Chapter five:

~The Swan and the Pirates~

Lucy was awaken in the next morning, she was yawn on the balcony, look to Narnia dawn sky, the sun was rising. She watched it happily, thought is Tumnus watching too. The wind caress her cheek, and softly whispered good morning Lucy to her, but then she realize, it wasn't only the wind, but it was also the tree. So a strong spirit tree was here too, in Narnia, Lucy watched them amazily, and touch their leafs or petals or say good morning too to them.

"Thank God someone was finally awake!" Polly was happily shouted when she saw Lucy walking down stairs. She looks like she already take a bath and dress up, Lucy did to.

"Good morning your majesty, it was fine weather out there," Lucy smiled at her.

"It is. Lucy, could I ask something from you?" Polly back smiled at her.

"Of course," the girl nodded.

"Please wake Prince Peter. He usually could wait until nine, but now he has earlier schedule to go through. Actually it was Edmund task, but we couldn't find him anywhere. He and Reepicheep was probably have one night party and now sleep together in no where. Be good at Peter and he'll be good to you," said polly hopefully.

"Well," Lucy considerated it, but she suddenly remember something. "I'm sorry, I can't queen Polly, beside the fact that I love to wake in early morning, I have to wake Princess Susan too," she looked Polly apologizely.

"That's ok, Edmund will wake her once he'll here. You dont have to worry about that, and he was quite servicely, he know much about lady stuff and everything, so you dont have to worry. Peter and Susan was also had one whole schedule together for today. But if Peter ready first, then you'll take him to his first work place, let Edmund and Susan catch on you later. Are you understand?" Polly explained.

"I'll do my best," said Lucy, tough her her tone was a little doubtful.

"Thank you, in a moment I'll be off too with King Diggory. Now, Peter chamber was on the west wing, the maid will take you there," Polly smiled happily and lure her hand out to called the maid. In a moment later, Lucy was finally gone with the maid.

"My apologize, I just finished my bath. I forgot that Prince Peter had an early schedule today," Edmund suddenly came and ran towards Polly.

"It's alright Edmund, I already sent Lucy there," Polly smiled at him.

"That girl?? Why?" Edmund didn't accept that fact.

"Because you were late. Beside, the four of you will spent more time together. It best if Peter know Lucy, and Susan know you. Now, you'll wake Princess Susan. Any question Ed?" Polly scolded him.

"No mam," Edmund shooked slowly.

Lucy was finally arrive at Peter's room. The room was dominate with red color,the wallpaper, the blanket, the table cloth, and somehow Lucy felt that she was here before. It probably the tree which silently come here to admire the prince, and when they touched me their transfer some of their memory, that's why I feel like this, she thought. He saw the Prince, still sleeping on his bed. And Lucy somehow know that he wasn't bad, though he acted like that to Susan.

"Good morning, please wake up Prince Peter!" said Lucy brightly. There's no response from Peter. Lucy dont know if she can touch it or not, but then, she did touch him. "Please wake my lord, the sun was already high on the sky. You should've shame," she was moving Peter on his bed, pushed him left and right, even touching his cheek softly, the same methods like she did to Susan when they were still child.

"What the..?? Hey.. stop it..! Ed, what's wrong with you!? We were grown up now—huh, why are you here??" Peter, still with closed eyes, was pushing Lucy's hands away when the girl tickling him, he thought it was Edmund, but then when he opened his eyes and prepared to punched Edmund, he realize that it wasn't his guardian. "I mean, Lucy, Princess Susan guardian, why are you here?" peter then sit on his bed, shooked his head, trying to fully wake. He usually still sleeping if it was Edmund who's waking him, but he didn't want to look bad infront of the girls, except Susan.

"I'm honored that you know my name. Forgive me for my behavior, it just that, I'm afraid you wont wake, and your mother sent me here because she can't find your guardian anywhere," Lucy straighted herself again.

"Oh, that bucket head.." Peter scratched his hair harshly. "But it's still to early Lucy. Sorry, can I call you that?" then he lazily put his hands down and sleepily looked Lucy.

"Yes my lord, that'll be fine. Queen Polly said that you'll have early schedule today," Lucy answered.

