What? Another one? TWS again? Seriously?

Yes, I know. It's terrifying. I wrote . . . ANOTHER BLUE/PYRGUS FIC!!! *shrill shriek in background*

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They stood at a fair distance from each other (even if they didn't, it wouldn't be scandalous. It'd be completely normal). It didn't change the news.

But still, a stagger backwards, clutching heart, they couldn't mean this! There must be another reason to say . . . say . . . that! It couldn't be like she thought it was.

Then their hands intertwined, and it shone in their eyes. Truth. Love. Sorrow. All the damned things romance writers have been writing for ages about- even before her own childhood. But, there was a finality. Nothing she could do would change this. Acceptance and moving on. They were the only option.

But it would haunt, oh yes it would. Nothing could ever be the same again. They'd always be a bit dirty, in her mind, no matter the royal blood that raced through their veins- the same royal blood.

Her mind ran in circles, collecting bits of information.

The girl extending her hand-

The boy extending his-

The same shade, color, would be exactly the same, if they were the same gender-

Too alike-

Like twins-

-twin eyes, staring at her-

Round, and round went the universe, before it all fell black.