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Von Liebe und Preussen
Of love and Prussia

There was a strangled cry of rage and terror coming from the other room. A twisted smile spread across his face, ruby eyes glimmering as he swung his feet over the bed. This was going to be great.


There were loud footsteps clomping across the ground.


The door to the spare room flew open, crashing into the wall behind it.


Matthew, in all his Canadian rage ( as Canadians can get rather angry much to popular disbelief ), chucked a small brown book in Gilbert's direction. The Prussian, grinning madly, swiftly knocked it out of the air. Several pages slipped out of the binding, gliding gently to the floor.

Gilbert started cackling at the poor man. "You have to admit," He wiped away tears from his eyes. "You're expression is priceless!" He bit his lip, trying to suppress even more laughter when the Canadian gave him an incredulous look. "Pretty fuckin' adorable actually."

Matthew squawked, marching forward and reaching for Gilbert; Gilbert promptly stuck out a leg to keep him at bay, grinning like a maniac. "You've got some nerve reading my journal like that!"

Gilbert laughed, clutching his stomach. "What about it?" He grinned, eyes ablaze with mischief and delight.

Another strangled yell echoed throughout the house…

…followed seconds after by a rather un-awesome shriek of displeasure.

Yes. Shriek.

Matthew had tackled Gilbert onto the bed.

"STUPID!" He yelled, slamming a fist on the Prussians chest. Gilbert yelped in response. "Stupid! Stupid!"



Gilbert caught his right hand first.

"Nozy! Ungreateful! Stupid, little-"

"I'm not your brother!" Gilbert snapped, grabbing Matthew's other arm. "And for the record, that actually hurt!" He frowned, ruby eyes darkening a little bit.

"Good!" Matthew's voice cracked, the tears pricking at the edges of his eyes threatening to spill over. "You deserve it!" He struggled against Gilbert's grip. "You don't just go and READ somebody's JOURNAL! That's private information!"

"Would you expect anything less form me?" Gilbert huffed, his lips quirking at the corners despite his displeasure. "And last I checked," Gilbert sat up, Matthew now sitting in his lap rather than straddling him. "You don't exactly go around beating the people you love." His lips suddenly tugged down into a frown again.

Matthew stiffened above him, his mouth hanging open in an unvoiced response. "I…I was…angry…" He seemed to have finally assessed the certain position he was in. His face flushed, and he shifted uneasily.


"And…and what!? You READ-"

Gilbert sighed. "Not what I'm lookin' for, Mattie." He murmured, wrapping his arms around Matthew. The Canadian squeaked lightly.

"Wh-what!?" Matthew stared at him wide-eyed, struggling slightly to break free of the Prussian's grip. That didn't seem to be happening anytime soon though…

Gilbert grinned. "Let's do something else." That ever so familiar mischievous grin split his face again. Matthew frowned, a look of confusion spreading across his features. "Something different." He repeated. "Something that doesn't involve beating your lover-" he ignored the disapproving look from Matt. "-senseless and yelling at him because he read your book."

Matthew glowered into those mischievous red orbs, recognizing the evil glint in them. "Don't even think about it! I'm still angry at you, Gil, and I don't—" He was cut off by a pair of lips. He yelped slightly, squirming when Gilbert's grip around his waist tightened, but he didn't pull back.

He didn't exactly want to…

"Du liebst mich…" Gilbert murmured, pulling back slightly so he could see the Canadian's flushed face.

Matthew was frozen in place, staring confusedly at the Albino. "Do…do what…?"

"Du liebst mich. Means 'you love me' in German." Gilbert chuckled softly as he planted a feathery kiss on the Canadian's blazing cheek.

"I-I don't-"

"You can't deny it, Mattie."

"B-b-but I-"

"Just give up and say it!" Gilbert laughed, tightening his grip on the younger man. Matthew squirmed slightly, but quickly gave up when he took another look at Gilbert's face.

He sighed heavily, fisting the cloth of Gilbert's shirt at his sides. He bit his lip, averting his gaze. "No." He said flatly.

Gilbert's grin faltered, his eyebrows arching up. "M'sorry, what?"

Matthew glanced at him. "I said no." He wanted to deny the fact he was trembling, but that wasn't something easily done. He bit his lip again. "M-make me!"

Gilbert fell silent for a few seconds, his face an unreadable mask. "Make you…" He murmured, running a hand up Matthew's sides. He smiled slightly when the Canadian shuddered to the touch. "Make you, hm?"

Matthew tightened his grip on Gilbert's shirt, keeping his violet gaze on something OTHER than on the Albino's red ones. Gilbert pursed his lips slightly and then smiled. It was a smile Matthew had seen several times before. The handsome smile that always seemed to make his heart skip a beat.

"I think I can do that." His smile changed then to something feral.

In a split second, Matthew found himself on his back, pressed against the pillows as Gilbert hovered over him. His breath hitched somewhat when Gilbert leaned down.


He was cut off by another kiss, this one more heated and passionate. Along with the slick tongue running across his lips, he felt a rough hand work its way over his sides.

He shuddered again, a soft mewl of protest escaping his lips into the kiss. He wasn't fond of the touch, but something in him didn't want it to stop. Gripping tightly on Gilbert's shirt, he pulled him down closer, deepening the kiss even more.

Gilbert chuckled softly, nibbling on his bottom lip before pulling back. "Say it." He murmured, planting a trail of kisses down Matthew's jaw line. His neck. His collar bone…

"G-gil, I-" He fisted a hand into Gilbert's hair. His face was a deep scarlet, burning from the blush. His sharp breathing was blocked out by his own erratic heartbeat.

Gilbert hummed softly against his skin, brushing his lips back up to his neck. "Mattie," He murmured, nibbling on his neck lightly. "My, Mattie." He bit down possessively, eliciting a rather loud groan and shudder from the younger man. He chuckled softly.

Almost abruptly, Gilbert pulled back, hovering over the Canadian ( Matthew hated to admit he didn't like the sudden distance between them, but he didn't protest )

He smiled again. It was still roguish, but also rather…soft. Matthew sucked in a deep breath, trying to steady his uneven breathing, but it was rather hard to do with those ruby orbs staring at him.

Gilbert kissed him again, pulling him up so that he was sitting in his lap again.


He toyed lightly with the small curl on the Canadian's head, feeling the man fall slightly limp.


He pulled out of the kiss, staring at Matthew intently. The blonde sighed, admitting defeat as he leaned forward, resting his head in the crook of Gilbert's neck.


"I love you," Matthew murmured. "Even if you are an absolute pain in the ass…"

And a huge tease, He thought. But he decided that was better left unsaid.

Gilbert sniggered lightly. "I win." He murmured, pulling Matthew, his Mattie, close to him.

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