"Oh yeah, that schedule.." Peter was finally decide to went of bed, but when he roled left, his hands was touching something soft, it was his towel. Maybe it was Lucy who put it there, Edmund never do that to him, his duty was only to wake Peter and prepare his brakfast while Peter was taking a bath, he even can sleep in Peter's bed if the cooked was done but Peter was still in his royal bedroom. Peter looked to Lucy and smiled awkwardly.

"I'll prepare your breakfast," she responsed to Peter smiled and walked out temporarily from his room.

Peter was now walking slowly to his bath room, he was now there, and he was about to get in to the bath tub when he realized that a lot of oranges slice was floating on the water. He was confused, but then he get in and looked interestly to the oranges. The water was nor cold nor hot or warm.

"Prince Peter," Lucy suddenly called him from outside.

"Y, yes?" an oranges was slipped from Peter palms because he was shocked.

"After that you can go to the shower and take a cold bath in a minute, or do you want me to do it for you? Oh, and your clean clothes was on your wastafel," Lucy explained.

"I'll do it myself. Thank you Lucy," Peter answered while he washed his face. After he finished his bath in bath tub, he was standing and take a cold shower like Lucy said. It was somewhat refreshing. He usually just get in to the tub where the cold water is, and it's shockly awake him because it's cold, but it wasn't like that now, he even like it this way. He finally finished his all bath, dry himself and his hair with the towel which Lucy gave, then stepped outside.

"How are you feeling now?" Lucy was welcomed him.

"I feel good," Peter grinned at her. He was actually forgot that he was supposed make Lucy uncomfy to, but when he realized now, he didn't want to do that.

"Please sit, your breakfast is ready," Lucy pulling his seat, it was infront of the balcony, and there's a small rounded desk too infront of the seat, where the breakfast's ready.

"What was that Lucy?" asked Peter while sitting.

"That's, in your tub?" Lucy back asked him. Peter nodded. "Just some sea salt beads and some slices of oranges, it will give you warm in the morning and smell good all day, you dont even need a perfume, it was also give all spirits your need and boost up your mood," Lucy explained.

"And what is this?" then peter looked at the food infront of him. It was also fancy him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know what you like, today was actually princess yummy day—it's the day where I used to cooked Susan's favorite, so I made yours like hers. It was a pancake with a home made maple syrup, I made the cream tasted cherry, and the wavel are well toast. And that was a glass of fresh orange juice," Lucy explained.

Peter reached his fork and knife and began eating it. It was yummy like Lucy said. "Umh, it was delicious Lucy! You have to give to recipe to Edmund and our chef, they have to cook like this often!" Peter praised her. Lucy smiled happily in response. "Now, tell me Lucy, does Susan whole heartedly engage with me? I mean, doesn't she have someone to love, or admire at least?"

"She admire you."

"Come on, Luce, I'll help her I promise."

"That's too bad, the only thing you can help if you want to reunite her with her last fiancé was to kill her, or you can go to the abyss of life and death and asked if her last fiancé are possible to live again," Lucy finally explained.

"So she was a widow after all," Peter mumbled, hold the urge to laugh because of what he said last time was actually (almost) true. Lucy quietly glanced at him upsetly. "So tell me, Lue, about her last fiance?"

"His name is Caspian, he was a son from the kings brother, the ruler of Nabudis. A fine and a gentle young man. When Archadia invaded us, he went to war on Nabradia border, the last defences of Dalmasca. He fought bravely there, and died in honored by defend his home land and the people he loved," Lucy answered sadly. Peter decided not to asked any further question.

"Oh, you were both look so cute!" Polly walked towards them when Peter and Lucy was near the great door which lead out from Cair Paravel, their chariot was waiting outside.

"Don't say that the next thing you plan was to arrange my second engagement with Lucy," Peter was circling his eyes while he turned at her, his mother words are now always be a warning for him.

"Of course not! Silly Peter.. I just—oh, never mind. Of you go then," Polly just smiled softly at them and told them to off. Peter was walked out first, while Lucy followed behind him. "And Lucy," Polly suddenly called her. Lucy turned at her with a smile on her face—she was almost always smile. "Please, take care of Peter," said Polly.

