A Supernatural and Bones Crossover

Featuring: Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Ellen and Joanna Beth (Jo) Harvelle, Ash, Victor Henricksen, Special Agent Seeley Booth, Dr. Temperance Brennan, Dr. Camille Saroyan, Dr. Jack Hodgins, Dr. Zack Addy, Angela Montenegro and Caroline Julian (works with Booth/Bones as prosecution).

I do not guarantee that all characters will be portrayed exactly as they are in their shows, but every attempt is made to keep it within a believable range.

Story begins late 2008.

Rating: OT- older teen, 15 years and over is preferable. You've been warned.

Warnings: Possible bad language, supernatural themes, violence, possible graphic description of disturbing scenes/crime scenes/events, angst, possible discussion of suicidal tendencies/PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) and related themes. Little to no romance and no new romantic pairings. This will not be an 'everyone falls in love, gets married and is happy' kind of story.


SPN: Everything up until Dean coming back from Hell is mostly the same, but the Crossroads demon doesn't get killed. When Dean is rescued from Hell six months after his 'death' the Crossroads demon takes his rising as a 'breach in contract' and kills Sam. Riddled with grief, guilt and flashbacks from Hell (literally), Dean stays with Bobby and Ellen briefly at their insistence before returning to the Hunt, seeing it as pretty much all he has left now. After several confrontations with the angel who was responsible for pulling him from hell, Dean makes it clear to Castiel that he won't be their 'god damned puppet' and tells him if he wants to fight in the 'War' then he can do it his damned self. Castiel makes several attempts to force Dean to assist him, but eventually realizes pulling superiority or his rank as an angel means nothing to Dean.

He strikes a compromise of sorts, much to the disapproval of the others, and makes Dean aware of major demonic movements and upcoming catastrophes when he can, trying to nudge Dean towards helping them. Though it doesn't always (or often) work, Dean still accomplishes a lot of good, going from hunt to hunt.

Though Lillith and her merry band of demons are wreaking havoc trying to open the seals, they have (as of yet) not managed to do so- the Angels and Hunters having been able to stop them thus far. Just before Dean is caught, Castiel revealed that a major reason for this is because, unlike it was prophesized, a 'righteous man' did not fall from grace into the hand of darkness. He explains that they had expected him to give in during the torture he received from Alastair and torture souls to escape being tortured himself. Because he did not give in, suffering through decades of torture in Hell at the hands of the demon Alastair, the first seal was not broken, leaving Lillith with her (considerably) smaller yet still terrible army of demons frustrated and having to try to find a way to break the First Seal themselves.

BONES: Season One and Two of Bones is prior to commencement of story (based in late 2008, early 2009), but no guarantees about anything other than/after that. Zack is still working at the Jeffersonian Institute.


2001- Sam goes to Stanford

2005- Dean collects Sam (October 31), Jess dies (Nov 2)

2006- March, the first Shape shifter incident, Dean officially labeled dead.

2006- a couple of months after shape shifter, serial killer family 'The Benders' in Hibbing, Minnesota, Dean teams up with female cop.

2006- October, boys arrested in Baltimore. They escape with help of female cop Diana Ballard when it turns out her partner; Peter Sheridan is a lying, murderous bastard.

2007- January- Milwaukee shape shifter (bank robbery).

2007- December(or November) Boys arrested by Henricksen, kept in Colorado jail, attacked by army of demons, Henricksen believes them (after being saved from possession), agrees to pronounce them dead (again) in helicopter explosion. Boys leave, Henricksen killed by Lillith, who appears as a little girl. Cause of Death labeled 'gas explosion'.

2008-May 2nd Dean goes to Hell, dragged by Hellhounds.

2008- November- Dean pulled from Hell six months later; Crossroads demon (not dead) takes this as a 'breach of contract' and kills Sam.

Present- Presumably on a hunt or something in D.C., Dean is 'taken downtown' after being caught trespassing. Booth has just been handed the Winchester case files.

Booth and Bones will have been working together for two or so years by the beginning of this story.


