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It's What She Needs to Change, Inside

In the end they looked just the same,
No flesh, just visible muscle mass,
And while "All love the Pavi"
They shrieked in horror at the daughter.
But unlike him she did not hide
Beneath another's skin, a mask of rotted flesh,
She used that horror to control them all.

Before her tantrums were legendary
But now, oh watch out, now she cuts.
Cuts girls faces, to match her own,
Cuts boys faces, because they no longer look at hers,
Cuts herself for what she has become.
A design of all three, no others needed,
And she holds the power, she's in control.
It's already a sick and small little world,
What now is to come?
A grizzly end, the fade to black?
Whatever the result, all those who are left,
Pray for their swift death!