A/N - Good News!

So here's some good news for the many many people who have messaged me, or have reviewed previously about continuing Reciprocity. And especialy for all the people who voted 'yes' in the poll. I will be making it into a full story.

But you will have to be a little more patient about it. I already have one work in progress, which I can hardly update on time. Having two will be near impossible. So once I am finished Passion & Aggression, I will work on Reciprocity.

I will be keeping the one-shot as you see it (un-beta'd and everything) and I will be re-starting the story in a new thread. I will be expanding a little on Bella's stay at Edward's house as well, and making it more descriptive.

So you might want to put me on author alert and look out for that in the, hopefully, near future.

You guys, my readers, are awesome and so precious, and I cherish every single one of you