard under my fingers and that flame of heat went through me again. It had been a long time since I had touched a man. Too long I thought to myself. Might as well enjoy it while it lasted.

Edward put his helmet on and started the Harley. I was glad it was loud because I know I gasped when I felt the power beneath me. Unconsciously I scooted even closer to Edward. He reached down and patted my hands before he steered the bike out into the streets of Seattle.

At the last light before we got on the freeway, Edward turned back and shouted. "Ready for some fun Bella?" I nodded at him. He grinned and I hugged onto him tighter when he revved the engine a little.

We cruised up the on ramp. Once Edward was in the far left lane, I felt him hit the accelerator hard. I don't think I had ever been that exhilarated in my life. Sitting behind one of the most gorgeous guys I'd ever laid eyes on, wind blowing around me, and the Harley's engine purring under me. I closed my eyes for a second, trying to take in everything all my senses were being bombarded with. I giggled a little because suddenly I realized why dogs like to stick their heads out car windows.

Edward squeezed his arms down on mine, silently asking if I was okay. I gave him a gentle hug and held out one of my hands for a brief moment, my thumb up. He squeezed me again, letting me know he saw. As we crossed over Lake Washington, I put my chin on Edward's shoulder. The moon was almost full and the reflection across the water was beautiful.

I began to think that unplanned things weren't always that bad. Alice was always telling me I needed to loosen up and take a chance here and there. Wait until she heard about this.

All too soon we were entering Redmond's city limits. I used my hand to direct Edward towards my apartment complex. We pulled into the parking area and he stopped his motorcycle in the spot next to my car. Edward pulled off his helmet and ran his hand through his hair again. It was an unusual bronze color, with copper highlights. It was a little messy, the strands going every direction. I pulled my helmet off and he saw me looking at his hair.

"Can't do anything with it, never have been able to." He smiled sheepishly and I smiled back.

"No I like it." Did I just say that? But I did like his hair. I was trying to figure out what it made me think of. Then it hit me, Edward basically had sex hair. He looked like he had just finished having really hot sex. The heat was back and I was silently pleading my body to knock it off as we got off the bike.

I handed him the helmet. "Thanks Edward, I really appreciate you giving me a ride home."

"I never have a problem giving a gorgeous woman a ride." His eyes lit up and the innuendo wasn't lost on me. Edward winked and gave me the crooked smile I was already falling in lust with. I felt my knees shake just a little.

We stood there looking at each other for a second. Words came from my mouth before I could stop them.

"Would you like to come up and have a soda or something? Before you head home?"

"Or something? Sure." He followed behind me as I headed to my apartment. His boots sounded loud on the wooden floor in my entry as we walked inside. I set my things down and plugged my cell phone in to charge.

"Come on in, make yourself comfortable." I gestured towards the couch. I went into the kitchen. "I have coke, diet coke, juice, water….." I was about to open the fridge when I heard him walk in behind me. I turned to find Edward just a few feet from me. He had removed his leather jacket. His white t-shirt was snug fitting, accentuating the muscles in his arms, shoulders, and chest. I could see he had a few tattoos. It looked like there was a vine of some sort running up one forearm. The tail of a bird, I couldn't be sure, was coming out from his sleeve on the other arm.

I felt my butterflies spring back up again. Instinctively I backed up against the counter as I watched him. Edward smiled and walked closer. "So Bella. Do you do this a lot? Take rides from strange men and then invite them in?" He leaned on the counter next to me.

"Um, actually this is a first. I am not a very spontaneous person usually." I fought my desire to reach out and run my hand over his chest.

"You like to play it safe?" Edward drummed his long fingers on the counter.

"Yes." It was true. That was how I ended up with Jake. I learned from that experience that safe was predictable. It was also boring and unfulfilling. I knew I wanted more than that. What more was I couldn't say.

"But think about how much you miss if you don't take a risk now and then?" Edward's eyes were fixed intently on mine.

"Yes. A Harley ride with the hottest guy I've ever seen." Oh shit. I couldn't believe I had just said that. I blushed a little and stared at my hands.

"Hmm." Edward shifted so he was standing directly in front of me. He placed one hand on the counter and I felt his body come in closer to mine. One of his fingers stroked down my cheek to under my chin. Edward gently tugged up and forced me to look at him. The look in his eyes had changed. There was intensity in their green depths, and pure desire. The atmosphere in the room shifted completely. Suddenly I was feeling very warm and tingly.

