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"It looks like baby Grey Sloan has finally decided to grace us with his presence." Dr. Cameron said with a grin from the foot of Lexie's bed as she lowered the sheet and patted her legs, "You're 10 centimeters and 100% effaced, time to get this show on the road people."

Lexie and Mark looked at her in shock, neither of them seeming to be grasping her words, 'You're serious?"

Dr. Cameron laughed at Mark's apprehensive tone, "Yes, I know it seemed like forever, but this baby of yours has finally decided to greet us. You ready?"

Mark glanced at Lexie who was looking at him nervously, both of their hands clasped, Lexie grinned at him her eyes brimmed with tears, "You ready?"

"More than anything." Mark whispered as he leaned down to kiss her, "You can do this."

Lexie looked at him apprehensively, glad that he was able to read exactly what she was thinking, they were so wrapped up in each other they did not hear when Dr. Cameron called out to them.

"Guys!" Dr. Cameron called out yet again, she nodded at the orderly to help Lexie into the wheelchair, and shook her head when Mark offered to do it, "Sorry Dad you've got to go with Nurse Ryan, she'll get you scrubbed in while we sort out Mom."

Mark exchanged a nervous glance with Lexie before they were each ushered off into different directions. Fifteen minutes later Mark walked into the delivery room dressed completely in scrubs, Lexie who was sitting at the bed, a nurse whipping her brow grinned at the sight of his lilac coloured scrubs, "Cute."

Mark rolled his eyes as he stood next to her and took the cloth from the nurse and placed it gently on Lexie's wet brow, "How are you?"

"Ask me when she's here." Lexie said sending him a nervous grin, but her grin immediately fell when another contraction hit, she hissed out in pain and immediately grasped his hand.

Mark barely flinched at her grip but simply wiped her forehead and whispered words of encouragement to her, once the contraction passed, Dr. Cameron who was already scrubbed in and reading the scans from the fetal monitor as well as Lexie's; looked up at the expected couple.

"Okay Lexie I think we can start pushing with the next one." She said her gloved hands resting on Lexie's knees.

Lexie's eyes widened at her words, she looked across at Mark with fright, she shook her head, "I don't think I can do this."

"Hey." Mark called out to her caressing her cheek, "Nothing's going to happen to her."

"But…" Lexie protested weakly her eyes brimmed with tears as she shook her head, "But what if you're wrong…what if…"

"Lex." Mark spoke soothingly placing a kiss on her damp forehead, "Nothing is going to go wrong. We're at the end of the road babe, you can't give up on her now."

Lexie bit her lip and looked at him apprehensively but squeezed his hand as she nodded, "Okay."

"You're both gonna be okay." Mark promised as he kissed the top of her head he looked at Dr. Cameron, "Let's get this thing going."

"I'm not a machine you moron." Lexie muttered, her fears slowly seeming to disappear as Mark continued to speak, "I can't just tell my body to…ahhh…fuck!"

"You were saying?" Mark muttered hissing when Lexie's nails dug deeper into skin all the while Dr. Cameron encouraged Lexie to push.

"Okay stop." Dr. Cameron said after a few moments, "Seems like this little guy has a much bigger head than we anticipated I'm going to need to do an oblique episiotomy, in order to widen the canal."

"But I didn't take the epidural." Lexie said breathlessly as she gripped Mark's hand tightly, "What…are….lidocaine?

Dr. Cameron nodded, having understood what exactly Lexie was asking, "I know you were against the use of anesthesia but this is the best way to get the baby out safely and to ensure that you aren't damaged as well."

"Do it." Lexie said immediately nodded her head vigorously, she looked at Mark fearfully wincing when she felt the prick of the needle but in an instant her entire face immediately relaxed as she smiled lazy, "I think I'm in love with her."

Mark chuckled lightly at her words and the immediate change in her demeanor, he pulled back some of her damp hair behind her head, "That's the second time today you've hinted at changing teams should I be worried?"

Lexie giggled just as she felt another contraction begin and Dr. Cameron encourage her to push, "You're an idiot!"

Mark grimaced as he watched her nails cut into his skin , those marks matching the other ones that were scattered across his hand as well as forearm, his head shot up though when Dr. Cameron told Lexie to stop and that she was cleaning the baby's airway.