Special Agent Seeley Booth- former Sniper for the U.S Army Rangers, has shot upwards of 50 people in line of duty according to him (in discussion with Dr, Gordan Gordan Wyatt, he states Epps as his 50th kill). Has a brother who has an alcohol problem (younger: Jared) and his father was an abusive alcoholic (occupation: Barber).

Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan- primary Forensic Anthropologist, is brilliant at her work and a successful novelist. Has a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with her remaining family (former/current/sometimes criminal father Max Brennan and small time occasional crook older brother (by four years) Russell "Russ" Brennan).

Dr Zack (Zackary Uriah) Addy- former grad student of Brennan, recently completed both his doctorates- in forensic anthropology and engineering. Comes from a large family in Michigan (3 brother, 4 sisters). Is socially inept and awkward, likes sci-fi stuff (a lot!) including stargate, star wars, etc.

Angela Montenegro- artist & forensic facial reconstruction specialist. Works with bone tissue markers on skulls supplied by Brennan to recreate a person's approximate appearance. Also uses "Angelator" to recreate crime scenes and cause of death scenarios. Is rather flirty, quite social and a bisexual. Father is Billy Gibbons from ZZTop.

Dr. Camille Saroyan- Former coroner of NY State, former police officer, coroner and pathologist. Deals with the 'fleshy' parts and bodies.

Dr. Jack Hodgins- entomologist (bug and slime guy) and mineralogist- deals with particulates, etc. Is sole heir to Cantilever group (which is run by a board, leaving Hodgins free to be himself). Is big on conspiracies (and has the money to investigate/know about the more factual ones) and at least a little paranoid.

Dr. Lance Sweets- psychologist/profiler for the FBI, studies Booth and Brennan's partnership. Adopted, he was abused (whipped/beaten) until adopted by an older couple when he was 6, who died just before he started working with Booth and Brennan.

Dean Winchester – Hunter. Shows proficiency with all firearms, martial arts/mixed combat, medical knowledge at least to a corpsman level (medic), knowledge of evasion & escape, reverse engineering & electronics, tracking, mapping, planning. Intimate knowledge regarding mechanics as shown by meticulous care for Impala. Naive/not knowledgeable in a lot of 'normal life' stuff- frequently expressed confusion over such things as 'myspace' etc. Realistically, since the age of four, he appears to have been living on the fringe of both normal society and the Hunting society (shown by lack of knowledge of such a wide network of hunters, John apparently kept them away from other Hunters fairly often, only allowing them knowledge of those chose- Pastor Jim Murphy, Caleb, Bobby Singer ('Uncle Bobby') and so on, though it can be assumed from his late teens onwards (since he was given the Impala) Dean has delved into the Hunting world himself, possibly making his own contacts, etc.).

Any and all spelling/grammar errors are mine as this is unbeta'd.

From The Land of No Return


Dean sat on the hard, cold steel bench seat, leaning forward so he could rest his head on his arms, placed on the equally cold steel table before him, though the cold temperature was more of a relief than a burden, helping to ease the pounding inside his skull just a little.

He'd been here for who knows how long, and, aside form the officers who brought him here and dumped him in the room and the guard who'd taken him, every two hours to the restroom (shackled), he'd seen no one.

When Seeley Booth had been handed the case files for one Dean Winchester, his first reaction was 'oh crap'. For a moment, he'd thought he'd be forced to work in 'co-operation' with the case's lead agent, Victor Henricksen. He hadn't met the man, but the rumor mill of the FBI painted him as bulldog when it came to his cases.

When he was told (by the director, no less) that he was being given full charge of the case due to the team's untimely deaths in Colorado where the focus of all the files- one Dean Winchester had been being held (and, according to a report made by Henricksen only hours before his death, he'd died (again) in a helicopter explosion that preceded the 'gas explosion' that killed Henricksen), he'd felt a little guilty about his thoughts of working with Henricksen, but the guilt was quickly forgotten as he read through the files.

