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A long time ago, the Yoshis embarked on an adventure to rescue Baby Luigi from the clutches of Kamek, the villainous Magikoopa. They battled villains large and small on their quest. Thanks to the Yoshis' bravery, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and the entire island were saved from danger. Once again, peace reigned on Yoshi's Island. Until one day...

[Of course you guys should know more than just that happened! LOL The Yoshis also encountered some mishaps and the minions weren't always following Kamek's order. Kamek still has a bad reputation].

The sky was dark and the ominous clouds covers the sky. A large castle stands above the threatening clouds, hovering over the Mushroom Kingdom. Kamek and the Toadies rushes out of the castle and towards a small village below the castle. Kamek, riding on his broom stick, hovers over the small village and orders the Toadies to grab the babies that are inside the small Mushroom houses.

The people begin to shout and cry for their child, but the parents are helpless. Kamek watches as the Toadies take the baby to the large floating castle in the sky. The evil magikoopa begins to snicker. His evil plan is finally coming into play.

Another group of Toadies enters a small jungle hut, a large stoned castle, and a small Mushroom house. They grab the baby from within those houses and quickly escapes before the babies' parents are able to get them. Those Toadies returns to Kamek. Each of the those Toadies returns with a baby girl who wore a golden crown, a baby gorilla, and a pair of male baby siblings who wore a red and green cap.

Kamek flies away without noticing the missing babies and the Toadies quickly follow behind. Suddenly, a stork comes rushing through the Toady holding the siblings. Unfortunately, the Toady only releases the baby with the red cap. The stork attacks another Toady, but this time it began to hit the Toady continuously until the Toady drops the baby with the crown.

"Aaaaah!" shouted Carl, the Toady that was attack after he releases the baby with the crown. He quickly flies away from the stork and comes flying to Kamek.

"You lost the baby too?" asks Bob, the other Toady who was attacked by the stork.

Bob and Carl are two of the three Toadies that helped Kamek during his last attempt to recapture Baby Mario from the Yoshis. The other Toady was Mitch, who was a lot more intelligent than those two Toadies.

"You guys are terrible," mutters Kamek.

"I'm sorry," says Bob and Carl in unison.

"You guys are such failures. Didn't you guys already messed up when I assigned you on alarm duty?"

"yes," says the two in unison.

"Mitch come over here!"

Mitch joins Carl and Bob. "What is it?" he asks.

"One of the under ranked Toady have been promoted due to his record of achievement. So Toadies, you will have a new partner," says Kamek.

Bob, Mitch, and Carl's jaw drops.

Kamek moves out of the way to reveal another Toady. The Toady is shivering uncontrollably. The magikoopa pushes the new Toady towards the trio.

"This is Fred," introduce Kamek.

"Hi Fred!" shouts Carl.

"Oh my gosh!" screams Fred.

Fred flies away.

"Is he alright?" asks Mitch.

"He'll eventually return. Now go back to Bowser's castle. I am gonna look for the missing babies." Kamek flies away.


The sun shines bright on Yoshi's Island, home to all Yoshis. Yoshi is enjoying the beautiful day with a leisurely stroll. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some babies drop out of the sky! Miraculously, the babies appear to be just fine. One of the babies looks very familiar to Yoshi...


Kamek is racing through the sky, desperately searching for the baby. He is holding on to baby Luigi, as he looks in every direction for any sign of the missing babies.

Kamek becomes enraged after realizing that the missing babies are gone for good. Kamek returns to the Toadies.

"Now where did those brats go!?" exclaims Kamek, who is growing frustrated.

The Toadies are clueless.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! Incompetent fools!" shouted Kamek.

Kamek pushes the Toadies out of the way.

Kamek the evil Magikoopa returns to his castle, with his Toadies following. Kamek's plan is revealed: he's kidnapping babies from all around the world!


Back in Yoshi's Island, a group of Yoshis gathers around the baby with the red cap, Baby Mario. The stork stands at the side, holding onto the baby with the crown, Baby Peach.

The Yoshis hold a meeting to decide what to do with the babies who fell from the sky. Baby Mario looks forlom and confused. There were more babies, and they have all been kidnapped! Mario can't save them by himself!

The green Yoshi walks up to Baby Mario and places the baby on his back. All of the Yoshis begins to look at each other and then at the green Yoshi. All of the Yoshis jumps up and down. They know what the green Yoshi is planning to do. The green Yoshi runs away with the baby on his back and the stork follows along.

Once again, the Yoshi clan decides to save the day. This time, the stork is coming with them too. A new journey begins. Can the Yoshis and babies triumph over Kamek and save Baby Luigi?

Are you guys ready? I'm sure you are! I'm back with more misadventures of the Yoshis and Kamek and the Toadies! ^.^ So, I will type up the next chapter ASAP. I will continue to do the 'color of the day,' which is when I describe the color of the Yoshis that was holding the baby at the end of each chapter!

So there are now four Toadies: Bob, Mitch, Carl AND Fred! XD You will see Fred's personality grow as the chapter progress! ;) Oh and Boshi will not be in this story, which will be explained later on! So, I can't wait for the next chapter. Review is not mandatory, but it will be nice to see who will be reading this fic! ;)