McGee zipped his fly and reached out to flush the urinal, then, in his peripheral vision, barely caught sight of an object flying at his head in time to duck it. The package of Nutter-Butters hit the wall behind where his head had been and fell to the floor with a crunch. He paused, looking down at the red foil, then looked up at Tony, who was leaning back against the bathroom wall. "Changed your mind . . . again?"

Tony shrugged. "What am I gonna do with a pack of peanut butter lunch box cookies?" he replied, rolling his eyes. "I mean, come on. What kind of grown man eats freaking Nutter-Butters?"

"Oh, I don't know." McGee turned and headed for the sinks. "What kind of grown man eats two whole boxes of Twinkies on a dare from a frat brother?"

"Hey, that was a reunion th-"

"- and then calls his partner to bring him some Pepto-Bismol the next morning when all that sugar gives him indigestion?" McGee continued, ignoring his protests.

"You pass my place on your way in anyway!"

"Yeah? So does Ziva. So why didn't you call her?" When Tony had no answer for that after a second, McGee smiled, turned on the sink taps, and began to scrub his hands. "After all, you guys are the Two Musketeers lately. And yet you don't subject her to your Twinkie-burps."

"Ziva's a . . ." Tony groped for an non-incriminating word, and came up with a weak-sounding, "lady."

McGee snorted. "Ziva could out-burp you. Admit it, you called me because you didn't want Ziva to see whatever girl you had sleeping over. Yeah, I saw the bra," he added when he saw Tony's eyes widen in the mirror. "Next time, tell your girlfriend to take her clothes off the furniture before you let me in. I did not need that mental image."

"What mental image?" Tony asked, advancing on him as he sensed weakness. "The mental image of a naked girl? Because I've always known, and if you're finally ready to admit it, then I'll accept you howe-"

"I'm not gay, Tony," McGee sighed, drying his hands. It was an old line of Tony's, one that told McGee that he was going to come out the winner in this one. If Tony had been reduced to the old you're gay ploy, he was scraping the bottom of the barrel. "And for your information, the mental image I could do without is of any naked girl being interested in you. You think a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket is 'sexy', for god's sake!"

"Hey, that was on sale in the gift shop, and -"

Their sparring was interrupted by the sound of a feminine giggle. In unison, the two startled men turned to find Ziva standing just inside the door. "I see you two have . . . what is the phrase? 'Kissed and made up'?" she said teasingly. "Oh, do not let me interrupt you," she went on when Tony opened his mouth. "I was just coming in to make sure you weren't pulling each other's hair. Although I suppose throwing food at each other -" She eyed the crushed package of Nutter-Butters still lying on the floor "- is not much better." Smirking, she looked at McGee. "Perhaps you two can feed each other what's left of those cookies while you make up, hm?"

"Ziva -" McGee began defensively, but his voice trailed off in surprise as she gave him a broad wink and a smile and disappeared through the bathroom door.

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