"I will your majesty," Lucy nodded, then ran to the chariot because Peter was already shouted her name from it.

That's for Peter and Lucy. While Susan and Edmund…

"Ah, that seems nice," Edmund looked at Susan who was busily sat on the edge of the bathtub, pour the sea salt beads to the water, and the petals of orchids.

"It was good for body. You can use it later for Prince Peter for relax, or you can try it too. The water was nor cold or warm, especially hot, just put your palms in, mix it, and feel it. After that you take a cold bath for a minute at the shower. Oh yeah, girls usually used flowers, while for boys, oranges slices was good—you can ask the other from Lucy, just don't use too much flowers for you," Susan was finally finished her lesson to Edmund.

"Thank you, I was glad you called and taught me this. Now I better prepare your breakfast," Edmund nodded in understanding and walked outside Susan's bathroom. Then he curse himself because he was unable to treat her unwell like he was planned.

"This smells good, what is this?" Susan sat on her seat half an hour later, looked to the bowl infront of her.

"It was meat and vegetables porridge. Prince Peter are usually had this in the morning," Edmund answered.

Susan took her spoon and began to eat. "It was delicious Edmund. You can tell Lucy the recipe, it's a very good food when you in cold," Susan looked very delightful, it made Edmund cancelled again his intend to be bad manner. "Umm.. what did you say again? In the morning?"

"All morning actually. Queen Polly insist that he had to always eat this so he'll grew strong. I'm actually a good cook, but because of her, I have limited my creativity," Edmund explained in somewhat expression feel sorry to Peter.

"It was good, but doesn't Prince Peter feel bored?" Susan almost finish her porridge, she eat a full of spoon again into her mouth.

"I bet he does. But what can we do? Especially him," Edmund mumbled.

"He was feared with his own mother?"

"No, it wasn't that. It just, Peter and the queen were really love each other. And since that day, Peter decided not to hurt her heart anymore."

Susan was also decided that she wont ask a further question, it must have be Peter who will explain it to her, once he'll ready and trust her. She put her spoon and took the glass, the thing inside was looked like a normal fresh milk, so she just drink it. "Ohok!" and choke as soon as she drank it. Edmund was almost had a heart attack. He asked is Susan alright. "It was a very unique tasted milk you had," Susan gave her glass to Edmund.

"Sorry, I should've warned you. It was a wild horse milk my lady, that's why it tasted kinda strong," Edmund looked at her apologizely.

"Wild what? Umh, never mind, was it, Queen Polly who ordered it to?" Susan wiped the rest of the milk on her lip with her handkerchief.


"Well, she really wants her child grew strong."

In a moment later, they were already in her chariot, on the way to Peter place. Susan told by Diggory before, that now Narnia had four main city, Beruna, Ettinsmor, Archenland, and the capital city of Cair Paravel. Diggorry rulled the three of them, except Beruna, he handed the government to Peter, it was a task he made for his own son in order to be king. Peter have to well managed and stabilized the city. And Beruna was the place where Susan and Edmund rode towards to.

Peter was already there, he was visiting the orphan house (it was the third place he went), when a chariot stopped in it's yard. He asked permission from the house keeper to turned and looked if it's really like he already guessed.

"Princess Susan," Lucy welcome them both, she watched Peter from further from earlier. "Prince Peter was almost in. you better come to him," she told her.

"Thank you Luce. And thank you Lord Edmuund," Susan smiled at Lucy, then she touched Edmund shoulder and quickly walked to Peter. His fiancé was waited for her patiently with a big smile as if he glad when he see her. A big fake smile, Susan thoughts, but she still took his arms with a soft smile.

"This is Princess Susan, my fiancé. And Susan, this is Mrs. Mcready, the house keeper of the orphan house, a very strong woman indeed," Peter welcomed her and pulled her softly to the house keeper.

"Nice to meet you," Susan shaked hands with the house keeper.

"I already heard about you two. The perfect couple indeed! You better watched for him too miss Susan! Now come along dear, the children was thrilled to see their future king and queen!" Mrs. Mcreadyy smiled to both of them, walked in, and gave a signal for them to followed her. Peter put his right hand on Susan's back and guide her in.

"Hmm.. That looks real," Lucy mumbled to herself while she watched them.