Once he had my attention, Edward put his other hand so they were on either side of me. He brought his face a few inches from mine. "Bella." Edward's voice was husky and I was trembling all over again. "Do you want to return to playing it safe tonight?"

I knew what he meant. This was the moment when my inner voice was telling me to do just that. Every other part of my body was screaming with need for this sexy man in front of me. I took a deep breath.

"No I don't." Edward's lips curved up into a little smile. He brought his body even closer to mine and placed his lips right next to my ear. My grip on the edge of the counter tightened when I felt his breath hit my skin.

"I was really hoping you didn't. Do you remember how it felt to ride the Harley?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"I'm going to make you feel better than that." He placed a light kiss under my ear. Edward brought his face back so that we were eye to eye again. "I can tell you need this Bella. It's obviously been too long since your sexy body was worshipped the way it deserves, by a man who knows what he's doing."

Edward's eyes blazed and darkened as I stood transfixed. I was breathing fast and my heart was pounding in my chest. I had no doubt Edward had the power to turn my body into jello.

"Um, yeah. Previous experiences have been forgettable at best." I took my hands and placed them on his upper arms, finally touching him like I had been dying to. His muscles flexed a little under my fingers.

Edward grinned. "Well, I promise you Bella, you will never forget tonight." He pushed back from the counter and took my hand. "Lead the way."

I walked back to my bedroom, thanking my lucky stars I had tidied it and made my bed this morning. I went to turn on the overhead light but Edward stopped me. "Too bright, just the lamp in the corner." I did as he asked and the room was bathed in a golden glow.

I turned back around and froze for a second, unsure what to do next. Edward beckoned at me to come to him. I crossed the room slowly. He brought his hand up and ran his fingers down my face and wrapped them around the back of my neck. He pulled me to him until I was pressed against him. My hands found his chest as he wrapped his other arm around my waist.

Edward leaned in and gently kissed my lower lip. His lips were so warm and surprisingly soft. I sighed and relaxed a little in his arms. His lips met mine again and this time I kissed him back. Edward's mouth grew more insistent on mine. His tongue came out and stroked right inside my parted lips before it slid deeper. My tongue tangled with his slowly. Damn he tasted good.

I found myself gripping his t-shirt. We pulled apart to catch our breath. Edward circled behind me. Reaching up he swept my hair over my shoulder. His fingers stroked the nape of my neck. I shivered when I felt his lips kiss me there. "I love your neck Bella." Edward wrapped his arms around my waist as his lips and tongue traveled from the back of my neck to the side. I groaned when he used his teeth to nibble on my earlobe. One of my hands came up and stroked the back of his head. My fingers entwined in his hair, pulling him to me.

Edward slid one hand up underneath my shirt. He cupped it over my lace covered breast, slowly rubbing and massaging me. I arched instinctively into his touch. I felt him smile against my neck. He reached down and brought my shirt up over my head. Then both his hands were back on my breasts. He pressed his body into mine and I could feel his erection against me. My panties were becoming wetter every second. I'd never been this wet from so little before. Edward stroked his fingers lightly up over my bra straps and down to the clasp in back. I held my breath as I felt him unfasten it.

Edward's hands slid my bra down, letting it drop to the floor. After placing a kiss on each shoulder he turned me to face him. My instinct of course was to cover myself. Any shyness I had melted away when I saw how Edward was looking at me.

"God Bella. You are gorgeous. Did you know that? Absolutely gorgeous." I blushed, not from embarrassment, but from the way his heated gaze was burning into me. I shook my head at his statement. Edward grasped my waist, his long fingers firm against my skin.

"A guy has never told you that?" I shook my head again. Edward frowned briefly. "I want to know who they are so I can kick their asses for being tools."

I giggled and Edward chuckled. "One ass to kick Edward. I've only been with one other guy."

"Well he was a dumb ass." Edward slid his hands up my torso and ran his fingers gently over my nipples. "You are perfect." I watched as he bent down and placed hot, wet, kisses over my breasts. His tongue flicked one nipple then the other. I moaned quietly at the sensation. Edward surrounded one peak with his mouth, sucking and nibbling at it. I gripped his shoulders to stay upright.

"Mmm. You taste good. But I know you will taste good everywhere." Edward winked up at me. Holy shit. I knew then this man might cause me to explode.

