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Hello, I'm Kisaiyo and this is my first attempt at a Teen Titans fanfiction! If you stumbled in here randomly, then just to let you know, this is mostly a Raven/Red-X fanfiction with bits of others thrown in for the ride. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! And excuse my failed attempt at a title...

Dream Catcher

Chapter 1: Wake up Call

Frozen—everything around her felt like it had stopped... time was no exception.

Raven yanked the bed sheets up to her shoulders and nestled her face into a pillow, willing herself to return to sleep and toss away the dangerous thoughts that invaded the recesses of her mind.

Frozen. She scoffed inwardly at the thought but felt a niggling feeling poke at her insides. Was her life really that dull? It couldn't be... it shouldn't, she decided. Besides...frozen was good. It was safe—consistent...right? She groaned and shoved a pillow over her head. Stop thinking!

She sighed in exasperation and threw the pillow aside. This wasn't working. Her violet eyes flew open and her steady gaze rose to the tall glass windows across the dark room. Pouring rain obscured her view of Jump city, but the dampness of the outside air felt as though it had seeped into every fiber of her surroundings and leaked into her very being. Something inside of her felt broken... or maybe missing was the better term.

The sheet of water continued to slide across the glass and made her feel anxious for space. "Damn," she muttered, voice still gravelly with sleep. She rubbed at her head and felt the headache coming on. For weeks she had been doing this—waking up and feeling like total garbage... she growled and removed the covers, swinging her legs over the side of her bed. The headaches had gotten worse.

Clutching at her head she managed to pull herself to a stand, stumbling around as she made her way to the door. It slid open with a hiss of air and the mass of metal moved out of her way to allow her passage. The hall was just as dark as her room without any lighting or windows... In fact, it felt cold and rather detached, she observed, almost falling to the ground as she felt her powers flare up and attempt to take hold.

Raven swore under her breath and shoved herself into the bathroom, locking the heavy door behind her. She glanced at herself in the mirror and couldn't restrain herself from frowning at her reflection. She looked fine... what the hell was wrong with her?

Her headache spiked and sent her vision into a catastrophe of blurred colors. Gripping the marble counter, she struggled to keep standing and waited for the pain to slowly ebb away. Things were getting out of control! She needed to do something and it had to be done immediately. She inhaled deeply, rested her face against the cool, smooth marble, and let out a shaky breath. The pains made her feel like her legs weren't a attached to her body. Blinking as the pain slowly subsided, she raised her head up to stare into the mirror.

Raven glared at the image—it was weakness. Above her father and all other evils it was the one other thing she hated most. She yanked open a drawer and grabbed for a bottle of medicine, tearing off the cover with a pop! Two white pills rolled onto her hand as she shook the container. I need to do something... Tossing the pills into her mouth and swallowing, she felt a slight gurgle erupt from her stomach.

"Ugh..." The medicine was starting to make her drowsy and her stomach a little uneasy. Without much thought, she unlocked the door and drunkenly walked out into the hall. Halfway to her room, she stopped to rest her head against the wall, reveling in the feeling of the cold metal pressed against her heated skin. She slid to the floor in a heap of blue and began to breathe deeply...



"Raven...Hey! Raven...!"

The familiar voice penetrated her veil of sleep and her brows furrowed together as she opened her eyes. "Beast Boy...? What are you doing in my room?" She sat up and rubbed at her eyes.

The green changeling frowned. "Dude! This is so not your room! Are you feelin' alright?" His exaggerated hand motions only made her feel more irritable.

"Forget it," she grumbled. She jerked up into the air, hovering slightly above the ground. "I'm going to my room."

Beast Boy crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. "You could at least thank me!"

She paused. "Thanks," she muttered sarcastically, floating out of the room. She knew it sounded rude and ungrateful, but the tone and nuances had become second nature to her... Beast Boy would be fine. Just like always, she reasoned, letting the heavy door clank to its closed position. Clearing her mind, she moved on. It was time to meditate.

As the door slammed, Beast boy turned on his heel with another huff and stomped his way over to the refrigerator, yanking the door open and pulling out a container of soy milk. He glared at its green label before twisting off the cover and taking a long drink. So much for being nice! He tossed the empty container and grit his teeth as he began muttering incoherently, steam leaking out of his pointed ears. Whenever he tried being nice he ended up on Raven's hit list!

A single moment of silence filled the air until Robin stepped into the room and noticed Beast Boy's less than happy mood. "Anything wrong?" He rested his gloved hand over his comrade's shoulder with a worried expression playing across his face. He had no clue as to why his green teammate seemed so irritable, but he'd make it his job to figure it out one way or another.

Without any hesitation, Beast Boy began to rant. "I'll tell you what happened! I found Raven completely out cold in the hallway, so I picked her up and set her down on the couch and then I sat there watching her for nearly two hours taking care of her and then she acts as though I did something wrong!"