Dean Winchester, son of Mary and John Winchester, born 24th January 1979, Lawrence, Kansas. Mother dies in a house fire, November 2nd, 1983, when Dean was four years old, his younger brother, Samuel, barely 6 months. Not long after that, the father, John appeared for all concerned to have dropped off the radar until he enrolled Dean in some school in Minnesota, only to move again (and again, and again) throughout the kid's childhood. Several reports by neighbors and motel owners to social services in regards to the boys being left alone, bruising noticed at school, almost always Dean, but each complaint either wasn't followed up, or by the time it was, the Winchester trio had long since left town.

The trail goes cold, though Henricksen and his men had been able to pick up various locales the Winchesters lived for a few months at a time, mainly through one of the boy's school records (he was surprised at the grades they got, moving around so much). Then in 2001, the younger brother, Samuel, is accepted into Stanford on a full scholarship, and Dean and his father drop off the grid. John stays that way but Dean, come October 2005, rises when he visits his brother in Palo Alto in time for his girlfriend to mysteriously die in a fire that to Booth, seems eerily similar to the one the boys' mother died in in 1983. Startlingly, Booth notices it's the exact same date- November 2nd. Here Henricksen's notes (his profiler) state that perhaps one of the boys (they lean towards Dean) killed the girlfriend.

From there the trail gets sketchy again- sightings or reports of the impersonation of law enforcement officers or similar are listed with two young men matching the Winchester boys general descriptions are listed, Henricksen noting when the classic car of Dean's (sweet ride, Seeley thinks, '67 Impala, hardtop) is caught on gas station cameras or traffic lights (he can't help but wonder how much time and manpower Henricksen used tracking these boys- and even then, a lot of it was conjecture).

Then, in early March 2006, Dean is captured and killed, whilst apparently committing one of a series of kidnapping/murders in the St Louis area. No mention of brother Sam, but Dean is positively identified. Autopsy records, reports from the arresting officers, and full, Technicolor photos are found, and Booth carefully goes through each one. No doubt, the young man in the autopsy photos with his chest cut open, recovered bullets laying in a kidney tray on a table beside the gurney, is identified as one Dean Winchester.

A couple of months later, and Henricksen connected the boys to a case of a serial killer family (the thought just sickens Booth) in Hibbing, Minnesota. As far as Henricksen could figure (with reluctant or dead witnesses), one of the boys (Sam) was kidnapped, and the other (Dean) teamed up with a local cop. Not much else could be discovered and the boys, once again, aren't heard of for a while.

Skip forward to October, 2006 and the boys are arrested in Baltimore by the local P.D on suspicion of murder for Anthony and Karen Giles. However, Sam manages to pull a Hilts on the local cops (Detectives Diana Ballard and Pete Sheridan), and escapes. Not long after, whilst Diana, after visiting with Dean, leaves to look for Sam, Sheridan come sin and, against protocol (and common sense) takes Dean out, presumably to transport him. Reports get a little sketchy (Booth notices this is a trend where any of the Winchesters are concerned) but eventually it seems Sheridan is discovered due to a necklace. The boys charges in regards to the Baltimore crimes are dismissed as what Sheridan did come to light, but (apparently) during Sheridan's capture, the Winchester brothers escape (again).

Some hard questioning reveals Diana is supportive of the pair (Henricksen's profiler assumes this to be some kind of Stockholm variation or something, which to Booth doesn't make sense), even going to the lengths of trying to find out more about their case, stating it simply doesn't make sense, something about the dates not matching the crimes they were under suspicion of. Booth makes a note of that, and reads on, his coffee left cold on his desk.

Skipping forward once more to January, 2007, and the file finds the boys knee deep in trouble in Milwaukee. Apparently bored of crimes such as grave desecration, theft, credit card fraud, kidnapping and murder, the boys (according to Henricksen) try their hand at bank robbing. Witness statements, however, say that the two brothers were not (at least initially) the ones who locked up the bank, but a 'big guy with curly hair' later confirmed as the one the SWAT team shooter killed. Another 'anomaly' as Bones would call it is the case of the almost twins. The case of a young woman- well, two, one alive, one dead (supposedly killed by one of the boys). According to autopsy reports the dead woman and the live one were identical (there's no way they're two people, the coroner had stated, yet they were (clearly)). The live woman states that the 'hot guy' killed her 'evil twin' and that she never had a sister, or any sibling for that matter.