"Don't feel like slapping me today?" Edmund suddenly asked and shocked her.

"Good day wasn't it Lord Edmund?" she try to changed the topic.

"It seems your lady like me better than you," Edmund said that in purpose.

"Oh!" Lucy couldn't believe what she just heard. "Your Prince said that he was well served when I'm the one in charge for him this morning!" she response upsetly.

"Excuse me sist, could you take the cat for me?" suddenly, a little boy pulled her skirts, he looked as if he wants to cry.

"Of course dear one. Where is it?" Lucy kneel infront of him and erased his tear.

"There," the boy pointed to the sky. To the highest branch of the tree. A puffy hair ball was rolled there.

"Oh, tree…" Lucy suddenly feel uneasy. "I'll go get him for you," but she stood up and walked to the tree.

"Your arm will broke if you fall, it's high," Edmund said to her while he was walking to the boy, accompany him.

"I am not listen to you," Lucy turned to the tree and started to climb.

"Lord Edmund!" one of the guard called Edmund, his face was panicked because of Lucy. Edmund just smile at him like he told him to watched.

"Ack!" suddenly, the boy shouted and the guard gasped. Edmund back looked to lucy and realize that she almost fell.

"It's alright," he calmed the boy. Then he watched Lucy again. "How is the wind?" he shouted. She almost there.

"Nice!" Lucy back shouted upsetly.

"And how was your skirt?" Edmund teased her, he was smiling.

"Secure!" Lucy faces gets red. She was carefully climbing now, she doesn't know if the others could see her undies, but she almost there and Edmund was already reveal her secret, so she (almost) didn't care. What she didn't know was, Edmund actually watched her and really secured her beautiful view from the other except for him and the boy, he didn't meant to saw it, but it was saw. So..

"Ah, there you go kitty.. Come on, come here!" Lucy finally stood near the cat. Her right hands were holding the branch, while her right hand lure to the cat.

Suddenly, the cat stood and straight himself. "I'm no kitty," he said with a very deep voice, then suddenly jumped down to the boy embrace.

"Ah, fluffy! You made me scared, it's very lucky that the sister want to convinced you to came down!" the boy happily shouted to the cat. "Here you go sister, your presents! By the way, I'm in hurry, so I just going to give it to your boyfriend!" he yelled again to Lucy. "Here mister," then he handed something to Edmund and ran away.

"His not my boyfriend!" Lucy yelled back at him.

"You look really enjoy up there, or it's because you cant come down?" Edmund looked at her with his teasing sight. He looked very naughty but also somehow sexy, make Lucy blush.

"I think I can handle," she said in mature voice.

"Really? Good then," Edmund said with no expression. Lucy try her best to ignore him, she was looking her path again.

"How come I can't come down?? Fiuhh.. Easy Lucy!" she mumbled to herself.

Edmund finally feel sorry for her. He was now really walking under the tree. "Jump," he shouted to Lucy.

"And broke my arm??"

"You such a bold aren't you! Just jump! I'll catch you!"

"Am I supposed to believe someone who always watching inside my skirt!?"

"Is it me? Or is it someone else who will going to see that when they catch you?"

Lucy was about to mad, she forgot that she was up on the tree. She made a sudden move, and the branch in her feet can't hold her any longer. It broke, and Lucy fall to the ground with a high speed. Luckily, Edmund was there and easily catch her, Lucy successfully landed in his embrace. There's a moment where everything look very slow for Lucy, this is the first time a guy catch her with his strong hand, a very good looking guy actually—when she looked his face.

"Agh! How dare you shouted about my skirts infront of the guards!" Lucy snapped of it and began to punch his chest and face.

"My voice aren't loud as that! I'm not going to broke a girls honor!" Edmund defend himself. Lucy stopped punching. "Now, do you mind?" asked Edmund with an upset tone. Lucy just realize that Edmund was still carried her in his embrace. She quickly down from there. Her face was extremely red again. "Here, your present," Edmund give her the flower paper from the boy. She grabbed it quickly and ran anywhere she could escape, her heart was pounding.


