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"Help me, Dean! Please, help me!"

Forty-eight Hours Earlier

As Sam wiped down the bar, removing ring marks left by cold beers and the bits of pretzel crumbs, his mind wondered to a certain phone call earlier. He had finally summoned up the strength to call Dean. He had missed his brother something fierce these weeks that they had been apart, but had been reluctant to call him. Many times, Sam's finger held still over the button on the cell, but did not actually press it. Sure he wanted to talk to Dean, hear his voice, but he needed to get his head straight before he could do that. These weeks on his own, he had been able to do just that. But then the hunters came to the bar reminding Sam he could never really escape what happened. But at least he had resisted. With every fiber of his being he had resisted. Just like he was going to resist Lucifer. He was not going to become the vessel for the angel known the world over as Satan.

It had been wonderful to hear Dean's voice. He hadn't truly realized exactly how much he had missed his brother until he heard his voice on the phone. They had talked, really talked. The weeks apart had done them well and both knew that they were really to meet up in person. They decided to head to Bobby's. Sam as soon as he could and Dean when he finished up a small hunted he stumbled across.

Straightening up, Sam noticed the guy in the corner of the bar watching him, again. His name was Craig and he was a semi-regular. A long haul trucker who stopped in whenever his route passed through town. He stood about an inch taller than Sam and was broader in the chest, with dark brown hair cropped short enough to make a marine drill sergeant proud. His eyes were dark brown and when they passed appraisingly over Sam's body he felt a shiver of revulsion run through him. Every night for the better part of a week, he had come in and sat a table in the corner of the bar watching Sam. At first Sam thought he might have been a hunter here to seek revenge on him for the apocalypse, but realized different when he saw the man give him a thorough once over and lick his lips. Sam didn't swing that way and even if he did, Craig was way too creepy for his taste.

"Man, Keith, you sure schooled those kids," said Manny, the bartender on duty that night.

"Yeah, well, drunk frat guys are an easy mark," replied Sam as he patted his pocket. Earlier in the evening, a small group of college kids had stopped in the bar. A few rounds later and Sam had won some nice traveling money off of them. A small part of him felt that he should feel a little guilty about taking their money as they were more than a little drunk, but he knew the next day their fathers would be putting more drinking money into their banks accounts. So, the guilt melted away.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Sam wished it was quitting time. He was leaving that night, after work, catching a midnight bus to Bobby's. He only wished that he could say goodbye to Lindsay. After everything had gone down with the hunters attacking them in the bar, she needed time to deal and left to stay with her sister in South Carolina for a few weeks. Sam hoped that the letter he had written and left in her employee locker would convey everything he wanted it to.

He had come to care deeply for the young barmaid, but knew realistically that there could never be anything between them. Not with his future. The threat of becoming Lucifer's vessel hanging low over his head saw to that. Maybe it was for the best that Lindsay was not there when he left, not there for him to look in the eyes. But leaving was the right thing for him to do. It was time he got back to fighting the good fight. It was time he got back to his family, to Dean and Bobby.

Things had slowed down a bit, allowing Sam to grab the broom out of the back and start sweeping up some of the debris on the floor. When he had started this job, it felt strange to have a normal job. A few years back and he would have given anything to have this, but after Jess' death, he felt all of his chances for a normal life slip through his fingers. Eventually he became resigned to his fate, but for these past few weeks, it was nice to do something normal for a change. Sure he had kept up with his research and passed on a few leads to Bobby, but other than that nothing relating to hunting had taken place. It was what Sam needed. He needed to step back and get control of himself and his addiction. He really felt that he had. The incident with the hunters had proven that. After having demon blood forced down his throat, he resisted the urge to given into it. Then he had that visit from Lucifer and that sealed it for Sam. He needed to be back with his family so they could fight this together.

A hand on Sam's arm pulled him from his thoughts. Turning around, he found Craig standing way too close, a creepy smile on his face.

"You were really good hustling those kids earlier," said Craig. "How about joining me for another kind of hustling?"

Fighting hard to keep the revulsion he suddenly felt in his stomach down, Sam yanked his arm from Craig's grip and stepped back. "I'm not interested."

Craig leaned in close and in a low whisper said, "I could make it worth your while."

At that moment Sam wished, he was anywhere else. Anywhere this creepy guy wasn't. Luckily, in a couple of hours he would be out of there and on a bus heading to Bobby's. Until then, he would just have to hope that Craig would realize that making a pass at him was a lost cause. Moving to the side, Sam stood up as straight as he could to show off his height and muscles. Voice a low hiss, he replied, "I said, I'm not interested!"

Craig stood there and watched Sam walk away. His fingers itched to touch that fine specimen of a man. He was more than willing to do this the easy way, but it looked like Sam wanted the hard way. Oh well, more fun fore me, Craig thought.


It was dark outside when Sam stepped out into the alley behind the bar. The spotlight over the door was out and no one had gotten around to changing it. Hoisting his laptop case over his shoulder, Sam made his down the dark alley that cut through to the bus station parking lot. A noise coming from his right had Sam giving a small jump. He let out a relieved chuckle when it it turned out to be a stray cat who was probably hanging around looking for some scraps that might fall from the dumpster. Taking pity on the poor creature, Sam opened up his bag and pulled out a turkey sandwich he had brought, to eat on the bus, with him. Breaking off a piece of the meat, he tossed it in the direction of the stray cat who immediately pounced on it. Momentarily distracted watching the cat, Sam never noticed the footsteps behind him. He didn't realize something was wrong until it was too late and a smelly cloth was being shoved over his mouth. Sam struggled against his attacker, but was quickly overtaken by blackness. After grabbing Sam's bags, his attacker pulled Sam over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and walked out of the alley to his awaiting car. To anyone who might have noticed, it looked like a guy carrying his drunk buddy to the car.

After placing Sam into the back of a borrowed SUV, Craig climbed into the front seat, a mile wide smile on his face.

More to Come

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