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Chapter 22

"You seem so distracted young one," Tanya murmured to me on Christmas Eve.

The two of us were in the wilderness in Denali, sitting on an icy log. I didn't feel the cold, but I assumed a human would find the snowy landscape freezing this time of year. I picked up a chunk of ice and watched as it melted against my burning skin.

Tanya leaned a little closer, "Are you having boy troubles?"

I was about to brush off her comment, when I realised Tanya may be the only person who could understand what I was going through. Aside from Kate, who was busy with Garrett, and my Dad, who I was not going to have this conversation with.

"Sort of," I began, "I'm with this human guy, but I can't… you know..,"

"Be with him?" she suggested.

I looked up at her sympathetic gaze. "Yeah." I rested my chin on my hand, which was in turn rested on my knee. "And I really want to, you know? I love him so much…"

Tanya patted my shoulder. "Well, if you want my advice, practise with other humans. You get better the more you do it, and chances of it being fatal to the human decrease dramatically."

I smirked. "I'm not going to practise." Although I could see her point.

She grinned. "I didn't think you would. Well then, in that case you should take him to a place where you can make a quick getaway if things get too… rough. Or stay near something you can grab a hold of that won't break easily."

I put my hand on her cheek and showed her a picture of a steel bed frame that we both knew I was able to break.

The look on her face made me giggle, and then we both laughed. My mood increased and I smiled a genuine smile.

"Ah, Nessie, you never fail to amuse me. Make sure you've got something you can bite into, and try to stay away from his neck. Let him do most of the work the first couple of times until you get more confident."

I was slighly surprised that it wasn't embarrassing talking to Tanya about sex; I found I could open up to her about any of my worries. I hadn't had to think about these sorts of things with Jacob – we were both as strong as each other. But if I ever wanted to truly be with Caleb, I had to know how to control myself.


I'd never met my maternal great grandmother before, so I was slightly nervous as we drove through the twisting roads of Jacksonville.

Bella was very fidgety, which was unusual for a vampire. She'd been adamant that she wanted to see her mother. It had been twenty two years (A/N: I know I said somewhere that Renesmee was 24 and Tyson was 22, but on further calculations I realised Nessie is 22, so Tyson is 20. This is why I'm failing maths) since she'd last seen her mother, and I knew she missed her.

"I don't like the thought of her wondering what happened to me." Bella had said.

I think they'd been deliberating seeing her for years, but hadn't actually decided to do it until now.

Naturally, we had a pretty elaborate cover story. I knew vampires had a tendency to do things extravagantly, so this situation wasn't much different then one of the many parties my Aunt Alice had thrown. It would make everyone's eyes bug out of their heads and possibly - no definitely - create chaos.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Edward and Bella reach out a hand to each other at exactly the same time. They didn't even look at each other, and our drive continued in blissful silence.

I thought it was amazing that two people could be so in sync with each other that they didn't even need to see the other person to know how they were feeling. Bella was clearly ready to shit bricks, and Edward was right there, supporting her all the way.

I hoped me and Kayne could be that close to each other one day…

"We're here." Edward announced, and I looked at the average sized, white boarded house to my right. Even though it was dark outside, I could still see perfectly. We didn't dare come in the day time for obvious reasons.

I reached out to my mum, clasping her hand in mine. Here goes nothing. I whispered in her head.

She turned to me and smiled. An image of the first time she'd met Grandpa Charlie overtook my mind.

Edward was the one to knock on the door. Maybe because Bella was too nervous? I wouldn't know. I'm not the mind reader.

A red-haired girl answered the door. Her eyes were light blue and she looked to be about 17. She gave us a once over, her eyes staying on Bella for a few seconds until Bella asked, "Does Renee live here?"

The girl nodded and called out "Mum!" then walked away as my Grandmother took her spot.

"Hey, what can I - Bella?!"

Renee's eyes bugged out of her head as she stared at the daughter I was sure she thought was dead.

"So what do you think of them?" Nessie whispered to me from the dark.

Both of us were in a small hotel room - as small as five star hotel rooms get - and I was nowhere near sleep after the day I'd had.

"They seem really nice." I answered truthfully. "Do you reckon they bought the whole witness protection story?"

Nessie rolled over on her side to look at me. "Honestly? I don't know. I think it may have been just out there enough to be believable. Renee definitely believed us. And probably Jayden and Phil, but I don't think Hilaree did. She seems to perceptive."