I tugged at his t-shirt. Edward understood and pulled it off. He stood before me and took in the perfection before me. He had just the right amount of chest hair, and a lovely little trail of hair disappearing into his jeans. I knew where that trail led and I wanted to go there. I put my hands back on his shoulders, my eyes tracing over the celtic circular tattoo on his left pec. Slowly I stroked down over his chest, down his abs and back up again. I walked around him, my fingers exploring the lines of muscle. The bird tattoo was actually a phoenix in shades of red and orange, rising up towards his shoulder. I placed a kiss in the middle of his back. Returning to face him, I ghosted my mouth over his chest. I wanted to taste him all over. My tongue flicked one of his nipples and Edward hissed above me.

I slid my hands under the waistband of his jeans alongside his hips. Pulling him closer, I continued to lick and nibble at his chest. When I bit lightly on Edward's nipple he let out a loud groan. I looked up at him with a smile. "You taste good too you know."

Edward knelt down in front of me. Rapidly he unfastened my jeans, pulling my zipper down. He eased his hands in and slid my pants down my legs. I stepped out of them. Edward eyed my black lace thong. He ran his fingers over the edges, tracing around to the back. When he realized it was a thong he smiled up at me wickedly. Edward ran his nose along the waistband, inhaling deeply. He stood back up and pulled my body to his. "I can smell how aroused you are. You're really wet already aren't you Bella?" His lips were almost against mine.

"Yes." I gasped.

"Have you ever been this wet before?" Edward's voice flowed over me like honey.

"No." I reached up and ran my tongue over his lips. Edward let out a little growl and crushed his lips to mine. His fingers dug into my waist as our tongues met and wrestled. I moaned as Edward ravaged my mouth. I'd never been kissed like this in my life, and I liked it. I jerked at his waistband.

Edward broke the kiss. "Eager are we? Patience Bella. We have all night and I intend on making the most of it."

Patience I did not have. I wanted his jeans off. I unbuttoned them, struggling with them a little. Once his fly was open I ran my hand into his pants and pressed it against him. His cock twitched against my hand as I rubbed it. Edward's eyes fell closed. "Mmm. That feels good baby."

Edward kicked his boots off. I shoved his jeans down and waited for him to step out of them. I stood back up and looked at him in his black boxers. Thick black lines from another tattoo on his hip peeked out from the waistband. Edward wrapped his arms around me and backed up to my bed. He fell back and instantly rolled so he was on top of me. Leaning back on one arm, Edward ran his fingers down my body. He skimmed around my panties and continued down my thigh. Taking his time he dragged them back up. My thighs spread apart a little as his fingers neared the lace covering me. Edward gave me a naughty smile as he avoided actually touching my thong, stroking just around it.

I shifted trying to tell him what I wanted physically. After the fourth teasing pass of his hand I couldn't wait anymore.

"Edward, please, I need you to touch me."

Edward answered calmly. "I am touching you." I groaned. "Maybe if you told me where you need me to touch you? That might be helpful." He watched me through his eyelashes.

The time for being subtle had long past. I knew what I wanted. "Edward, touch my pussy, please."

"Oh that I would be very happy to do." Edward ran his fingers over my panties and I sighed. "Damn Bella, you are soaking wet." He slipped one finger underneath and slid it around in the moisture. Edward pulled his finger back out and I whimpered at losing his touch. I watched as Edward sucked my juices off his finger. "I was right. You taste wonderful everywhere."

Edward brought his lips down on mine and I could taste myself on him. It was unexpectedly arousing. I sucked on his lower lip for a moment. Edward sat back and grasped my thong. I lifted my hips and he eased them off, tossing it to the floor.

Edward looked thoughtful for a moment. "What to do to you first? It's such a tough call." Edward crawled back up my body, an animalistic look in his eyes. He pressed against my side and brought his lips to my ear. "Should I finger fuck you?" I moaned at his words. "Maybe I should fuck you with my tongue, lick you until you come." I gripped his arm, trying to breathe. It was almost impossible while he was saying these things to me.

A low chuckle reached my ear. "I think I'll just have the best of both worlds." I watched as he slid back down to my hips. He knelt between my legs, using his thighs to spread mine open. Slowly Edward leaned down on one elbow. He was gazing at my pussy like it was a work of art or something. "Nice landing strip." He wiggled his eyebrows at me and I couldn't help but giggle.

