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Standing on the edge of the cliff, Christy thought about the two men in her life. She knew she should say yes to David, yet she knew that she couldn't. She didn't love him that way however, she knew that she couldn't be with the man that she truly did love, because he was already married.

'Oh God, what am I too do? You brought these two men into my life and they have both come to mean so much to me, but David, though he is a decent Christian man, isn't someone I can see myself with forever. Yet, the man I can see myself with is already married. I know I came here to teach but I know that you have a deeper purpose for me here. I only ask for the strength to go on from here and ask for your forgiveness for loving a married man.' she silently prayed as she looked out over the cove below.

She finally made her way back to the mission determined to speak with David. When she reached the house she sent another quick prayer up for strength and guidance.

"David, my I speak to you?" she asked as she walked into the mission houses' dinning room.

David, thinking that she was going to give him a positive answer to his proposal, gladly led the way to the porch. "So," he prodded.

She took a deep breath and began, "David after your proposal this afternoon I went off to do some thinking and came to a startling conclusion. David I...I can't accept...I can't marry you now or ever. Its not that I don't love you because I do but just not in the way that you want me to love you. I love you as a friend and brother but as much as you would wish it to be more it can't be I am sorry."

David was not expecting to be refused again yet he should have been expecting it. "Christy..." he started to say pain lacing his voice, then that pain turned to anger as his jealousy took hold, "Its MacNeil, isn't it? Christy, I thought you, of all people, would have more sense than to fall in love with a married man."

"David, I can't help who my heart chooses to love, I can't do anything about it, I am leaving it in God's hands. If its meant to be then He will lead the way" she countered, unwittingly giving David his answer.

He wasn't ready to relinquish his anger just yet and harshly reminded her, "He still isn't a believer Christy and you and I both know he never will be."

"Oh David," she sighed in slight defeat "Leave Neil's conversion to God. He will 'come to see the light' as Miss Alice puts it."

Having heard enough David stormed off into the already darkening night. He just couldn't believe she would choose a non-believer over him. He who could give her every comfort and anything her heart desired. He knew that he would one day leave these mountains and the people and he had hoped that he would be able to take her with him yet he should have seen that she was firmly planted among the mountain families. "She will come to see her mistake and then it will be too late," he said bitterly to the night sky.

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