December 2007 finds both Winchester brothers arrested by Henricksen in Colorado. Henricksen, just hours before his death, announces them to have died in a helicopter explosion. Just hours later, what is officially described as a 'gas explosion' kills whatever remained of Henricksen's team and anyone else in the jail.

Early May 2008, and Dean drops off the map completely- but his brother, apparently driving around in the Impala, doesn't. Reported to be drunk and disorderly a few times, a couple of public disturbances. Booth thinks on the disappearance of Dean for six months before he turned up in D.C while he continued to flick through the files. Then, in November, Sam drops off the grid completely and Dean is back.

Which brings Booth to his present conundrum. The elder Winchester brother had been picked up, for, of all things, trespassing. Apparently the officer responding noticed the startling similarity of him to the 'wanted criminal' on one of the distributed profiles from almost two years ago and took him down to the station, where they ran his prints. Obviously, they'd had a hit (well, several) and Dean was passed onto the Feds, dumped off in interrogation room 103 of the building, where he still sat. The question was, what did you do with a guy who was dead twice over? Could you even arrest a dead guy?

Sighing and rubbing the bridge of his nose tiredly, Booth put down the file from Hell and leaned back in his chair, feet swung up onto his desk as he mulled things over.

After several long minutes of thinking things through, he knew what he had to do. Gathering up the file, he headed out the door.

Booth arrived at the Jeffersonian to find all the squints- plus Caroline and Sweets, whom he'd taken the liberty to call, knowing they could both help on this, awaiting them. Once they were all seated on what he'd come to label the 'team table' equipped with coffee or whatever drink they preferred (today Ange had a super-sized slush puppy), Booth sat the file (and all its numerous photocopies he'd had done) in front of him, taking a moment to get things straight in his head.

"What is it Booth? We just finished a case, do we have another already?" Bones asked, always direct.

"Chill, Bones. I'm getting there, I just don't know how to do this."

"Cherie, if you don't spit it out already I'm going to whop you over the head" Caroline grumbled warningly.

Booth sighed, rubbing his fingers along his temple. "Okay, look, I want each of you to take a file and read through it- carefully. Every last bit, you hear me? Then I need you to tell me what you see."

"This is gonna be one of those cases, huh?" Angela asked knowingly, reaching for a file with one hand, leaning her drink towards her and taking a big slurp at the same time.

Booth sighed again, something he seemed to be doing a lot of since receiving the case, and motioned impatiently to them, "Just read the damn file, ok? Please?"

Grumbling, the group does so, and soon the only sounds heard are that of flipping pages and the odd mutterings. Booth got up to go get a coffee, muttering to Bones that he'd be back soon enough.

Three hours later, and the group seemed to be on the last legs of the file- they'd taken him seriously, at least, and read through carefully. Part way through, Ange had gotten up and given everyone a pen and pad of paper, and they'd all been writing notes since.

Some time later and Hodgins and Bones, the last ones to finish, put down the last pages of the rather thick file.

Drawing in a deep breath, Booth asked, "So, whaddya think?"

"It's bullshit, man," Hodgins stated with his usual certainty. "I mean, the facts don't line up with the case at all- this Henricksen guy ignored cold hard facts, dude. I know you hate to hear it, but this, this my friend," Hodgins said, waving the thick file in his hand, "This is a conspiracy, it's gotta be. I don't know how else you'd explain it, man."

Booth sighed, rubbing his temples, something he appeared to be doing more and more since he was handed this case.

Cam spoke up next, "I don't know about the conspiracy part, but Jack's right- the facts don't match up. I mean it's well disguised, but they just don't. Take the Baltimore case, for instance- on the first murder they wanted to pin this Dean guy on, there's cold hard proof he wasn't even in the state. Please, please tell me this is a joke, Seeley."

"Can't do that Camille, the Director himself gave the case to me- to us because of our 'high level of work' and 'numerous resources' at our disposal," Booth said, using air quote marks.

