A Little Pink

By: Witch Baby

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Chapter Six – Crystal Ball

Yuki was slowly coming to terms with the fact that he had seriously over reacted. As a man who was usually quite nonchalant about things, it really was an embarrassment. After a few cups of coffee to clear his head, he seriously scolding himself over the possessive episode that, thankfully, only Hiro had witnessed, since Shuichi had been unconscious. He sometimes really believed he should quite drinking. It made him do crazy, stupid shit.

Sighing, he peeked his head through his and Shuichi's bedroom door, checking on his still sleeping lover for what had to be the hundredth time since he had brought him home. It was silly really, but he still couldn't help himself just making sure that Shuichi really hadn't escaped from him.

With a few simple steps out the door, Shuichi could easily walk away. The very thought was surprisingly scary, but not as much as the sudden, soul wrenching grief it brought. That loud spaz of a kid had torn though Yuki's defenses and made his presence know so deeply that Yuki was afraid if Shuichi had been serious about leaving, the writer would be so much worse off then even before they had met.

And his only thought about that was, how the hell had that happened?!

It was irritating and humbling at the same time, to know that there was something that meant so much to him. That he was capable of loving someone so completely, that it could both heal and hinder him. The concept was invigorating, frightening, confusing. So many emotions that he had to sit down under the weight of the sudden heaviness of it.

Honestly, he didn't feel different. Shuichi was still such a brat most of the time, and Yuki knew he still acted like a bastard. Yet… it was like a veil had been lifted from over his eyes, making him see that all those things about Shuichi that he thought where annoying, where the very things he couldn't live without.

Wait a minuet, now he was starting to sound like a character from the sappy love nonsense books he wrote!

He suddenly heard then the sound of Shuichi waking, something that he had become quite attuned to after such a long time. A yawn, then the quiet padding of socked feet on hard wood floors. The opening and closing of a door. And of course music, always some type of music quietly playing in the background. It was like the day couldn't really begin without Shuichi having some sound track of his life on.

"Drinking wine and thinking bliss,

Is on the other side of this,

I just need a compass, and a willing accomplice

All my doubts that fill my head, cascading up and down again

Up and down around again, down and up and down again,"

He thought again of the little things he realized he couldn't live without. Those morning rituals and endearing traits that had now had become a central part of his life. How could he go back to living the way he used to? Waking, drinking, working, repeat. What kind of life was that anyway?

Then again, he wasn't one to be tied down. He didn't like the idea of someone controlling him. Hurt first so that you're not the one being broken. If nothing becomes important, then nothing can be taken away from you. It was how Yuki had always lived his life, and he had managed pretty well so far.

But now such ideas seemed so crude and bitter. Was there no middle ground?

"Oh, I've had my chances,

And I've taken 'em all,

Just to end up right back here on the floor,

End up right back here on the floor,"

Time had shown him that there was no such thing as loyalty or love. That was saved for the bullshit stories he wrote, not life. He had so firmly believed in that, until a pink haired teen had barged in and messed it all up. Now he was doing things like driving like a maniac at two in the morning, or sitting contemplating the meanings of love and life and how they could clash and coexist. He used to believe that no matter what he had done, he would only be thrown back into nothingness. Yet now those things where changing right before his eyes and he hadn't even realized it.

He had to know, what did this thing between him and Shuichi mean?

"Pennies in a well,

A million dollars in the fountain of a hotel,

Fortune teller that says 'maybe you will go to hell'

But I'm not scared at all,

Of the cracks in a crystal, cracks in a crystal ball,"

He heard Shuichi move about the room slowly, opening up the dresser drawers and closing them. A sense of peace washed over him, halting his thoughts and allowing a more stable line of thinking. Maybe this was him over thinking things again. Wanting someone didn't have to be complicated. It was just.....wanting them. The need to have something close to you. To touch and taste and hear your name spoken softly back to you. It was human nature to seek warmth.

And in the end, he was human after all. Not a killer or a monster. Simply a human man with human failures and human needs. Shuichi had proven that to him.

There was a quiet knock on his study door. "Yuki....can I come in?" Shuichi called softly from the other side.

A pang of guilt hit him hard. He really must have been a jerk to make Shuichi knock instead of barging in like usual. "Yes." he called, leaning his elbows forward on the desk, gaze trained on the figure of his nervous lover stepping quietly inside his office.

"Sometimes you think everything is wrapped inside a diamond ring

That love just needs a witness, and a little forgiveness

And a halo of patience, and a less sporadic pace and,

I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes,"

He realized something then, as Shuichi nervously tugged at the hem of his night shirt, waiting quietly for Yuki to speak. Love, the kind that he wrote about, was bullshit. It wasn't sparkles and stars, roses and candles, marriage and babies. And love, the kind that Shuichi believed in, wasn't real to Yuki either. He wasn't like the singer, he couldn't throw himself into something blindly, trusting that he wouldn't hit rock bottom in the end.

But maybe love, a kind Yuki could believe, that could be possible. Even shattered glass could be molded into something beautiful, a stained glass window reflecting light. Then maybe too, Yuki could pick up the fragmented bits of past and find something that, instead of living, could make him feel alive.

"Come here." he murmured softly, beckoning the singer to him.