It's been two weeks now since Peter engagement. And he knew for sure, Susan was his jewelry, only a jewelry. Why? Because Narnia people listened and adored her so much. For example, in Beruna, the high consuls were never listen to Peter as serious as when Susan come, it wasn't because they don't trust him, they were know that he countable just like his father, but it's his manner they worried to, first year he rule, Peter almost wont listen to the consul, it gave them a broken heart, and they don't want listen to him again because he wants to always play with his guardian, Beruna probably only a mere toy for him, that's what they think, Peter feel very sorry about that, he wanted to fix it and become a great future king for all, but it's true that he still wants to play. But since two weeks ago, Susan become a bridge for them, her well mannered and her maturity was enchanted the consuls, and when she said "Please listen what my lord suggest" by looking to Peter, the consul listened to Peter very carefully, Peter was happy and told them his mind, a great suggestion that he actually always made, and he listen back to the consuls, so the consuls was happy too and think that he was also become mature since he engage with Susan. And Susan don't lied to Peter about her bright brain and about she become a politician, she always helped Peter find a way in the meeting when it's already stucked, and she knew how to glad people. They were sometimes checked the paper together and discuss in their way home in the chariot. And because of the good improvements, Diggory add a lot more troops for Peter army. This made Peter maintain his good impression with Susan. They were a very perfect couple infront of their people eyes.

But still, Peter doesn't want her, behind his people and his parents, he still treat her badly. Like when they arrived at Cair Paravel, they were discuss in the chariot, but Peter just left her when they arrived, he just walked straight to where ever he wants, he doesn't even bother looking back, and all night he wont talk to Susan except if there are dinner with Polly and Diggory or the guests. Another example, the royal family has a breakfast together in Wednesday, the menu was yuck and yumm, especially with that curse vegetable juices that Peter hate so much. He never want to drink it. Susan realize that, and she as his fiancé was try her best to become a good future wife and assist him whole heartedly. So, she switched glass with Peter and drink his healthy bad tasted juice. Peter used this chance and made her drink until the fifth glass. When she was almost have her six glass (her face was almost green like the juices), the other who realized was save her.

"I think the juices was enough your majesty. We want to see our Prince grow strong, but it's probably will make him stomache if he had too much," said Reepicheep while glanced upsetly to Peter.

"I'll take Princess Susan to her chamber. She doesn't look very well. We will catch up you later Prince Peter," Lucy was also stood from her seat and walked to Susan. Edmund stay on his place, feel sorry to Susan but his on Peter side, though he feel somewhat embarrassed when Lucy saw him that way, like she disappointed at him.

And in one night, Polly was watching her son's and his fiancé arrival from the window in her husband work place. Peter walked firstly as usual, didn't wait for Susan and just leave her. While Susan stopped for a minute infront of the chariot, looked his back pleadingly, then walked.

"I have to admit that you were right my love, our son seems still denied his fiancé. Poor Susan, she must've feel sad. I want to comfort her like I was her own mother, but I'm too embarrassed if she tell me what's going on," Polly hugged herself.

"Don't worry love, it needs process. And I already have a plan," Diggory calmed her, he walked to her and kiss her forehead.

"What? We have three days off? And my parents want us to spent the days by sailing?" asked Peter confusedly when Edmund told his schedule on this week.

"Yes," Edmund nodded.

"If I have a day off I prefer to sleep all day, and by the way, I don't feel like sailing since the last letter incidents on Dawn Treader," Peter change his royal tunic with his sleep robe.

"And by the way, we wouldn't sail with Dawn Treader," Edmund was suddenly have a meaningful smile.

Peter looked at his eyes, try to understand his meaning. "No way.. Is he?? I mean—they let us sail with Splendour Hyaline!?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Great! Then we just have to leave the girls here!"

"We cant, the King probably canceled it, if we don't take the girls," Edmund shooked his head. He was actually has another reason, he wants Lucy to sail with them.

"Fine! But we were taking Peridan, only for this time we will leave Reep, he always defend the girls," Peter nodded calmly. He was now overrun by excitement. "We just have to locked them at the cabin once we sailed," he didn't even care about the girls again.

So then, they sailed in the next morning.

"Look, look Sue! Dolphin!" Lucy pointed to a groups of the dolphin which swam and jumped near the Splendour Hyaline.