My laughter cut off abruptly when one of his fingers came out and lightly ran over my folds, teasing me again. Edward looked up at me as he slid one finger inside me. My head fell back on the pillow as he moved it slowly in and out. I looked back down just in time to see him lean in and run his tongue up my slit. When Edward reached my clit he started circling his tongue around and over it repeatedly.

Immediately I was lost in the feelings he was sending through my body. "Fuck Edward." He added another finger and sucked lightly on my clit. My hips inclined towards his mouth. Edward took his free arm and laid it across my abdomen, effectively pinning me to the bed. His lips and tongue were magical, they had to be. I had never felt anything like this in my life. If I had known it existed, I would've hunted it down.

Edward pulled his mouth off me long enough to ask "Feel good?"

I nodded and replied breathlessly. "So damn good."

"You like it?" Was he kidding me? I looked down at him waiting for my answer. His fingers were still moving and twisting in me.

"Fuck yes, don't stop!" Edward smiled and immediately put his mouth back on me. I closed my eyes and ran one hand down to tangle in his hair. A fire was burning deep inside me, with every lick and suck he caused the fire to spread. Edward inserted a third finger. Suddenly he turned his hand so that he could curl his fingers upward. It was a good thing his arm was over me because I almost came off the bed. I gripped his hair a little tighter as I cried out. "Holy Christ what are you doing to me?"

Edward hummed against me and I moaned again. I felt his teeth scrape lightly over me and I reached behind me to grip an iron bar on my headboard. There had to be a connection to something real, because everything else wasn't. Something was building in me, and I kept trying to move my hips but he held me firm. "Edward, please…….I can't take it."

He began thrusting and then curling his fingers at a rapid pace. Edward sucked on my clit hard, and then he bit down on it lightly. My world exploded. Edward released his grip allowing me to arch my back, pressing down onto his fingers hard. "Oh, Edward, God……………" I yelled as my fingers tightened around the headboard, the metal pressing into my palm.

Waves of pleasure were ripping through my body endlessly. Edward was still using his fingers to draw my orgasm out. My body fell back on the bed with another moan. I was trembling all over. Edward pulled his fingers out and came up to lie next to me. He kissed my neck gently before he rested his head on the pillow next to mine.

"Whoa." was the only word I managed to utter. My body felt like it had become one with the mattress. My eyes were still closed. I didn't want to leave the feeling yet.

"Really? That was impressive to watch Bella." Edward laid one leg over mine and pulled me closer to him.

"Was impressive to feel. I think I may have left Earth a moment there." I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at Edward. "That was a first."

Edward looked a little confused. "What the orgasm?"

I shook my head. "Um, an orgasm like that. And the way you made it happen."

Edward's eyes widened with understanding. "Are you telling me Bella that no man has ever given you oral sex before?" I nodded at him. "Okay now I really want to kick your ex's ass. Clearly he didn't know the first thing about how to please a woman."

I giggled and rolled onto my side, pressing my thigh into Edward's erection. It seemed to be almost throbbing against my leg. "But you do." I told him as I pressed my thigh into him.

"I've picked up a skill or two." I reached down and rubbed my hand over him. Edward groaned and took a deep breath.

"Mmm, I'd like to see what else you know." I slid my hand underneath his boxers and began running my fingers over him. I traced them through the moisture on the head of his cock and spread it down the shaft. Edward's breathing had sped up as I stroked him harder. I sat up and pulled his boxers off. Looking back up, I sucked in my breath. Edward was one impressive specimen of a man. I suspected from what I had felt earlier he would be. A black tribal looking design on went from his hip and arched around towards his pelvic bone. My fingers followed the pattern slowly.

I pushed on his hip so that he was on his back. Edward was watching me with lust in his eyes. "Bella you don't have to….."

"Shut up Edward." I gripped the base of his cock and ran my tongue up the underside. Edward shuddered and closed his eyes with a groan. Taking my time, I slid my mouth down over him and back up again. I sucked a little harder at the head before I descended again. My hand followed my mouth, sliding through the moisture I was leaving behind. Edward's fingers wrapped in my hair.

"Jesus that's feels incredible." I smiled a little to myself. I took a deep breath through my nose and slid him all the way to the back of my throat. Edward groaned again, shifting his hips towards me. I let his hands guide my pace and depth, sucking and licking him in every way that I could think of.