Brennan frowned, confused, "Why now?"

"Because Henricksen and his whole team died in Colorado, and the director handed us the case and Dean Winchester is currently being held in room 103. He's been there since some locals caught him trespassing and recognized him from one of the old wanted fliers."

Silence reigned for a brief moment. "Well then what are doin' here, Cherie? Go see the boy! And get back to us, y'hear? And you call me if he turns out to be a knife-wielding psychopath!" Caroline Julian demanded, giving Booth, who was now standing, a shove towards the stairs.

"Right. Bones? Sweets?" Booth called, waiting for the other two to catch up before they left. "We'll call you guys when we figure something out, k?" And with those last words, the trio set out.

Exiting the elevators, Booth led Bones and Sweets to the observation room for room 103.

The sight that met the three, however, was not what any of them had been expecting. Before them sat a young-looking man with deep purple bruises beneath his eyes, stubble along his jaw line as though he hadn't shaved recently and shadowing along his face. The dirt on his clothes and scuffed, worn jeans simply added to his haggard, defeated look. He looked completely spent, exhausted as though he hadn't slept a wink in a long time. But that wasn't the worst thing. When the young man looked up towards the one way glass, unnerving the three observers as he (impossibly) stared right at them, they couldn't help but look at his eyes. Full of bone-deep weariness, swimming with guilt and grief and sadness, none of them could take their eyes from his for a long moment, before Booth diverted his and cleared his throat, breaking the other two out of their reverie.

"Well, that's certainly not what I was expecting after reading Henricksen's files," Booth muttered, the other two nodding in agreement.

Sweets continued to stare at the man whom he knew was a few years older than he was. "He looks like he hasn't slept properly in weeks. And look how hyperaware he is- he clearly sensed us, even though we're separated by one way glass, so it's impossible to see us, and the walls are almost soundproof, yet he obviously knew someone was there. Amazing. That's not all, either- see the line of his shoulders, how he holds them loosely, but at the same time tense, ready for action- it's the same posture that you, Booth, take on when you go into what Angela calls 'warrior mode'. It's more subtle though, but I don't know if that's a result of his clear state of exhaustion or the fact he knows he couldn't do much where he is now, or if he's simply too depressed to care," Sweet ended, casting a rather concerned glance at the shackled man.

Booth 'hnned' for a moment before making his decision. "Alright, listen up. I need you, Sweets, to stay in here, while Bones and I go in and talk to the guy. I want you to watch him- carefully. Even if the Director hadn't said to keep this on the down low- which he has- after reading the file and seeing those tapes, I would've anyway. But the fact remains, we gotta figure out what to do with this guy. C'mon Bones," Booth steered the scientist out of the room, closing the door before opening the one to room 103.

As they entered, Dean looked up, assessing both of them with a hardened, weary and all too familiar gaze Booth couldn't help but recognize, pausing a little longer on Bones' face before continuing. It was similar to the one he himself had developed after years of being a sniper with the U.S Army Rangers, but he'd never gotten it to the level this guy had. It was like he'd fought wars for decades longer than he could have, considering his age. In mere moments, he'd sized them both up and seemingly made his decision about them if the slight self-nod meant what Booth hoped it did.

Booth coughed once, grasping the files in hand as Brennan remembered to close the door before they both sat opposite the young man they had been staring at.

"Dean Winchester? My name is Special Agent in charge Seeley Booth, this is my partner-

"Doctor Temperance Brennan, right?" the young man interrupted quietly, his head once more hanging low, his voice scratchy, but soft at the same time, as though he wasn't used to using it much. Another contradiction Booth noticed.

"That is correct, yes. How did you know who I was?" Brennan asked, curious, but wary.

The younger man shrugged slightly, glancing quickly up at the both of them, before returning his eyes to the table. "Saw your name on a book once. It had a picture, too," he added quietly before his eyes darkened with a grief so obvious, so overwhelming that you could almost reach out and touch it.