"And that's a mermaid! Oh, there's lot more!" Susan were embracing her and pointed to the mermaids who waved at them.

"It's the first time for you to sail my ladies?" asked Peridan, he was happy because the two girls seems overrun with excitement. Peter gave him a special tasks to accompany the girls all the time, and answer all their answer, so they wont bother to ask the boys.

"It is, my lord! Dalmasca surrounded by desert, some of us even never look at sea," Lucy shouted happily.

"This was also the first time for Prince Peter and Lord Edmund to sail with Splendour Hyaline, it's the most beautiful and the fastest ship in Narnia, it's decoration were lovely, every inch was art, but she was also a great when you use her for war, strong indeed! That's why the boys were very exciting!" Peridan explained to them.

Lucy turned for a while. She looked to Edmund who busily pulling the rope, he look good looking as always with his light, young green colored tunic, thin leather vest, light and brown colored pants, and pair of leather boots. The wind blow his hair, and he look very cool since he run this ship with the other crew. Edmund realize that Lucy was watching him, he lifted his head, look directly at her, and give her a small smile. She was very attractive for him, she looks cute by curlying her hair, and her light-young blue colored dress were matched with the ocean.

Lucy gasps, she blushed again, and it was again because of him. "What's the matter Sue?" she asked Susan in order to distract her ownself again.

"It just, I hope Cor and Corrin was here. You know, they could enjoy all of this too like we do," Susan face gets gloomy, she said in a small voice.

"They will. It just, they're trying so hard now, we were only disturb them if we come to them and ask them to join. You remembered that they asked one month to practice without our visit right? In order they can concentrate," Lucy comfort her.

"I know Luce. It's okay. It just, we were so close like brothers and sisters, we never missed something without them. But for now, just—let us enjoy while we were here. I bet they wanted that too," Susan smiled at her. They were both laugh.

Peter was walking towards Edmund, he has the same outfit like his guardian, the different is, his tunic colored was young blue like Lucy and of course with more complex pattern, his pants colored are not as brown as Edmund's, it's younger and almost earth yellow, and a small necklace was rounded his neck, it was a gold emblem of Narnia, the kingdom emblem. He glanced at Susan for a while, she wore a deep green colored dress, her skin was sparkling under the sun light, and her wavy beautiful hair was naturally blew by the wind, a big white daisy was tiding some of her hair at the right side, overall she looks beautiful. She knew that Peter glanced at her, so she turned at him and smiled softly, Peter turned his face to the other direction.

"What do you think?" he asked Edmund.

"Umh, it's a very fine weather for sail. But less challenge. Probably will be boring for three days, only floating at the sea. Splendour are probably the only reason we should still feel happy," Edmund answered, he finished tied the rope.

"It's because the girls are here," Peter grumped. "Say what, if I can get us out from Narnia watch pose sight, would you sail her to Lone Islands?" then he asked with voice that only Edmund could hear.

"I would, our men were also would, they curious about it for years. But no, Pete."


"Are you forgot the rumors, and we bring girls with us? And what about Peridan??"

"We just hid them at the cabin. I could lobby Peridan by saying that we were drop there for only couple of minutes, and just looking around."

"Still, no."

Two hours later, Lucy and Susan were sitting on their cabin, looking the view from their window.

"It was very foggy, very thick. And we're moving so slowly," Susan said. What exactly was Peter thoughts to brought us to this mystery place? She thoughts. She was right, a very thick fog was floating around them, they could barely seen the sea surface or anything outside, it was also so quiet. The air feel chill. Susan hugged herself.

"I feel something," Lucy whispered. Susan glanced at her. "Something is moving outside, it's watching us.."

"What was that Lucy? Is that dangerous?" Susan worriedly asked her.

"I don't know. I couldn't even detect it. There's magic around here," Lucy shooked her head slowly. When Lucy said something like that, it means they weren't supposed to stop, and if they stop, they shouldn't stop more than three minutes.

"Feel the thrill already?" Edmund suddenly came down to their cabin, brought two travel robes with him.

"Where are we my lord?" asked Lucy, something was starting to overwhelm her since they enter the foggy area, until she forgot her personal thoughts to Edmund.

