If there was anything he'd learned in all that had happened, it was how much he cared for her. There's the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he'd never fully understood it before now. In the months that she had been missing, his heart did grow fonder. Fonder for her. Her company. Her jokes. Her idiomatic mistakes. Her smile. He hid it well, slipping into his 'joking-skirt-chasing-regular-old-Tony' facade. He did a pretty good job convincing everyone around him, and was even ninety-nine point nine percent sure that Gibbs didn't suspect anything.

As week after week passed, he found himself so in need of her, that he risked his life to find her. To bring her home.

McGee's life too, but that's beside the point.

After they brought her home, even though she was there, she still wasn't at work. He found himself anxious to see her face, but when he did, he felt awkward. He was like a lovesick schoolboy. Which was something that he never was before. He'd always been bold when it came to women. It was strange. It was new.

In the bathroom, she had apologized. It was a totally different atmosphere than they usually were in. It was calm. Sincere. Peaceful. Different. He liked it. And then, amongst the perfection, she had kissed him. It was a real kiss too. Not like the undercover kisses they shared. It. Was. Real.

Returning to the office to find her desk taken by her, was a fantastic feeling. It was just like the old days, but at the same time, it was new.

Absence had made his heart grow fonder, but she had returned, and his heart was still fond.

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