Title: What We've Become

Author: CSM

Disclaimer: I don't own them.

Summary: It's been five years since George's death. Everyone has had their own trials and tribulations since that fateful day. Where are they now? MerDer. Lexie/Mark. Alex/Izzie. Mentions of Cristina/Owen and Callie/Arizona. Addison

AN: So I know some of you are probably wondering why on earth am I writing another new story when I have soooo many incomplete ones. Well I realized I have never written any of these couples, except for MerDer. So I decided to give it a try. This is also my first try at doing something dramatic rather than just romance and comedy.

What We've Become.

June 14th 2014

Meredith and Derek's House

Meredith gazed at the view of Seattle from her kitchen window lost in thought when the audible plop of something wet hitting the wooden floor brought her back to reality. Sighing slightly she turned around just in time to see her 18 months old son, Chris drop another piece of his now squashed banana on the floor.

"Chris no!" She said alarmed grabbing the toddlers hand before he could throw yet another piece on the rapidly growing pile on the floor. She wiped the baby clean with a near by paper towel.

Chris gave her a toothy grin his small chubby hand still clenching the squashed banana. Meredith grinned at him, swatting his wet nose with the towel, earning a giggle from him.

"You can grin all you want…but your Daddy isn't going to be so happy when he sees this." Meredith said glancing at the squashed banana.

"Dada pay?" Chris asked innocently, watching as his mother cleaned the mess on the floor.

Meredith laughed, "Daddy mad...would be more like it."

"Dada pay!'" Chris said excitedly and clapped his hands which were still covered in banana causing pieces of banana to fly all over kitchen including onto Meredith's clean shirt.

"Shit!" She exclaimed in surprise quickly wiping the cream fruit off of her brown shirt, frowning when it left a mark.

"Shit!" Chris exclaimed in the same tone.

Meredith froze, her eyes widening in shock at the one year old, "Now Daddy will be mad. You have a 50 word vocabulary and that you learn in one go."

"Shit!" Chris shrieked again giggling at his mother's appalled expression.

"Chris no! That's a bad word and it stays between Mama and you okay?" Meredith said ruffling his curly brown hair, free from any fruit. Chris looked up at her and grinned

"Sure negotiate with the one year old." Meredith muttered to herself.

"No shit?" Chris asked innocently.

"Christopher!" Meredith exclaimed in surprise but couldn't help but giggle at the baby's now equally surprised expression, his clear blue eyes shinning at her, "Oh well if Daddy ask, we'll say you learned that from Aunty Cristina."

"Tina pay?" Chris grinned excitedly at the mention of his godmother

"She'll love that." Meredith quipped.

"Hey big boy!" An exuberant voice called out, as Lexie Grey walked into the kitchen making a bee line for her nephew.

" Lexie!" Chris shouted stretching his arms out to his aunt, who immediately yanked him out of his high chair and spun the two of them in circles.

"Lexie he just ate." Meredith warned grinning as Chris face lit up with each twirl.

"Tell Mommy you've got a stomach made of steel." Lexie spoke to Chris in the same squeaky voice as before.

"Eel!" Chris parroted as best as his one year old lingo could.

Meredith rolled her eyes as she continued to clean up the mess the toddler had just made. She glanced at her younger sister who now proceeded to dance with her son, his baby blue eyes twinkling in excitement, "I don't think Aunty Lexie will be singing the same tune when she has to clean up partially digested bananas."

Lexie frowned, putting the toddler to stand on the counter top, his little toes wiggling on the cold surface, as he gripped her fingers to bounce repeatedly, "its better than cleaning up that processed peas crap mixed with various digestive juices."

Meredith grimaced, "Trust me it's not much better coming from the other side."

Chris realizing that the two women were not focusing on him began to babble incoherently at rapid speed and flaying his hands around as he spoke, ever so often an actual word was spoken but then completely taken over by more baby babble. Lexie's eyes widened as she kept a firm grip on one of the toddlers hands. Meredith laughed at her expression, "Newest development; speed babble."

"Speed babble?" Lexie asked still in amazement, "You understood that?"

Meredith chuckled, "No, although I think Mama and cookie were thrown in there somewhere."