Robin frowned.

"Don't give me that look," Beast Boy chided, gently prying the other boy's hand from his shoulder.

"Maybe she was cranky since she just woke up?" It wasn't much help, but whatever he could think of was fine for the moment. Besides, Raven wasn't really a morning person anyways.

Beast Boy's eyes narrowed. "Fine, whatever you say," he mumbled, finally regaining his composure. If Raven wanted to be Raven that was fine with him...but it wasn't going to be his problem.


The look on Robin's face made Beast Boy chuckle a little—really, it was almost priceless. He cocked his head to the side and smiled knowingly. "Don't worry, I'm not planning some kind of revenge prank or anything."

Robin smiled, Beast Boy was actually growing up! With a gentle wave of his hand, he sent his friend off. "Forget I said anything," Robin replied. "Anyways... I'll go check on Raven," he declared.

Beast Boy's brow arched but he said nothing as he watched his leader head out to follow after their dark teammate. Something made him continue to stare off though, an utter strangeness that infiltrated his senses and made him pause to breathe. What was this...? He shook his head groaned. It just had to be the soy milk... I shoul'dve known that two weeks after the expiration date was too much! He ran off for the bathroom, clutching his stomach all the way across the halls.

"Azarath, metrion, zin--"

Knock, knock, knock...!

Augh! Couldn't she have just one moment of peace?

Robin stepped back from the door. "Raven... can I come in?"

She glared at him through the door, silently willing him to turn back and leave her alone. Her day was bad enough as it was, hell—her weeks had been nothing but bad! She closed her eyes and let out a breath of pent up frustration. "I'm busy," she lied, still glaring.

Robin frowned. He knew she wasn't busy because she never was. It was just one of her many ways of telling him to get lost and not come back. He rapped his gloved knuckles on her metal door once more and he called out, "Raven, I just want to talk."

Talk? Since when did she and Robin ever talk. The way he said it made talking sound more like laughing at Beast Boy—something that should never happen, especially if it was her! She rubbed at her temples. "I can hear you just fine from where you are."

Now he was getting frustrated. "Raven, open the door!" He banged on the metal loudly and was prepared to kick it down if she didn't open it the next—whoosh!

The door opened and Robin flailed as he attempted to regain his balance. "Hey, Raven," he said smoothly, plastering on a nervous smile.

"What?" Her amethyst eyes narrowed in annoyance. The banging nonsense had gone on longer than it needed, there was no reason for Robin to have to stutter and make things even slower. She crossed her arms and popped her hip as she waited for the boy to start talking.

"I was just wondering... is there something going on with you?" He rubbed at the back of his neck but looked genuinely concerned.

Her gaze seemed to darken by a fraction, unbeknownst to the hero. "I'm fine, so will you leave?" She was getting tired of this. She just wanted to be left alone so she could go back into her room and find a good bock or something equally interesting to lose herself in. Was it too much to ask? Not to mention the fact that she hadn't had time to meditate yet...

"Look, I know there's something you aren't telling me," he mumbled, slightly disheartened that the girl wouldn't even bother to give him a hint.

"It's nothing, just go," she muttered, the gravelly tone in her voice cutting though him like a sharpened blade. She stepped back and let the door slide shut in Robin's face.

He turned and groaned, running a hand through his spiky hair in frustration. Throughout all the years he'd lived with Raven in Titan Tower, she had never opened up to him! This time he wasn't going to give up though, this time would be different, he told himself. He glanced back over his shoulder at Raven's door. Whatever it was that was going on with her, he would definitely find out!

When her only reply was silence, she felt the tension ease away and her mind slip into a daze. She had always tried to hide herself from others—keep things in and people out. It was just her way of life... so how did Robin manage to see right through her? Not just once, but many times?

It wasn't strange for Robin to at least sense it, but to pin her down and attempt to investigate was something he hadn't done quite so...directly before. She chewed at her bottom lip and fell back on her bed with a quiet thud. What was Robin trying to do? More importantly, why? None of it added up.

Knock, knock, knock!

The pounding jarred her out of her daydream and she immediately let out a low growl. "Robin, how many times do I have to tell you to go a--"


The door slid open and Raven immediately realized that the figure standing in the doorway looked vaguely familiar and it was definitely not Robin. "Who...?" She gasped as he stepped forward and let out a quiet, bone-chilling laugh.

It sounded electronic, the small spaces in between each vibration of the tone and the strange echoing effect that bounced the sound around the room. All of it could only belong to one person...no, one criminal—Red X.

End of Chapter 1

All right, so this is a short chapter but I'm really hoping to continue and post new chapters as often as I can. Thank you for reading and if you have some time, please let me know what you think!