Edmund even shocked for a minute when she talked to him. "We were at Lone Islands, the legendary island. Some people were missing here, sometimes with their ship, and none of them ever comeback. But don't worry, it just a myth, a lot of people said that the island was never existed. Peter and I were sail here for once or twice in one until three years ago. But we never find anything except a very thick fog," he explained while handed the robes to Susan and Lucy. "Wear that, it's a bit chill here," he added then walked to the stairs again.

"Edmund," Susan suddenly grabbed his arm. "It's probably saved the last time you visit here. But it wasn't now. Go tell Peter if he want to stop, don't stop more then three minutes," she said in a lowered voice and a serious look on her eyes.

"It will be alright my lady," Edmund smiled calmly at her. Susan off her hands and let Edmund walked out.

"They wont listen to us aren't they," Susan sigh and sit on her sofa again.

"Prepare everything you need for defend yourself," Lucy warned her.

"I thought it would be a nice and safe journey. That's why I left my legendary bow at Narnia," Susan murmured while holding her head.

"That's a very kind of you my lord. You were aware of everything, that's why you handed them the robe, so the outsider wont know that they were girls because it would be more dangerous for them. I knew what our prince true intent, and I hope he could learn something from you to not let himself control by his ego," Peridan welcomed Edmund when he arrived outside again.

"It's chill Peridan. Now you go and accompany them, they looked worried," Edmund told him. Then he realize, Splendour Hyaline was stopped moving. He ran to Peter. The Prince were stood at the left side of the ship, looking the fog around him. "Why were we stop moving?" Edmund try calmly as he could and asked.

"Just for a while Ed. You already did what I told you?" Peter back asked him.

"Yes. And they looked so worried down there," Edmund nodded. "You do realize about all the risk, right?"

"What's gotten into you Ed?" Peter looked at him confusedly.


"I thought you with me.."

"I will always be with you!"

"So? Now you're defending them!"

"It's not about defending them! Tsk, it's already more than three minutes," Edmund feel the time tickling around him.

"And what's that three minutes again?" Peter suspiciously looked at him.

"Look, I knew in the end you always get it sorted. But it was best to be more wise and prevent," Edmund try to talked softly at him.

"Now you're just talking.." Peter looked somehow disappointed. "Fine. Off we now!!" then he yelled again to all the Splendour Hyaline crew.

"Your majesty, she wont move!!" one of the crew yelled from the back of the ship.

"What do you mean she can't move!?" Peter back yelled at him.

"Your majesty, a ship sailed here with a high speed, it quite huge! It would crash us in five minutes, infront of you!" a crew from the top of the ship warned them all. Peter and Edmund looked each other faces. It finally happen!

"Five people, dive and release her from everything that tied her! Less from five minutes, go, go, GO!!" Edmund give his order. "Captain, prepare to parry once she was released!"

"Men, to your battle station!!" Peter screamed. He pulled his sword and stood straightly. His crews were busily get ready for their orders. They could hear a sound of another ship approached them. They could feel the tense, and the air is getting cold. Suddenly, Splendour Hyaline was trembled, and move suddenly to the right. While that happen, all her passangers could see the front side of a big black ship break through the fog, and ready crashed with them. "Incoming!" Peter jumped back. They were crashed in a blink of an eye, he blew and fall because the pressure. Edmund quickly stood beside him, and he was too. The black ship was releasing her self from Splendour Hyaline, but a lot of ropes were tied on her side.

"Hello!" suddenly, a man popped out from the top of the black ship. He seems a bit drunk, looked dirty and odd. "I'm captain Jack Sparrow and this is my lady Black Pearl. I come here to take your lady and the boy with a good looking face and the precious golden emblem on his neck!" he shouted. In a moment later, a groups which consist with a lot of pirates were landed on Splendour Hyaline.

"Protect the ship! Protect your prince!" Edmund shouted angrily and stood infront of Peter while his prince blew a horn to ask for reinforcement. The fight was started between them. Though then people include Edmund was protecting, the pirates were aren't bad, especially with their berserk technique of swordplay, they could keep the Narnian busy. Peter fought two pirates at one time, while Edmund face this jack Sparrow captain who tried to approach Peter. "Don't play with me!" Edmund manage to pushed Jack farther from Peter. That boy was upset him with his drunk style of sword play.