Booth frowned mentally as he watched the younger man, who was furiously trying to blink back tears and swallow what he assumed to be a sob whilst trying to maintain the façade of being fine, trying to figure out where he fit. The file had painted him as a smart ass, flirty, reckless almost psychotic killer, who orchestrated crimes that were beyond degrading and horrific. It depicted a callous killer. The person before him looked nothing like that. Booth's gut was saying that not only was he not responsible for the murders he'd supposedly committed, but that he was anything but psychotic. He looked almost like the guys who'd come back from fighting overseas having lost all their buddies, with nothing and no one to turn to.

Brennan looked confused, glancing at Booth before returning her gaze to the man opposite her, who was finally managing to get himself under some kind of control. Letting out a shuddering breath, he spoke.

"My- my bro-brother…. Sammy," the man stumbled and choked on the words, but continued, "He li-liked your book- the one set in Canada or something? Said it proved you didn't skimp on the truth, even in your b-books, that you were, were a real scientist or somethin'. He-he'd probably be giving you this puppy-eyed look right now, firing a million questions, y'know?" Dean said, choking on a laugh-turned-sob, stuttering on some words as he held back the grief that seemed to be his constant companion since he didn't know when. He attempted to smile at the pair opposite him, but couldn't, so he returned to looking at the table, watching his morphed and muted reflection on the steel surface.

Brennan looked at the young man before her, replying, "Thank you, I appreciate that."

Booth took over when Brennan had finished, clearly unsure of what else to say. "Do you understand why you're here, Dean?" Seeley asked, holding the files in his hands as he tried to coax the younger man to look him in the eyes.

Dean complied, and though his posture remained slightly slumped, as though held under a great weight, Seeley could see the almost military posture the younger man would have were it not for that weight. "Yeah." He spat out a bitter, weary laugh, "I have some idea."

Booth attempted to find something to talk to the younger man about before he gave up and simply frowned, thinking. Coming to a decision, he looked at the steel table before him, frowning contemplatively about how he was going to do this exactly. Getting an idea, he quickly stood up. "Would you excuse us for a moment, Dean, I need to go talk to somebody." The young man shrugged a little. "I'm not in a rush to go anywhere." He said, and in that moment, Booth could almost see the witty young man he'd watched briefly in the interrogation tapes.

"'Kay, thanks. C'mon, Bones. We'll back in a bit."

As soon as they'd shut the door, Brennan spoke, "What are you doing, Booth, we're barely in there two seconds and you're leaving?"

"Bones, Bones, listen for a minute ok? I just- -sigh- look, I don't know. I need to give Caroline a call and talk to Sweets. Just wait a bit, ok?"

"Is this another 'gut' thing?" Brennan asked slipping a glance to her partner as she dialed the prosecutor's number on her phone.

"Yes, Bones, it is. Now come on."

...some time later...

"So whaddya say, can we do it?" Booth asked eagerly, mentally crossing his fingers.

"Sugar, you know what you're asking?" Caroline asked, in her usual 'you're being impossible' voice.

Booth just grinned hopefully.

Almost an hour and a half later, Booth whooped in success while Caroline rolled her eyes when he hugged her, Sweets standing nearby with a grin on his face, Bones standing next to him looking satisfied.

"So we can go now, right? No more questions or nothing?"

Caroline nodded, pushing some papers into the agent's hands. "Cherie, you can do what you like, but not before you show me who I just spent all that time on the phone fighting for."

Booth nodded, sobering up, before motioning with his hands. A little while later, Booth, Bones, Caroline and Sweets had arrived at the interrogation room. The FBI agent led Caroline and the other two into the observation room first, just like before, but only Caroline looked confused. Booth shushed her, saying, "Just, have a look first, ok?"

On the other side of the glass, Dean could be seen, slumped onto the bench seat tiredly, head drooping for a moment as he gave into sleep momentarily, before jerking up suddenly not long after his eyes fully closed, his breath rushing in and out until he calmed himself down, eyes wild. It was clear now how exhausted the young man was, and all four of the rooms' occupants looked concerned.

Sweets was intently observing the man through the glass, tallying up everything he could see, trying to figure it all out.

"Cherie, I am glad you're so bone headed sometimes. Now lets go down there and get that boy out of here."