"Mama!" Chris repeated sending his mother a toothy grin.

Meredith grinned, "Hi Chrissy."

Meredith picked up the grinning toddler as she gathered his diaper bag as well as her handbag; she turned to her younger sister who was already holding her own bag, while making funny faces at a now giggling Chris, "So are you going to tell me why you ended bunking here after your shift?"

Lexie frowned tearing her gaze away from the toddler to look at his mother's pointed facial expression, sighing she took the baby bag from Meredith, so that her sister could carry both the toddler and her handbag more comfortably, as they walked out the front door.

"Nope. Mark is an ass."

Meredith scoffed about to retort, but on seeing her sister's facial expression decided otherwise. She opened the backdoor of her car, throwing her handbag in the front, and then settled her squirming son in his car seat. She tickled his round belly just as she buckled him in. Once he was securely fastened into his seat she looked over the hood of the car, at Lexie, who had now opened the passenger door, then glanced at Lexie's car that was parked on the other side of the driveway.

"You're not going to take your car?"

"Nope. I'll get it some other time." Lexie replied, nonchalant as she slipped into the passenger seat. She glanced to her left to see that her sister was still standing outside the car with the door opened, peering at her with a questioning gaze; Lexie rolled her eyes and spoke dryly, "He asked again."

At those words, Meredith immediately sat in the car not bothering to comment and slowly began to reverse out of the driveway. For a few minutes the only sounds that can be heard is Chris' baby babble and occasional giggle as he played with a stuff animal that Meredith kept in the car. Meredith pulled into the four lane traffic on the highway, and then glanced in her review mirror to check on Chris, once she saw that he was keeping himself occupied, she turned to her sister, who was staring out at the large expanse of water on her right.

"So seriously again?" Meredith asked her tone light, but on noticing the scowl on Lexie's face her tone immediately changed, "Sorry. Explain to me again why this is a bad thing?"

Lexie sighed placing her chin on her hand, her gaze still focused on the water in front of her, "It's not…."

"Something other than stupid plan of yours Lexie." Meredith all but snapped, "That's not a good enough excuse. You know that and I hate to say this but, Mark's not going to wait forever. Besides that plan of yours all went to crap years ago."

"I know that, Meredith." Lexie snapped angrily. She angrily swiped at the tears that were beginning to form, "I have a constant reminder of how bad that plan went! I don't need you to tell me."

"Lex, I'm so sorry." Meredith apologized reaching over to grasp her sister's hand, "You know these things take time…"

"Don't patronize me!"

Lexie growled yanking her hand away; she clamped her eyes shut as she tried to control her laboring breaths. For a few moments neither sister said anything until Lexie finally let out a long sigh, and picked at a stray piece of flint on her jeans.

'Sorry I shouldn't have snapped at you. I need to move on."

"Lex this not something you move on from." Meredith said concerned,

"It's been four years!" Lexie exclaimed, "Why does it still feel like it was just yesterday? Why does it hurt like it was just yesterday?"

"You can't blame yourself Lex. No one blames you for what happened. Most importantly Mark does not blame you."

Meredith spoke hesitantly, ensure of how much she should bring up despite the fact that Lexie was the one to first mention it. She watched as Lexie glanced in the review mirror at Chris, a smile slowly working its way on her younger sister's face at the sight of Chris' grin.

"I miss her." Lexie said quietly, "I know it's stupid I didn't even know her…"

"Of course you knew her!" Meredith snapped alarmed, "She was your daughter. You may have only spent 24 hours with her when she was alive. But you carried her for eight months. You were her mother of course you knew her. You love her."

Lexie nodded silently at her sister's words and wiped her eyes, "So have you heard anything about your fellowship application?"

"Lex…" Meredith concerned at her sister's abrupt change in conversation.

"I can't go to work looking like death warmed over." Lexie spoke softly, "I'll scare my interns. I can't talk about Mark or Megan any more…So the fellowship?"

Meredith sighed as she pulled over the highway and onto the main road towards Seattle Grace Hospital. "No word yet and Derek refuses to say anything."

"But shouldn't he know?" Lexie asked confused, "I mean he is the head of neurosurgery."

