A/N: I am totally hooked on Next to Normal. I vow to see it on Broadway one day--the cast and the score are incredible. Gabe is my favorite character, and I really wanted to write a fic with him in it, but it's kinda hard, what with him being dead and all. =0p

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A moment between Dan and Diana, concerning their unborn child.

The young woman stared vacantly out the window, a smile on her face. The late-December night was picturesque, almost--the Christmas lights twinkling from the neighbor's house, the faint songs of carolers rang in the distance. It was nearly perfect. All that was missing, she thought, was snow. A sudden voice brought her back to the present.

"Whatcha thinking about, Di?" Dan asked, sitting beside her on the sofa, giving her a knowing grin. The couple had been married for just under a year, but already the young man was sure he could read her like a book. "The baby?" She nodded and laid a hand on her stomach--she was already six months along, and each passing day saw her life fill with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Soon, she would be a mother.

"This little one needs a name," Diana said after a moment. Her husband sighed a little; they'd had this conversation several times after finding out the baby's sex, and could never come to an agreement. "We've gotta find the perfect name for our little boy." Out came the baby name book, and the discussion began. After a time, though, Diana let her mind wander, returning to the world outside the window. In her mind's eye, she pictured her child's life: Watching him open presents on Christmas, bundling him up to go play in the snow, and drinking hot chocolate together before bed.

"Di? Diana?" Once again, Dan's voice cut through her thoughts.

He had a really bad habit of interrupting wonderful fantasies.

"Hm? I'm sorry--did you say something, sweetheart?"

"I said, what about Gabriel?" It was quiet for a minute. Diana mentally weighed the pros and cons, trying to decide where she had heard the name before--it wasn't very common, after all. Suddenly, she remembered--Gabriel was the name of the Angel that had visited the Virgin Mary to announce the Immaculate Conception. Diana surprised herself, recalling the story she'd thought she'd all but forgotten after going off to college and losing touch with her Catholic roots. Yes, she concluded, it seemed right.

"I like it," she finally answered, reaching for her husband's hand. Dan smiled.

"So do I." He turned on the television, and she again looked out the window.

"Gabriel…" she whispered to herself, feeling the baby move slightly within her. "My little angel…" As the child stirred once more, Diana noticed that a soft snow was beginning to blanket the ground.