"You're not going to look?" Lexie asked him tiredly as she leaned back on the pillows her body too tired to move, but before Mark could respond another contraction came and Lexie sat up slightly groaning in pain as she gripped the sheet as well as Mark's hand and pushed with all her might.

"Come on Lex you can do it." Mark encouraged as he wiped her brow yet again.

"Shut up Mark!"

Lexie snapped at him angrily as her face contorted in pain and she gave on final push and few seconds later a loud cry rang out through the small room, both Mark and Lexie looked on in awe as Dr. Cameron held up a red face baby girl covered in amniotic fluid and placed her on Lexie's stomach.

"Oh!" Lexie gasped as her hands went automatically to cradle her daughter her eyes glistening with tears, "Oh! She's beautiful."

"You both are." Mark whispered as he placed a kiss at the top of the baby's head as well as Lexie's his own eyes glistening with tears.

"You're crying," Lexie whispered as she released a small sniffle and grinned up at Mark.

Mark grunted muttering something under his breath before he caress the baby's back, he looked at Lexie who was grinning through her tears and smiled, "I love you."

"I love you too." Lexie whispered tilting her head upwards to meet his kiss, their daughter squirming between them."

Mark stood outside the nursery gazing in at his sleeping daughter in awe, he was so wrapped up at the sight before him that he didn't hear Derek approaching until he felt a slight nudge at his shoulder.

"Hey." Derek said with a grin, "Which one…"

"The cutest one there." Mark said with a grin, he pointed to the baby wrapped in a bright pink comforter her tiny little face matching the comforter that was surrounding her.

"She's beautiful." Derek said in awe, as he gazed down at his niece, congratulations Mark."

"I just can't get over how perfect she is," Mark spoke softly his gaze permanently fixed on his sleeping daughter.

"You never do." Derek said with a slight chuckle, the two men stood in silence as they watched the baby sleep.

After a few moments of silence Derek shook his head, "The universe is laughing at you right now."

Mark frowned as he narrowed his eyes, knowing very well that Derek was teasing him but decided to humour the other man anyway, "And why?"

"You have a daughter." Derek said with a bright grin, "A daughter who looks just like her mother and will be a teenager one day and you'll have to keep her away from boys like you."

Mark growled, "Shut up. Besides your kid will just have to be my eyes and ears when they get older."

Derek laughed, "Ha well let's hope for both our sakes that my next one is a boy."

Mark laughed as he clamped Derek's shoulder, "You just keep telling yourself that Shep."

His laughter died away as he looked at his sleeping daughter, "You think I can do it?"

"Beat up any boy that comes within a 5 mile radius of your daughter? Yes."

"No ass. This the parenting thing. My Moms gone my Dad's a fixture on the couch, I never…." Mark sighed as he pressed his forehead to the glass window, "I can't mess this up."

"You won't." Derek reassured, "You try your best, and yes you'll make mistakes but just remember to never give up on her and you'll be the best parent you can be just by being there for her."

"I hope so."

Derek's pager suddenly went off interrupting the silence, "I got to take this. I'll check on Lexie after my surgery."

Lexie looked across at Mark in exasperation from her hospital bed, "Mark you're hogging!"

"Mommy 's whinny pickle." Mark whispered loudly from the other side the room the sleeping baby cradle in his arms.

"Mark!" Lexie whined again, "I would like to hold my daughter."

Mark chuckled as he gazed down at the sleepy baby, "Let's go by Mommy before she decided to kick my…."

"Mark!" Lexie hissed out quietly as to not wake the sleeping baby, "Stop being a moron and come over here!"

"You know I don't think Pickle appreciates you speaking to Daddy like that," Mark teased as he eased the baby into Lexie's arms and wrapped his own arm around Lexie's shoulder as he sat at the edge of the bed.

"I think it's time pickle got an actual name." Lexie teased as she looked down at the baby brushing her lips softly against the baby's soft tuff of hair, "Right baby girl? Tell daddy stop calling you a food."

Mark grinned as he rubbed the sole of the baby's socked foot, "I can't get over how amazing she is."

"Perfect." Lexie agreed, "So did you decide on a name?"

Mark looked up at her startled, "Me?"

Lexie rolled her eyes, "No her other father."

