A Little Pink

By: Witch Baby

A/N: So, I love Gravitation! And I love P!ink! And zomg P!nk used to have pink hair like Shuichi! Yay! And that was my thought process to come up with this story. And of course some of her songs go perfect for the relationship between Yuki and Shu-chan! :D All chapters will have a song by her in it but there are a few instances where I only use part of the song. Anyway, enjoy the fanfic!

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Chapter One- Mean

'How did this happen?'

Shuichi Shindou couldn't help turning that question over and over in his mind. Four little words that held no answer no matter how much he racked his brain.

He was sitting outside of Yuki's study, the soft clicking of keys the only sound to be heard. That and the dejected sighs that seemed to leave the pink haired singers lips at regular intervals. 'How did this happen?' he thought for the countless time that day.

The door of the study was locked, the writers way of guaranteeing Shuichi left him the hell alone. The singer guessed it was his own fault that Yuki did that. Just because he didn't have work didn't mean his lover could just drop everything for him! But...... he didn't have to lock the door! Sure he might yell, throw books, and call Shuichi names but....he'd never locked him out of the study. And Shuichi knew that deep down Yuki liked his company. Or at least....he liked to think so....

Feeling a deep sinking sensation in the pit of his stomach, the singer trudged down the hall to the bedroom, casting a forlorn look at the door from over his shoulder. When he really thought about it, something he didn't like to do often, especially when Yuki was involved, he couldn't help but realize the feeling of emptiness had been steadily growing for months. Shuichi didn't want to believe that things had gone bad between them, and made excuses that they both where working too much. It seemed though that, if they where talking at all, they would only end up fighting. There just wasn't any tolerance anymore between them, and every time he tried to get closer he only found himself more and more alone.

Mechanically, he rummaged through his closet, grabbing some random outfit as he decided to take a much needed relaxing shower. The apartment he shared with Yuki felt especially big tonight, the bathroom tiles cold against his bare feet as he stripped down and turned on the water. Catching his reflection in the mirror, he paused to scrutinize his petite form, the smooth tan skin and pink hair, thinking idly if Yuki liked the way he looked. Everyone always said he was cute, but it only mattered to him what Yuki thought. The blond never complained or anything but, that didn't mean there wasn't something that the singer could change....

It had been so long since Yuki had said anything nice about him. 'In fact,' he thought sadly, stepping into the warm spray of the shower, 'I can't even remember the last time he said he loved me!'

Sure, he knew Yuki wasn't one to voice his affection often, if he said anything nice at all, and Shuichi could deal with that. Usually. That was the power of love after all! And normally all the singer would have to do is look into his lovers honey gold eyes and be satisfied with the silent longing he saw there. Or have one of those moments where Yuki kissed him passionately, their desire taking him higher then hes ever been....... except now those all seemed like a silly romantic dream with how Yuki had hardly paid any attention to him anymore. Would it kill the bastard to just say it out loud once in awhile?!

Frowning, he lathered shampoo into his pink hair carefully, tilting his head back so as not to get soap in his eyes. His thoughts drifted back to a memory when he had been clumsy enough to actually do so. Yuki had sauntered in at the singers painful shriek, chuckling and calling him an idiot,before carefully helping him. They had ended up making love in the shower, then on the bathroom floor, then in their bedroom. It was a sweet memory...

Especially since it had been so long since Yuki had touched him at all. Too long in fact. It left him feeling like a flower, drying out and withering from lack of water and sun. Every time he tired to do anything Yuki would only growl in annoyance, telling him "I don't have time for your childish antics you damn brat. Get out."

Shuichi was used to it, he guessed. He always took Yuki's words with a whine and even a tear if the moment called for it. It always worked, Yuki having the excuse to 'shut him up', his eyes melting with playfulness. Except now they only seemed to be as cold as hard amber, making Shuichi feel so lost. When did they get so mean?

Shuichi tried his hardest not to ask for too much. He bought all his own things so as not to waste Yuki's money and, when he knew Yuki was serious with his work, he did his best to stay quiet, respecting the space between them. Was it to much to ask for a little loving in return? He had only one need, and that was Yuki. They had been together for awhile now. Long enough to fall into a familiar routine. Shuichi knew everything about him and still loved him despite his past and the scars he bore. So he had hoped that by now they would've gotten....closer. He wasn't sure what he needed exactly, he just needed more.

Now feeling really depressed, he refocused on the task of finishing his shower, trying to let his worries slip away. He closed his eyes, humming quietly to himself. The hum soon turned into a low sung tune, the song by the latest artist he was into. She was an American artist he stumbled upon when he had been surfing the internet. He became interested since she shared her stage name, P!ink, with his favorite color. It was bonus though that her music kicked ass too. He'd downloaded her 'Funhouse' CD and had been listing to it non-stop for weeks.

"How did we get so mean?
How do we just move on?
How do you feel in the morning when it comes and everything's undone?
Is it cause we wanna be free? Well that's not me
Normally I'm so strong
I just can't wake up on the floor like a thousand times before
Knowing that forever won't be..."

He wondered how his mind had settled on that song! It especially rang true for how he was currently feeling. Funny, he realized, how music was always the perfect way to voice his emotions. Really felling the music now, his voice picked up in volume, his heart pouring into the lyrics.

"Oh, we said some things that we can never take back
It's like a train wreck, trying hit the right track
We opened up the wine and we just let it breathe,
But we should of drank it down while it was still sweet
It all goes bad eventually...

Now do we stay together cause we're scared to be alone?
We got so used to this abuse, it kind of feels like home
But, my baby, I just really wanna know,

How did we get so mean?"

The door to the bathroom flung open suddenly, making Shuichi jump slightly with a screech. Yuki stood in the door way, his eyes hard with annoyance. Shuichi flashed him his brightest smile, oblivious to his lovers sour attitude. "Yuki!" he giggled cheerfully, glad for the distraction from his sullen thoughts, "Are you done with your work Yuki? Do you wanna do something after I get-"

"No, I'm not done with my work. Someones insistent racket was distracting me." he said coldly.

Shuichi flinched, his lovers harsh tone like a slap to his face. He brushed it aside though, quickly retorting with a coy smile. "Are you here to shut me up then?"

Yuki rolled his eyes,his scowl deepening. Not the reaction Shuichi was hoping for. "Don't be so childish. Just shut up so I can work." he snapped.

Turning sharply, he walked away, leaving Shuichi in a state of shock and heartbreak. How could he just be so mean?! It wasn't fair! Yuki walked around all high a mighty, stepping all over Shuichi's feelings without the slightest regard for him. Gods, did her really mean so little to the writer?

Shuichi finished his shower quickly, tugging on his pants over his still damp body. He tried to convince himself that the wetness on his cheek where just left over from his shower, but he knew it was a lie. He didn't care about that though, he just needed to talk to Yuki once and for all. He needed to tell him.....tell him...

Oh, hell, he didn't even know what he was going to say! But he had a strong resolve to tell the blond what was on his mind and make him listen. Shuichi wasn't as good with words as he was with music but....he had to try.

He couldn't just lie down and take this any longer, thinking that this was it for him and Yuki....


A/N: So, how was it so far? I know I didn't use the whole song but I think its still good like this. And if you go read the lyrics it still fits in with the story! Like in the song there's a part that goes "The shower it reminds me you'd undress me with your eyes/ now you never touch me and you tell me that you're tired" and that fits perfect when Shuichi is remembering how they did it in the shower and if Yuki thinks hes cute. :D

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