To the Feudal Era

All previous statements apply.

"Satoshi!" Indy shouted, "Get everyone out the back door!"

The old man nodded and ran to the guest and bedrooms to wake their families. Indiana pulled his gun from his suitcase. Damn! How did he find me?He thought franticly. Marion, Mutt, Sota, and Emiko returned with Satoshi.

"Out the back!" the old man cried.

The six of them ran out the back door. Indiana grabbed the suitcases and trailed behind. He heard his son's voice call to him.

"Uh… Dad?" he called nervously.

"What happened?" he said. But as he stepped out side, he felt a gun put up to his chest. He looked around. They had been surrounded by a bunch of men with Tommy guns. Every one had their hands up, accept for Mutt, who had drawn out his switchblade knife and had it pointed at one of their captors.

"Don't do anything stupid." he told his son.

"Don't worry Dr. Jones," said an ominous voice, "he wont have the chance."

Indiana looked for the speaker. Then a man stepped out from behind a small shed. He was not very tall. He had greasy black hair, perfectly parted down the middle of his head. His moustache was long and black. He hobbled over to Indiana on an old cane. Indy recognized him immediately.

"Lao Che!" Indy snarled.

"Greetings Dr. Jones." Lao said back in a dark laugh.

Satoshi came foreword.

"How dare you come to this shrine!" he shouted angrily, "You have no place here you-you…"

Indiana cut him off.

"Don't Satoshi!" he warned

"But Henry!" the old man protested, "The will defile the shrine!"

"I wont let them touch anything." Indy said reassuringly.

Lao Che grinned and chuckled to himself.

"You seem very confident for a man with a gun to his heart." he said.

"What do you want?" Indy asked. " And if we give it to you will you leave peacefully?"

Lao Che scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"Yes." he replied, "Give us what we want and we will leave."

He began to pace in front of the group.

"13 years ago you stole from my dig site in southern China." he began, "You took an item of great spiritual power and hid it from me. But I am smarter than you think. I know when I have been betrayed."

He pointed directly at Jones. "You Stole The Shikon Jewel! And you will give it to me. NOW!"

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