"He says the chief has the final say." Meredith said with a roll of her eyes, "I could just ask Hunt."

Lexie laughed at her sister's tone as fixed her make up in her compact mirror. She frowned at the red eyes staring back at her. "You could withhold sex."

Meredith laughed, "I would but the only problem with that is, that would mean I would have to go without as well, I haven't gone solo in years and I don't intend to start now."

"Meredith!" Lexie said scandalized at her sister's words, "I so did not need to know that."

"Don't be a prude Lex." Meredith said with a giggle as she pulled into the hospital driveway.

Lexie looked across at her sister affronted at her statement, but one look at the teasing grin on Meredith's face both women burst out with laughter. Chris on hearing them began to babble incessantly, giggling at various intervals. Both women at the baby's giggles broke out in louder laughter.

"A true man." Lexie said between giggles, she turned around so that she could face her nephew and began to make funny faces at him, earning more baby laughter to be rippled through the car.

"More like Mark's nephew."

Meredith spoke dryly as she parked the car. She leaned over the front seat to get a better look at her son, "Try not to be too much like Uncle Mark, little guy."

"Mama!" Chris exclaimed on seeing his mother's grinning face, "Out!"

"I'm coming mister Shepherd." Meredith said amused, she stepped out off the car and moved to the back to get her still babbling son.

"I asked her again."

Derek paused, his hands still covered in soap studs, he looked to his left to see Mark leaning on the doorway, his arms folded across his chest. Derek's eyebrows rose at that statement, but other than that he simply continued to scrub out.

"I'm assuming we're talking about the same question that you've asked her the last two times?"

"Yes Derek." Mark scowled not amused

"She said no again." Derek stated more than asked, his tone laden with surprise, "Damn and here I thought I had the Grey with commitment issues."

"You're not helping man." Mark said annoyed following Derek out of the wash room, as the two men walked along the hallway he continued, "This time she didn't even give me an excuse she just shook her head and walked away."

"Maybe she's just not ready."

"We've been together for 5 years!" Mark exclaimed annoyed glaring at a group of interns who had heard his outburst, "Mind your own business!"

Derek sighed as they walked into the attending lounging room, he walked up to the coffee machine and made a cup of coffee for Mark, handing it to the other man. Once Mark took the cup, he then proceeded to make one for himself. Derek turned around to see Mark now sprawled out on the couch, the cup of coffee clenched between his fingers, "Maybe you need to give her more time?"

Mark growned, "How long does the woman need? It's been 4 months since the last time I asked, and the time before that wasn't even the first time!"

"You were serious the first time?" Derek asked skeptically as he took a seat next to his best friend.

"Of course I was!" Mark all but snapped, "We were going to start a family it was the right thing to do."

Derek sighed, "Just because she was…" He trailed off unsure if to mention the word pregnant in front of the other man, "My point is you don't need to be married to be a family."

Mark scoffed purposely forgetting the first part of Derek's statement and commenting on the latter half, "Says the guy who was married by a post-it for two years."

"That's my point exactly." Derek said, "You don't need that official piece of paper to be a family. Do you want to start a family?"

"I would like…I think we're ready to try… but Lexie's…"

"Have you asked her about trying?" Derek asked his tone softening, knowing that neither of his best friend nor his sister-in-law spoke about the possibility of babies or their deceased daughter.

Mark threw his head back against the sofa, he groaned softly then shook his head from left to right, suddenly unable to find his voice. After a few seconds he gulped in a large amount of air then spoke, "I'm afraid to bring it up."

Derek sighed, "Mark you need to tell her how you feel, and see how she feels about it. From what I'm hearing, Lexie might think you only want to marry her because it seems like what you should do."

Mark grunted slightly as he stood up, he placed untouched coffee cup on a near by table, and turned to face Derek, "I'll try and talk to her. Thanks man."

"Anytime." Derek murmured, watching his retreating figure, he closed his eyes savoring the taste of the coffee in his hands as well as the silence, but then groaned loudly when his pager beeped loudly, alerting him to the fact that he was still working.

