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Dream Catcher

Chapter 2: Blackmail

It was foreign... he was foreign—everything about the situation felt wrong somehow. The way his voice reverberated throughout her room, his shadowy silhouette against the harsh steel, and the way his eyes gleamed from behind his mask. All of it was a mess.

Raven stepped back and glared. "What are you doing here?" Her usually demanding voice was low and gravelly—almost a gentle whisper rather than her intended threat. What was wrong with her voice? It never faltered before...

He smiled mischievously behind his mask in realization. Threats? Pfft, she's shaking like a leaf! He smirked cockily and shook his head. "Raven, Raven, Raven," he sang, leaning against the door frame. "I can almost swear that you're trying to threaten me," he teased.

Her jaw tensed as she attempted to glare back with whatever strength she could muster after hearing the smirk ring out clearly in his voice. She crossed her arms over her chest and tried to scowl. "I suppose you could say that," she muttered bitterly. Inwardly she groaned. This was ridiculous. Completely and utterly ridiculous. What would a criminal like Red-X be doing in Titan Tower, let alone her room? There was nothing to steal, nothing interesting, heck, her room was practically storage!

Red-X chuckled. "Babe," he called smoothly, swaying off the wall and sauntering over to her petite form. "I don't know about you, but I'd say that there's a lot of chemistry between you and I... in fact, this beauty in particular..."

Raven's amethyst eyes darted to the book in his hands... her book of spells!

Her eyes narrowed as she looked up and reached out for the book. When the man simply lifted it out of her reach, she growled. "Hand it over! That book isn't a toy!" She jabbed him in the shoulder and reached. He simply continued to tease her, pulling the book out of her reach and dodging her advances as she went along. He couldn't help the slightly offhand thoughts that began racing through his mind and barely kept from chuckling aloud.

Knowingly, he backed himself up against the window and smirked beneath his mask as she unconsciously pressed up against him. He lowered his lips to her ear and whispered darkly, "while I really enjoy the way things are, I'm afraid it's time for me to take my leave." He rested his free hand on her shoulder to emphasize his point and waited for her to make her move.

As realization dawned on her, she jerked back and watched as the man disappeared through the window. What an arrogant, cocky, selfish—! Wait... he stole her book! She clenched her fists and chanted her mantra, "azarath, metrion, zinthos...!" She fazed through the window and searched around for the elusive criminal. When she spotted him running on the docks, she began to chase after him, wind sending her violet tresses dancing wildly in the wind.

She would catch him and force him to return the book...! But... she lifted a hand to her heart, feeling her chest constrict a little as she raced through the skies. Why was she chasing him? Sure, it was a spell book, no doubt containing a dangerous spell or two, but nothing she couldn't counter herself... She shook the thought. It didn't matter what he stole, the fact was that he still stole from her! She dove down towards the ground and flew alongside him.

Halfway there, he thought happily, until Raven flew into his line of sight and made him skid to a halt. "My, my, I had no idea you wanted me to stay so badly..."

She grit her teeth before stomping over to him and poking her finger right into his chest. "Listen you. I want my book back!" When had she ever become so... comfortable with being around him? He was a criminal, not a friend! She jabbed him one more time to settle her thoughts.

"Ouch," he mumbled softly, playfully. He lifted his hands to show that the book was gone and simply let his fingers brush gently over her shoulders as he drew her close. "The book is already out of my hands, but if you'd like, I have something you might like even more," he whispered. Feeling her tense beneath his touch, he smiled to himself. She was nothing like any of the other girls he'd normally hit on. She was much darker, mysterious, and undeniably tantalizing—almost as if the very idea that she didn't like him, and in fact hated him fueled the intensity and caused a fire to ignite somewhere within him.

She crossed her arms and raised a brow. "Really? Do tell," she challenged, completely ignorant of the suggestiveness behind the man's tone. If the guy wanted to make her some sort of peace offering, he must be out of his mind! She glared with renewed intensity when he started eying her slightly differently. It was as if he were... checking her out... "W-wait a--"

He let the pad of his thumb brush over her soft lips and pulled down the black material that covered the lower half of his face. "Well then," he interjected purposefully. "who am I to deny such a lovely lady from this little gift of mine..." He lifted his mask slightly and pulled her frozen form closer as he pressed his lips to hers in a chaste kiss.

Raven froze. He kissed her... Red-X kissed her! In what world was that supposed to be legal?! This couldn't be happening.... she just had to be dreaming, right? She had never been kissed in her life so there was just no way that this could be real... He's the enemy!