"Fuck, you're too good, we need to stop." Edward gasped and tugged on my hair gently.

I pulled off him slowly. "Why?" Edward sat up and grabbed me under my arms, pushing me back on the mattress.

"Because you are going to make me come and I don't want to yet. I'm not done with you." Edward watched as I licked my lips. I traced my fingers over the tattoo design on his chest.

"Well, okay. Since you put it that way." Edward leaned over the end of the bed and grabbed a condom out of his jeans. He had it on in record time and was back to me. I could feel the head of his cock against my slit as he pressed his body down into mine.

"Bella, what do you want?" Again he wanted me to say it.

I leaned up and kissed him, pushing my tongue between his open lips. I stroked the inside of his mouth before I broke away. "I want you to fuck me Edward." I whispered against his lips.

A low growl came from the back of Edward's throat. Not waiting another moment he thrust into me in one smooth motion. We both groaned at the feeling of our bodies joined together. Edward started moving, pushing deeply into me. His lips found my breasts again and he sucked and nipped at me, relighting the fire from earlier. I gripped his back, feeling his muscles work under my fingertips.

Edward ran his tongue up my neck and sucked on a spot under my ear. I swear it was directly connected with my clit because I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body. I moaned and rolled my hips to press harder into his. Edward stayed deep in me as we slowly ground against each other. I bit my lip as I wrapped my legs around his waist. The change in angle allowed him to hit the same spot he had earlier with his fingers. "Oh fuck that's the spot Edward." My nails dug into his back.

"Mmmm. God you feel so amazing." Edward started moving harder and a little faster. Each thrust rubbed that area and caused me to cry out with ecstasy. "Right there baby?"

"Yes….yes." Edward pressed back on his hands and tilted his hips into me more. Every move was building that pressure within me again. Every thrust from Edward made me moan. I thought I was on fire earlier. That was nothing compared to now. He had brought me back to the edge so quickly. The sensation was so blissfully intense. I didn't want it to stop.

Edward could tell I was holding on. "Bella, come for me. I want to hear you cry out my name. Don't hold it back."

"Don't want it to end." I gasped out as I gripped my fingers into his butt.

"It won't end. I promise. Let it out." He words came out punctuated by each thrust into me.

Edward drove deeply in me as I fell into oblivion. "Edward!" His lips found my neck and he sucked hard on my pulse point. I thrust up into him as I yelled out his name again.

"That's it baby." Edward rasped in my ear. My eyes had been squeezed tight in my moment of release. I opened them to find his green ones boring into mine. Slowly he pulled out of me. I tried to hang onto him. "Roll over baby, get on your knees for me."

I flipped over and brought my knees underneath myself. Edward was poised behind me. He ran his hands over my ass and up my sweaty back. Gripping his fingers over my shoulders, he thrust into me with a low "Fuck." I moaned hearing him swear. Edward continued to push into me quick and hard, using my shoulders to pull me back on him further. If I could've leaned back into him any harder I would've. Edward placed a kiss right above my ass before he ran his tongue up my spine.

His voice was in my ear again, gritty and deep. "You're going to make me come so hard Bella. "You're so warm and fit me so perfectly." I turned my head and found his mouth with mine. He grunted into my mouth as our tongues twined together again. Edward broke the kiss with a moan.

"Come Edward, I want to hear you."

Edward moaned again and bit down lightly on my shoulder. He shifted his grip to my hips and drove into me harder before I felt him stiffen behind me. With one last push Edward cried out. "Oh fuck Bella, fuck." I leaned back into him. Edward groaned as we collapsed on the bed. Edward was panting behind me and my heart was still pounding.

We lay there for several minutes recovering. Finally I spoke up. "Did you mean it Edward?"

Edward pulled out and disposed of the condom in the wastebasket by my bed. He rolled me to face him. "Mean what?" I smiled looking at how much more his hair looked like sex hair now.

"It won't end?" I wasn't looking for picket fences and suburbia, but I sure as hell wanted this again.

"Mmm. Nope, as long as you want me, I'll be here. I'll make you come over and over Isabella." Edward drew out the syllables on my name as he pulled me up against his body.

I leaned my head into his chest. "I like that plan, as long as there are more Harley rides too."

Edward chuckled. "Baby you can ride whatever you want."

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