The door to the lounge slapped open before he could even rise from the sofa, opening his eyes he saw Callie Torres looked more disheveled that normal, her face etched with concern, "I just saw Mark leaving here, everything okay?"

"She told him no again." Derek supplied standing up and finishing the last of his coffee.

Callie frowned at his words, helping herself to bowl of fruit that was in the fridge, "Crap. Sometimes I don't know who's more stubborn between those two."

Derek smirked despite himself, "Oh definitely her. I think this time of the year just isn't a good time, that and they have other stuff to sort out."

Callie nodded shaking her head, "I still can't believe its been five years….I still expect to see him walking down the corridor."

"Especially when four of Bailey's 'interns' are all eating in the cafeteria." Derek smiled wistfully.

Callie chuckled, "Especially when those four get together. Speaking of which I saw your wife and kid going towards the daycare ."

Derek's mood immediately brightened at her words, he glanced at his pager, glad to see it was not a 911 and headed for the door, "I'll see you later Torres."

Callie rolled her eyes as he literally sprinted for the door, she took a bite of her apple and sighed, not even hearing as the other door leading to the lounge opened.

"Hey." A voice called out softly.

Callie tilted her head backwards smiling when she saw Arizona looking down at her, "Penny for your thoughts? You were miles away."

"I was just talking to Derek. It's the fifth anniversary of George's death next week and I completely forgot. How could I forget something like that?"

Arizona sighed, she took a seat next to the younger woman and grasped her hands in her own, "We've been busy. These adoption proceedings are draining us of all our energy."

Callie nodded closing her eyes, allowing Arizona to slowly rub her hands, "Yea, but it still doesn't feel right."

"I think he will understand." Arizona said softly, "We'll light a candle next week and have everyone over for dinner like we always do. It's not too last minute."

"I'd like that."

Alex Karev rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he gazed at the almost full surgical board in front of him. He yawned in exhaustion, looking at his name as it glared back at him, almost mocking him. The novelty of seeing his name on the surgical board all but worn out, and he wished that he had the ability to make it disappear just so he could go home to get some proper sleep. The sound of someone clearing their throat brought him out of his musings. He glanced to his right to see the Dr. Webber peering at him.

"Busy night Dr. Karev?"

"Five car mile up." Alex muttered, trying to hold back a yawn but failing.

Dr. Webber smiled, "How long have you been on?"

Alex shrugged, "Lost count chief. Haven't stopped since I came in. I have an appy in a few minutes."

Webber shook his head, "No. Go home Dr. Karev."

"But Chief…"

"Karev you're an attending now. You have senior residents to do such minor surgeries. Your dead on your feet. One of the nurses told me you've been on for almost 36 hours. Go home. See you wife."

Alex frowned about to protest but another yawn escaped him, he looked at the chief sheepishly. Dr. Webber just chuckled patting him on the shoulder. "No excuses. Go home Alex. Tell Stevens I said hello. How is she? And the kids?"

Alex chuckled, "She's been a little depressed lately. The twins are starting pre-K soon. Her babies are growing up too fast for her liking."

Webber laughed, "That's life. Go home Karev."

Alex nodded, and yawned yet again, "Thanks chief. I'll just inform Mitchell…"

"I'll find Mitchell. Who knows maybe I'll do the appy. I haven't picked up a scalp in ages." Webber said thoughtfully looking at the OR board, "The down side to being chief of staff instead of surgery."

"Thanks Chief."

With that said Alex made a bee line for the attending lounge, debating on whether or not to catch a few hours before he headed home, or take the chance and just drive home. His problem was answered for him when he opened the door to the lounge and was immediately tackled by a small figure.


Grinning he scooped up the tiny body in his arms, his exhaustion forgot at the sight of the two bright face in front of him, "Munchkin!"

"Hi daddy we came to steal you." Three year old Ella Karev said seriously, her blond pigtails bouncing as she shook in her father's arms.

'Steal me?" Alex asked amused looking over her head to see his wife dressed in casual clothes, with their son, sitting on her lap.

"Hey buddy." Alex greeted ruffling his son's hair

He looked up at Izzie and smiled, he kissed her briefly in greeting, "Hey Iz. So what's this about stealing me?"

