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Chapter One: Harder Than You Know

"Do you think that planning to be a Dark Lord is the greatest thing the world can offer?" Harold yelled at his lover.

"Yes, and this world needed someone to purify it especially we must get rid of the mudbloods who defile our blood. Tom snarled back.

"Fine, but I promise you that Myrtle, your target, whom you've been itching to kill because you can't open the chamber every time she's there moping isn't the one who you are going to see lying in the bathroom, dead."

He stormed out and Tom was glaring at the retreating back of his lover. What did he meant by those words? His plan was already set and he's going to prove to this blasted school that the Chamber of Secrets did exist.

Later that night while he was patrolling the corridors. He saw Myrtle running out from the girl's bathroom it didn't matter if the basilisk got the wrong person maybe it was just another mudblood. But he can't describe why he felt so nervous. His feet was leading him to the girls bathroom and his heart froze and broke into a hundred thousand pieces of the sight that greeted him.

Harold Churchill the one he love was the one who was lying in the bathroom, dead. He fell to his knees and embraced the corpse that had once been his lover.

"I'm sorry. I love you." He muttered as tears streamed down his face. He never told Harold how much he loved him and he just uttered those three words when it was already late.

^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Lord Voldemort woke up from his nightmare. Guilt and self-hatred well up inside of him every time he was reminded that he was the one that caused his lover's death. Unknown to others he can love another being than himself that he will do anything to bring his dead lover back. He searched for a spell that will bring back the dead. He even dabbled in Necromancy but to no avail his lover wasn't back in his arms.

He found a spell which was close to what he needed. He located the spell in an ancient book which contains many forbidden magic. It was the reincarnation spell and it was the reason why he split his soul into seven pieces to be immortal. The spell can't guarantee that the person will be reincarnated in the same time line if the caster it may take years or even a century to reincarnate the person but he was willing to wait as long as he can be finally with his lover, forever.

But after forty years of waiting the one he love was reincarnated and carries the name, Harry Potter. The spell also entails that in a reincarnated person's seventeenth birthday the memories of his past will finally come back and he was willing again to wait for another one week to be with his lover.

The Dark Lord smiled softly and said "Soon, my love, we will be together again."