"Hey that's not funny Little Grey." Mark said his eyes narrowing slightly but he couldn't keep up the charade much longer and broke out into a grin.

Lexie rolled her eyes, as she hugged the baby closer, "We're keeping up with tradition you pick the first name and I pick the second."

Mark smiled sadly as he thought of Megan, but then shook his head as he looked at the baby closely, then at Lexie, "Emily."

"Emily Faith Sloan." Lexie said with a grin looking down at the baby, "Is that your name?"

Before the family of three could bask in the silence a loud squeal was head at the door as Ella Karev sprinted into the room and bounced on the balls of her feet as she looked at the baby eagerly, "Auntie Lexie! Is him a girl or a boy?"

"Ella!" Izzie scolded as she walked into the room Jake at her side, "I told you no running!"

"Buts Mommy I gots to sees the baby." Ella protested, she jumped onto the nearby arm chair and leaned over to get a better look at the baby, "Hims sleeping. Whats him name?"

"Her name is Emily." Lexie said brightly giving Izzie a reassuring grin at her friend's apologetic look.

"A girl?" Ella said excitedly, but immediately lowered her voice at her mother's look, "Her tiny."

"Look at that little nose." Izzie said unable to hide her own excitement as she too leaned in to get a better look at the sleeping baby.

"I wanna see!" Jake protested as he pulled at the sleeve of Izzie's top.

"Come on Jakester." Mark said hoisting the little boy into his arms so that he could see the baby, "This is Emily,"

"Oh Aunty Lexie can I touch her?" Ella asked eagerly her little hand already moving towards to the baby.

"Just her foot." Lexie said, "And you have to be gentle."

"I can dos that!" Ella said eagerly her small finger lightly touching Emily's tiny sock clad foot,

"Guys she's beautiful." Izzie gushed excitedly her own eyes mirroring Ella's excitement as she looked at the baby

Lexie on seeing Izzie's expression rolled her eyes, "Why don't you hold her? I know you've been dying too since you walked in."

Izzie grinned sheepishly but eagerly held out her hands to take Emily from her mother, once the baby was laying comfortably in her arms Izzie smiled as she sniffed the top of the baby's head, "Oh she has the baby smell."

"Dats cause her a baby Mommy." Jake said his tone slightly exasperated at his mother's words, he ignored the adults' laughter as he peered at Emily from his place in Mark's arm, "Mommy can I holds Emily?"

"Maybe when she's a little older Jakey." Izzie answered.

"So the kid finally decided to come out?" Alex smirked from the doorway still dressed in his scrubs, he released a soft grunt went Ella squealed and ran into his arms.

"Ellie, the baby is sleeping!" Izzie warned, sending Alex a look at which he simply rolled his eyes but reprimanded their daughter nevertheless.

"It's okay she seems to have inherited Mark's ability to sleep through anything." Lexie said throwing Mark a grin before she looked at her daughter longingly.

Alex on noticing Lexie's look rolled his eyes at his wife, "Iz I think it's time to give the kid back."

Izzie grinned sheepishly as she relinquished her hold on the newborn to her mother, Alex nudged her in the shoulder, "Don't even think about it. Cute kid. Thank god she got Grey's nose. "

"I'll have you know Karev that the Sloan nose is an excellent nose." Mark muttered, tearing his gaze away from his daughter to send Alex a mock glare.

"No girl should have to live with that nose though." Izzie teased, her own focus still on the sleeping baby, "Right Emma Wemma?"

"Karev you wife's got that look in her eyes." Mark said amused watching the other woman fawn over his daughter.

"I'm choosing to ignore it." Alex grunted as he eyed Izzie wearily

"Hi Emily." Meredith cooed as she swayed gently from side to side her niece now wide awake bundled up in her arms.

When Meredith released a small sniffle, Cristina who was sitting in the corner of the room groaned, "Oh God not the waterworks again."

Meredith looked across at her best friend sending her a glare, "Auntie Cristina is a B-I-T-C-H."

"Mommy what did Aunty Merry spell?" Jake asked curiously looking across at Izzie who was standing next to Meredith.

Izzie's eyes widened as she slapped Meredith on the shoulder, "Meredith!"

"Mommy! Yous not suppose to hit people!" Ella admonished pointing a tiny finger at her mother.