Shuichi obeyed without question, sliding onto Yuki's lap, the writer burying his face in the cradle of the singer's neck. He smelled so good, and his skin was so soft as Yuki pressed against him. "I'm sorry for yelling Yuki. And leaving without telling you." Shuichi whispered, stroking his hands through the blond's hair.

Yuki pressed a gentle kiss against his neck, his silent answer of 'I'm sorry too.'

Shuichi sighed in relief, finally relaxing in his lovers arms as Yuki continued to hold him tightly. So many things had happened in a single night. And there would probably be many nights in the future, just like there had been before. But everything, even the bad things before they ever met each other, they all where in preparation for moments like this. Moments, where Shuichi would call to him quietly, and Yuki would answer silently in return.

"Oh, I've felt that fire and I,

I've been burned,
But I wouldn't trade the pain

For what I've learned
I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned,"

Yuki slid his hands down towards the hem of Shuichi's over sized green sleeping shirt, the only thing he seemed to be wearing, and maneuvered underneath the material, loving the way the singer shivered in response to his hands caressing warm bare skin. The writer nuzzled his lover's neck, pressing small kisses and nipping gently with his teeth, pressing his hips harder against Shuichi so that he could feel just how much he wanted him.

"Yuki..." he moaned, pressing his cheek against him, lips blindly searching for a kiss. Yuki complied, pressing there mouths together harshly, their movements becoming hurried and frantic as Shuichi's naked hips bucked against Yuki's still clothed erection.

"Don't leave me like that again. Ever." the writer growled, biting harder now on Shuichi's shoulder, marring the perfection of the singer's skin with his own possessive mark.

"I won't," he promised breathlessly, "But please Yuki, please...I need you...right now I need you..."

"Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel
Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell
But I'm not scared at all
Of the cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball,"

Yuki attacked the flimsy night shirt, shredding it in an effort to have his lover naked and ready for him. He needed Shuichi with a ferocity that bordered madness. All those weeks apart, and then tonights emotional distraught, it was all over whelming. He needed to be inside of his lover, to know he was real and there, that he wouldn't leave. He wanted to make certain Shuichi would always be there to press his hands soothingly to the scars that crisscrossed Yuki's entire being, and not uncover them and make worse ones then before.

"Nhh....Yuki! Ah!" Shuichi moaned wantonly, hands tugging at Yuki's own shirt, which the writer was all too happy to shrug off.

The moment the offending garment was thrown carelessly to the floor below, Yuki's mouth was on him once more, ravishing him. His lips teased and suckled on his chest, his hands stroking and caressing as Shuichi begged for more and more. The singer had missed this, the contact, need, and the crazed way Yuki would cling to him sometimes, almost desperately. Tears filled Shuichi's eyes the writer moaned his name, the singer relived to know that Yuki wasn't mad, that he didn't hate him. Shuichi wouldn't know what to do if Yuki ever really hated him.

"Irony, irony,

This hate and love, hate and love
What it does to me, what it's done to me,

What it's done, done..."

They would fight, couples always fought, but only enough to bruise, never enough to scar. Yuki lifted Shuichi's hips, thrusting into his body almost brutally. The singer whimpered, biting his kiss swollen lips as he dug his fingers into Yuki's back, barely able to hold on as he impaled himself over and over again on the writer's think shaft. His breathing became short and erratic as Yuki filled him, a constant pounding inside of him as the blond thrust up into his body, moving hard and fast in an effort to reach the euphoria only Shuichi's tight, slick body could give.

It was that feeling Yuki couldn't live without, the heat and pressure that gripped him tightly, the uninhibited moans that escaped and echoed in his ears. He was addicted to those soft cries of pleasure, the taste and smell of Shuichi during sex. The singer was a passionate person in life, and even more so when Yuki held him down and did erotic things to him. Yuki could inflict so much pain and so much pleasure, and Shuichi took it all. Always, he accepted anything Yuki did or said, and loved him the most through it all.

"Pennies in a well, a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel
Fortune teller that says maybe you will go to hell
But I'm not scared at all

Oh, no I'm not scared at all,
Of the cracks in the crystal, the cracks in the crystal ball,"

"So hot Yuki….Ah! So good…" Shuichi moaned, his body clenching as Yuki drove into him, wanting, needing the intimacy.

"Say my name." he growled low, his hands tightly gripping the singer's thighs, allowing him to move deeper, finding that sweet spot inside Shuichi that would make him scream out in passion.

"Ah! Yuki, unh!" Shuichi cried, his whole body shattering from the force of pain and pleasure that raced through his body. His whole body felt like it hummed with the release of his orgasm, leaving him shaken as Yuki groaned low in his ear, tightening his grip as he filled the singer deeply with the heat of his body.

Sated and feeling blissful, Shuichi snuggled into Yuki's chest, uncaring of their sweaty, dirty state. "I love you Yuki…" he murmured, brushing his lips across the flushed skin of his chest, to tired to lift his head to seek out the writer's lips. The love was their though, like it always was and would forever be when it came to Shuichi.

Yuki chuckled softly at how easy it was to resolve things with Shuichi. A big fight, make-up sex, and a little cuddling was all the singer needed, then Yuki could live with that. He just needed to be reminded sometimes he guessed, though the singer was always good at distracting him.

"I love you too brat…" he whispered quietly, knowing his lover was too sleepy to hear him, but glad that at least in that way, he could still say it.

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