Peter manage to throw the two pirates to the sea, but a sudden attack from the third pirates almost got him if some arrows didn't shot the pirates and successfully made him fall to the sea. Peter looked around to find his savior. It was Susan, she still wearing her robe, but her hood were off accidently, and a bow were still on a steady position in her arm. Lucy and Peridan was behind her.

"Aha!" suddenly a sword were swung at Peter, luckily his reflexes were good and he able to parry it. "I bet you didn't see that coming!" a man with a thin and light body were attacking him. He was good, and fast, and wild, even Peter had a difficulty when he deal with him.

"No," Susan mumbled, grabbed a blade from the floor, and ran to Peter.

"Susan no!!" Lucy yelled, but Peridan hold her because a pirates almost had her. He decided to protect Lucy because when he killed the pirates, Susan was already missing from his sight.

"Ah!" Susan swing her blade to the man who attacked Peter. She never used a blade or a sword before, so she swung it to everywhere she could hit, it's good actually, the man couldn't read her move, and Peter take this chance to fiercely attack the man. The combination between he and Susan are made the man a bit panicked and difficult to handle them in one time.

"Elizabeth!!" suddenly, Jack screamed when Edmund almost got him.

"I'm a bit busy here!!" the man back shouted at him, he find a space between Susan and her blade, then he kicked her stomache until she cried and fall. At least his enemy become one, but Peter attacked were getting stronger and faster than the last. He able to pushed the swords away from the man body, jumped, swirl, and kicked him on the air. The man threw to the back, he bumped the side of the ship.

"Jack! A ship approach!" a pirates from the Black Pearl warned jack and his companions.

"Hurry, mate! Back to the Pearl! Abandon this ship!" Jack suddenly launched a very dangerous attack to Edmund, not to kill him, but to escape. "Elizabeth!" he shouted while he was running to where the man stood again, the Pearl was starting to moved away. The man was suddenly launched a sudden attack to Peter, he intent to distract the prince. Edmund realize their true intends.

"Peter no! it's Susan!!" the boy warned his best friends. But it was too late, Jack was suddenly grabbed Susan's waist as the girl screamed while she was trying to protect Peter from the other pirates attacked. Peter saw them get through of him and the man in slow motion, Jack was carrying Susan, and jumped to the sea, Susan tried her best to straight her back and yelled to Peter to run while she was falling. The man were also stopped attacking Peter, turned, and jumped to the sea. Peter could hear Lucy cried back there.

"Edmund!" Peter called while he running to the ship side and looked down. The pirates swim back to the pearl, and he saw Jack and the man are holding Susan while they were swim, the girl couldn't escape, and though she floated, her face are sometimes drawned by the wave.

"What!?" Edmund back yelled at him. The rest of the pirates are still on their ship, he and the other crew still busily fighting with them. Then he realized, Peter was now standing on the ship side. "What are you doing?!"

"Wait outside the fog! I'll be back at the third day with Susan!!"

"Peter, NO!!"

"I PROMISE!!" Peter was finally jumped to the sea, the water was so cold. Then he swim as quick as possible to the pearl, the wave always pushed him back, but he pushed himself front. He was finally able to touched the ship, when the rain of arrows were attacking him from above. He took a deep breathe and dive, then two people suddenly jumped and swim on his side, grabbed his arm and pulled him up.

"Add speed!!" Peter could hear someone shouted while he was carried to the up of the Pearl.

"Here Jack!" said one of the man who hold Peter, and threw him on the ship floor. Peter was busily cough out the water from his mouth.

"No! You were not supposed to be here! Released him, please!" he could hear Susan cried.

"Well, well," Jack are now standing infront of him. "We weren't failed," he smiled.

"You pay for this you hear me," Peter said in a deep and angry tone while he looked up to Jack.

"Unfortunately we were about to sell you to pay our debt," said Jack. "Ellie.." then he looked to Peter back.

"No, don't!" Peter could see Susan now, she was sitting on the floor in the middle of the pirates, she was all wet, and she tries to crawl at him, her face were so scared and panicked. Then suddenly, peter vision gets blur, and everything turn to dark.

-To be continued-