Cristina released a bark of laughter even more so when Chris who was playing with Jake pointed at Izzie and spoke, "Bad Izzie! Mommy otay?"

"I'm okay Chrissy." Meredith said with a giggle, giving Izzie a pointed look, Lexie who was drifting off ever so often also giggled along with her sister.

"Hey sorry I'm late!" Derek called out as he walked into the room dressed in his scrubs, his scrub cap still tied securely over his head, he peered down at the sleeping baby in his wife's arms and grinned as he walked over to his sister-in-law placing a kiss on her cheek . Lexie was laying on the bed her eyes partially opened, "Hey need me to pry her out of Mer's hands?"

"I'm not hogging her!" Meredith protested as she brought the baby closer to her chest.

"You kind of are Mer." Izzie said as she bounced on her feet, "And It's my turn!"

"I just got here!" Meredith huffed as she glared at Izzie, she frowned when Derek walked up to her, holding out his arms expectedly.

"I would like to hold my niece." Derek teased, "Speaking of which did you guys decide on a name?"

"Emily." Lexie and Mark chimed watching in amusement as Meredith reluctantly placed Emily in Derek's arms.

"Oh get a grip Mer, you'll have your own whiner in a few months." Cristina said in exasperation, she then looked over at Lexie and Mark, "Oh and Little Grey Owen send his congratulations or whatever he's stuck in surgery."

"We're here! We're here!" Callie called out anxiously as she ran into the room 11 month old Mia in her arms, "Sorry I'm late."

"Torres the kid was born over three hours ago." Alex remarked amused.

Callie glared at him but then looked across at Lexie and Mark sheepishly, "I was waiting for Mia to get up from her nap."

"Right and you don't poke the sleeping bear." Cristina teased, holding up Chris who was on her lap as shield from Callie.

"Yang did you just call my daughter a bear?" Arizona asked as she too walked into the room baby bag strung over her shoulder and a small teddy bear in hand.

"I'm just saying the kid takes after Torres when it comes to sleeping." Cristina remarked.

Arizona giggled knowing the truth to the younger woman's words, but at her girlfriend's look she shrugged her shoulder's grinning sheepishly, "Sorry babe but she's got a point."

"Whatever I came to see my goddaughter." Callie remarked handing Mia over to Mark and then looked at Derek.

"You mean my goddaughter." Derek corrected her holding Emily closer to his chest.

Callie's eyes widened as she turned to face Mark, "Mark! You told me that I was going to be her godmother!"

Mark looked at her confused, "But you are,"

"Torres the kid needs two godparents." Cristina called out amused, "Come on I'm not even Catholic and I know that."

"Right." Callie said sheepishly as everyone laughed at her expense, "Would you just hand over the kid Shepherd?"

"Emily." Derek spoke softly, "This is your crazy godmother, please forgive your father for making such a rash decision."

"Cute." Callie said dryly as she took the baby in her arms her grin widening at the infant, "Oh! She's a cutie."

"Heartbreaker." Lexie said with a grin as she gazed at her daughter and stifled a yawn.

Mark on seeing Lexie's worn out expression placed a kiss on her forehead and looked at their family and friends, "Okay guys time to head out Lex needs her rest and Em needs to be fed…."

"Say no more Daddy." Callie said with a grin as she handed over the baby to Mark not before she placed a soft kiss on the top of Emily's head, "Congrats Mark."

"Oh Sloan you just want to watch Little Grey's…." Cristina started but was interrupted by all the parents who were ushering their children out of the room.


Mark shook his head in exasperation as the room finally cleared out, he looked across at Lexie as he swayed from left to right Emily snuggled up in his arms, "You wanna give feeding her a try or you want me to call the nurse?"

Lexie shook her head as she sat up propping herself on a few of the pillows, and proceeded to unbutton her nightgown, "Bring her here."

Mark smiled as he cautiously placed the baby in Lexie's arms and watched as she maneuvered the baby into position and once Emily was happily nursing Lexie sighed as she ran her fingers gently down the side of the baby's geek. She looked up at Mark to see that he was watching them with a smile of content.

"I love you." Lexie said softly looking up at him.

"I love you too." Mark said with a grin as he leaned over the baby to kiss her softly, he looked down at their daughter and grinned, "And the pickle too."



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