Chapter Five: The Piano Song

Tom stared numbly at his followers as they celebrated the death of his love. He wanted to tell them off but he restrained himself; he could not afford to lose this influential crowd that could help him to his cause. His followers laughed with mirth as they recounted on how the "mudblooded Ravenclaw know-it-all" died and served his purpose as a demonstration of his power. His heart wrenched in pain as he realized that tomorrow was a very special day for Harold; he would have been in a very important recital that will fulfil his love's dream.

Myrtle was right; he did not deserve to be with Harold and to bask in his love. Harold's alluring but mysterious personality drew him in and not his empathy. It's true that he planned to use Harold's empathy but in time; the black haired and blue eyed wizard melted the ice which was surrounding his heart. Tom stood up and left the common room; he was so sick of what his fellow Slytherin was saying to his love. They never even knew Harold personally to judge him and say those awful things to him. Harold was the first one whoever considered him as a friend without any ulterior motives. Ever since he met him on their first train ride as first years; Harold accepted him warmly but due to the brainwashing the Slytherins did to him he distanced himself from Harold in fear of being rejected in his own house.

He stopped in his tracks as he heard a soft violin song playing in the classroom where he always saw Harold playing his violin. He entered the room cautiously and he saw Myrtle enchanting Harold's violin to play his love's favourite tune; Gavotte by Johann Sebastian Bach.

"I knew you'll come here." Myrtle said quietly and she turned to look at him. Her eyes were bloodshot and tears were still streaming down at her face.

"You were right I didn't deserve him but you must understand that I loved him for who he was-"

"Shut up, Tom. You only loved him because of his empathy. Are you happy that he was finally dead and out of your life? The whole school knows that what you have for him was a false affection but the only thing that I can't understand was why Harold fell in love with a two faced cold hearted bastard like you. I should probably applaud you for realizing that you did not deserve him or his love." Myrtle shouted at his face the violin fell at the ground with a thud as the charms fell.

"I do love him back…I never had the chance to say that I love him in fear of losing my followers if they found out that I am in love with a half-blood." Tom said sullenly at his love's company.

"You are a coward, Riddle. Here Harold left it to me and I shall give that to you if something unfortunate happens to him. Well it already happened his body was almost going to be snake chow for your pet basilisk in the girl's bathroom." Myrtle said to him coldly as she left the room in a flurry of anger.

Tom stared at the box in his hands; it was velvet green with a black ribbon. He loosened the ribbon and cautiously opened the box, a silver ring sat snugly on its velvet cushion with a single Sapphire adorning it. The crystal reminded him of his love's eyes; a piece of parchment was also stashed inside; he carefully removed it from its confines and his eyes met Harold's elegant script.

Dear Tom;

If you are reading this, I am probably a star in heaven watching and guiding you from above. My mother used to tell me stories that when someone you love departs from this world they will become a star so that they can always watch their living loved ones. If you continue to pursue your dreams I hope that you won't lose your sanity as you delve deeper into the dark arts. I gave you the ring as a reminder of what you are fighting for and that I always guide you even though I am not by your side as you continue your journey for the completion of your dreams. Don't let your Slytherin followers brainwashed you, your cause was far too noble than their ideals of eradicating muggleborns in the wizarding society; your cause of giving muggleborn witches and wizard a place in the wizarding world where they can't be abused and suffer the same fate you had suffered.

Tom; I knew that you always loved me. I can feel it through my empathy even if you hadn't said those three words to me. To me saying 'I love you' doesn't mean that you had already proved that you loved someone it is merely words that can be broken. You had proven your love to me Tom by always being here at my side through the pain and happiness in our relationship.

Don't blame yourself for what will happen to me; my love. I want you to be happy and I will pray in heaven that you will find someone that will love you greater than I did.

Eternally yours forever;

Harold Churchill

Tom slumped into the ground clutching the box as if it was the one preventing him from slipping away from life. Bitter tears of regret fell like a torrent of rain in his face.

"I am so sorry; my love. I am sorry."


Lucius stood at the Potter's doorway waiting for their brat who was still preparing his things. The Auror couple; Lily and James kept shooting him glares, if looks could kill he was probably six feet under the ground by now. He didn't understand on why the Dark Lord wanted him to fetch a child from the Light side especially the Potter's son. Maybe his master will do some wicked experiments on the Potter boy and he's getting giddy at the prospect that he will come back here carrying their son's mutilated body. He really can't wait to see the grief stricken face of the two Aurors in front of him.

"I can't wait to witness what fate the Dark Lord had in store for your brat." He said wickedly and smirked as they bristled in fear because of what he said. But he shrank as their glare intensified and it can already match the glare of a thousand suns.


Harry suddenly descended from the stairs and he could see that the three adults were having a glaring match. He just wanted to go quietly and without causing pandemonium in his home. His parents had a horrible temper and he didn't want them to blast each other's head off. He cleared his throat to get their attention and he mentally sighed in relief as they turned to stare at him.

"I am ready." He said quietly and he was suddenly mauled by his father and mother who gave him a bone crushing hug and he was already gasping for oxygen. His mother smoothed his hair and kept kissing his face; this was the first time that he will be away from them after all and his mom wanted him to stay but he can't stand and just watch the wizarding world crumble in front of him.

"Take care, my Harry. Always send us updates on what is happening to you in the Dark Lord's manor." His mother said quietly and he could feel her tears staining his shirt. His heart jumped painfully at his throat when he realized that he might never see her again.

"I'll take care of myself, mum." He muttered as his mother gently hugged him before resuming the glaring contest they had with Mr Malfoy earlier. His father continued to embrace him. He could understand why his parents were overprotective because he was their only child and they can't afford to lose him.

"I'll miss you, my prongslet. If anything happens or if ever Snivellus sneered at you. Just send us a letter and I'll apparate there straight away to maim the one who ever dared to hurt you. "His father whispered with a matching leer at Mr Malfoy's direction. His father let go of him and he approached the Malfoy patriarch who probably wanted to get away from here.

He took the offered arm and they apparated out of his home. They appeared at the front of a grand manor with Victorian and gothic design. He had a feeling that he had been into this manor before. Mr Malfoy led him into many dark corridors and they finally stopped at a large double door. Mr Malfoy opened at the door and his eyes met a large bedroom which was three times bigger than his room; the man pushed him inside and he could hear the sound of a lock clicking in place as he locked him inside the room.

He explored the familiar room; it contains a large bathroom rivalling the size of the prefect's bathroom. There was a black ottoman near the window and a bookshelf which contains numerous books all about music and score sheets; there were also a couple of muggle novels in the shelf. The four poster bed which was situated at the centre of the room was covered in black silk and the pillows looked soft. He sat cautiously and he stroked the bedcovers. He was so preoccupied that he jumped at the sound of the door and he caught himself staring at a pair of intense crimson eyes.

Tom never changed; he still looked like the teenager in his dreams but the only thing that changed was his eyes instead of dark bottomless pools that he always saw in his dreams; they were now a vivid scarlet colour, the colour of blood that everyone needed to survive.


Tom felt a tad bit disappointed as he saw Harry Potter's eyes. He hoped that his love's reincarnation will still retain the vivid sapphire eyes and yet it was replaced with a pair of vibrant emerald eyes all in all he was still happy that his love was finally here in his arms. He walked across the room and stop at the bed. He caressed his love's cheeks, his eyes shining with suppressed emotions that he kept for 40 years.

"Welcome back, my love." He murmured as he planted a soft kiss on Harry's lips.

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