I nodded. Hilaree - Renee and Phil's daughter - seemed uncannily aware about the workings of the world. I'd heard Renee saying something about her having photographic memory, but I highly doubted her memory was that good. Especially if she was just a human. She studied us all with a piercing gaze, as if she was trying to catch us out on a lie. Ironic, since we were lying through our teeth. But if she suspected anything, she didn't make it known.

Jayden was the complete opposite of his twin sister. He was, for lack of a better world, quite "airy-fairy", and I got the distinct feeling he thought of things quite simply. Yet at the same time, like his mother and sister, he too was rather perceptive.

Phil was quite nice and very talkative, although he had competition with Renee in the question asking department. He nodded coolly at Bella's explanation and gave his opinion where he deemed appropriate.

Bella's story was that she and Jacob had witnessed a murder by a drug lord and their families had to go into witness protection. Renesmee was born in witness protection 17 years ago, making her the same age as Bella's sister and brother. I'm sure that if I looked more like my family members they would have pretended I was their daughter as well, but since I looked liked a girl version of my dad they fabricated a girlfriend of Jacob who had had me before both of them were killed, leaving me to be raised by Edward and Bella. We'd apparently only just gotten out of witness protection and the first thing Bella wanted to do was see her mother.

Quite drammatic if you ask me, but it worked.

Our visit ended with a lot of tears from Renee, and Bella promising we'd visit again tomorrow and do something together.

I smiled in the dark. I was glad Bella was finally able to see her parents again and meet her brother and sister, but I couldn't help thinking about my own sister, who hadn't contacted me in over half a year. It hurt that she hadn't called me, and I was so worried that something had happened to her.

I understood how Renee felt when Bella "disappeared". I wanted to be angry at Skye for giving me no response, but I was too scared tha something may have happened, something terrible that was keeping her away. I refused to believe she was dead. I would know if she was.

And if I was this worried, I could only imagine how mum felt.

I turned my head to see her drifting off.

I'll tell her, I thought to myself. If Skye ever contacts me again, I'll tell her. She doesn't deserve to be left in the dark.


I can do this, I told myself as I made my way to Caleb's room. His hand was in mine, and he led the way.

It was the day before school started again, which I was less than eager for. His dad wasn't home, and I'd had a lot of time to contemplate my conversation with Tanya. I hadn't really talked about it much with Caleb, but I'd decided to just let it happen in its own time, and if I couldn't do it I knew he'd understand.

We talked easily about our holidays, and it comforted me to know he and his dad didn't find any vampires. Even if they were evil, I didn't like the thought of one of my possible vampire friends being killed by hunters. I started to tell him a bit about the Denali's, but stopped mid-sentence.

"What's up?" he asked curiously.

I looked into his eyes, "I love you." I said.

"I love you too." He replied, nervously.

"Do you trust me?"

His eyes searched mine, looking for some answer to the million questions that must have been racing through his mind. "Yes. Completely."

I only hesitated a moment before closing the gap between us, bringing our lips together. I wrapped myself closer to him, my arms going around his neck as his wound themselves around my waist. Our kisses became longer and I could feel my skin heating up, which I didn't think could be possible considering I was already a walking oven. Caleb didn't seem to notice the heat, but his skin felt like it could be as hot as mine in that moment.

I found myself being pushed backwards until we both landed on his pillows. I pulled him closer, but it still wasn't close enough. My hands slid down his chest and under his shirt. I pushed it up off him and he moved back to take it off. He unzipped my jacket and slid it down my shoulders.

With every article of clothing that came off, a barrier that had been firmly in place between us came crashing down. His skin on my skin was like the sun that never shined in Forks, and our kisses got harder and harder. My nails dug into the skin of his back.

As his lips moved down my neck I reached behind me, searching for something sturdy to grab onto. If I had to dig my hands into the wall, I would. I squeezed the wooden bar of his bed frame as his lips met mine once again. My grip on the bar tightened with every kiss, every brush of his hands on my skin.

At one point my mouth was positioned dangerously close to his neck. I couldn't resist the urge to bite; I pressed down hard on my knuckles.

That may not have been the best idea. The blood flowed into my mouth and my throat constricted. His scent was overwhelming, and I breathed in. Bad idea. I instantly detected an open wound on his body. It was instinct. I latched onto his shoulder and drank in his sweet flowing blood. He groaned.

His voice snapped me out of it, and I looked at him with wide eyes. I knew I still had blood on my lips when he kissed me again. I twisted my hands in his hair…