Izzie smiled, as she leaned against his shoulder, "We haven't seen you in almost two days. I told them we need to steal you away from the OR. I started to think you forgot where your home was."

"Never." Alex murmured and kissed her forehead, one of his hands pulling at Ella's pigtails affectionately, "There was a five car pile up. 15 people in all and every one of them was surgical."

"You could have called."

Alex frowned about to retort when, his son tugged at his scrub pants, "Daddy? Are we going to the zoo?"

Alex eyebrows rose at that question, his gaze now fixed on his wife, Izzie shrugged, "He's been wanting to go with you all week. You know that Alex."

Alex closed his eyes briefly, fighting the exhaustion that was slowly creeping back into his system. Izzie's words ringing in his ears, as the truth behind her statement sunk in. Jake had been asking to go to zoo every day for the past two weeks. Alex held back a groan and looked down at his son's curious brown eyes and smiled, "How bout we go now bud?"

"Really?" Jake asked excitedly, he slipped off his mother's lap and stood in front of his parents bouncing on the balls of his feet. His sneakers lighting up each time the soles of his feet touched the floor.

"We're going right, right now?"

Alex chuckled, as he handed Ella over to Izzie, "Right. Right now bud. But first your old man's got to bathe. I smell like a dirty diaper."

"Daddy!" Ella squealed in disgust, her little nose wrinkling.

"Cool." Was Jake's reply.

Izzie rolled her eyes at the two responses, groaning when Alex tried to kiss Ella. But the little girl squealed yet again practically climbing on top of her mother's shoulders to get away from her father. Alex grinned at her response, even more so when Jake roared with laughter.

"Daddy you're stinky!" Ella protested, and squealed yet again, this time right into her mother's ears.

Izzie groaned and tried to hide her amusement at their antics, "Yes. Daddy go bathe. You stink."

Alex smirked at her words, his entire body towering over both her and Ella, he suddenly swooped down and pulled her into a passionate kiss, leaving her slightly breathless. "Now Mommy stinks too."

Izzie rolled her eyes at his remark still breathing heavily. She then tried to reassure their daughter that neither of them smelt like a stinky diaper, as Alex gathered his stuff from his locker and headed to the showers to the back of the lounge.

"Izzie!" Cristina said surprised as she walked into the room.

The Korean doctor looked at the twins, then back at the blond, "I see you brought the rugrats too."

Izzie rolled her eyes, knowing very well that the despite her tone, the other women held a soft spot for the twins. Her point was proven even more so when Ella ran towards her at full speed and Cristina hugged the little girl with ease, "Hey Tinkerbell. Squirt." The latter comment directed at Jake.

"Aunty Cristina," Jake said from his spot on the floor, 'We're going to the zoo."

"We're waiting on Daddy. But he smells like a stinky diaper." Ella informed.

Cristina laughed wholeheartedly at that, she smirked at Izzie, "Did your kid just say that Alex smells like sh…"

"Cristina language!" Izzie snapped, cutting her off before the offended word could be said.

Cristina rolled her eyes, but abided by the other woman's request, she then smirked, "Apparently, Mer said that specific word and Chris picked it up right away."

"No!" Izzie said alarmed, joining in with Cristina's laughter, "She's probably freaking out."

"Oh yea. I'm thinking of heading up to daycare just to hear it for myself."

"Don't encourage it! Does Derek know?"

"Nope." Cristina said with a grin, "I'm hoping he'll be around when the rugrat mutters it again, because we know Meredith is that unlucky."

"How am I unlucky?" Meredith asked as she walked into the room, only hearing the end of Cristina's sentence.

Cristina's pager went off before she could repeat it, but before she left she smirked at her best friend, "The fact that McDreamy's going to find out that you turned your kid into a potty mouth."

Meredith scowled about to reply, but noticed the twins for the first time and refrained herself. Cristina just laughed as she headed towards the door, she stopped at the door and threw a comment over her shoulder.

'Oh and Mer. The wicked witch is back."

With that said she left, Izzie frowning at her words and Meredith just gaped at her retreating figure, "Wait! Addison's back?"

"Addison's back?" Izzie repeated alarmed.

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