Before she could gather any more of her thoughts and fight back, he was already walking away with his mask back in place as he waved goodbye. "If you intend to report back to your team, you'll have to include every detail... or leave them for me to explain," he chuckled, pointing to his lips to remind her of the kiss, the black material still left at his neck.

She watched as he made his escape. Red-X kissed her. He touched her and stole her spell book.... and now he was blackmailing her! She felt heat rising to her cheeks and held in a cry of mortification. "Jerk!" What more could she do? If Robin knew—if any of the titans knew, it would be hell. Starfire would probably ask her millions of questions nonstop, Cyborg would give her that fatherly look that always made her squirm, Beast Boy would freak out and end up telling all of Jump City and possibly parts of Steel City... and Robin.... She shuddered at the thought. If he knew, God only knew what would happen then.

She huffed and kicked a rock off the dock before she began flying back to the tower. If I ever see him again he is going to get it so badly! She flew in through the broken window and sighed, staring back at the docks over her shoulder. I'm going to make sure he—!

Knock, knock, knock! She groaned. Everyone seemed to want to get into her room today.

"Raven, are you alright? I could have sworn that I heard—"

Raven went to the door and let it open halfway, one of her amethyst eyes glaring out at her overly concerned leader. "You heard nothing," she assured bluntly.

Robin flinched backwards as she let the door slam shut. "But Raven, I thought—"

"You thought wrong," she muttered from the other side, willing the boy to leave as she fought to calm her nerves. If not admitting her fear brought on the monsters of hell from a stupid horror movie, she couldn't imagine what sort of flowery princess kingdom the tower would turn into if she ended up having to deny love. She shuddered again. The thoughts going through her mind shouldn't have come up in the first place, she decided, slapping a hand over her face.

But love... She shook her head. No. Such. Thing. She threw herself on the bed and reveled in the feel of comfort running through her body. There was nothing to worry about. Love was barely a part of her vocabulary let alone a part of her own mindset. If there was any love it was nothing more than her feelings for her friends, her team. As emotional as she was, there was just no logical explanation for her having anything to love about Red-X of all people... criminals, she corrected inwardly.

Another knock came to the door. She swore under her breath. "Robin," she grit her teeth and balled her hand into a fist as she forced herself up one more time to yell at the boy blunder probably standing on the other side of her door. After all, Red-X wouldn't bother visiting twice in one night. He was cocky and overly confident, but from their previous encounters he obviously wasn't that stupid.

"I'm coming in," he declared, only moments after jamming his master key into the lock with great impatience. Whatever had her keeping him out of her room was making him concerned, worried, even irritated that she wouldn't even give him some sort of clue... then again, what should he have expected? Raven was as much of a mystery as the stars themselves.

"No! Don't—!" Her powers sparked to life at her fingertips but she realized it was too late when Robin was already staring at the broken pane of glass that was formerly her window.

He raised a brow and eyed her with suspicion dancing across his handsome features. "Raven, did you...?"

"Yes, Robin, I broke my window," she ground out sarcastically.

"Raven why don't you jus—"

"I don't feel like it."

"But you didn't even let me—"

"Finish? I'm an empath Robin. I don't need to hear it said aloud."

He frowned. "I'm not leaving until you tell me what happened," he said seriously, crossing his arms and taking a seat on her bed. "It can't be that bad, could it?"

Her brows knit together and she couldn't resist pulling her hood up over her head. "It's nothing."

"Raven, I've been around long enough to know that when it come to you—it's never nothing." He waited in silence, allowing her to soak in his words and take in the awkward silence that came with it. She needed to learn that he was there for her as a comrade and a friend.

She turned away from him and wracked her brain for some sort of an excuse—anything to get him out of her room. Think of something! She felt like slapping herself. "I—I just got mad, and let it get out of control a little. No big deal," she lied.

He pursed his lips together in a fine line. Losing control? That wasn't something Raven did unless something insane happened... and he didn't recall any massive explosions or predictions of the end of mankind lately... "I see... well, I suppose I'll just get around to having your window replaced..." If she wanted to play the criminal, he would more than gladly take up the role of detective in this game she seemed to want to play. Too bad she chose the wrong side... good guys always win, he thought to himself, smirking as he glanced over at the broken glass and headed to the door.

She sighed. Maybe she finally got rid of him for the day?

"I'll be back with the new glass panel in a minute."

Damn. She glared at the door as she tried not to screech in frustration. Screeching was for animals and screaming was for the weak. She huffed. Where was the balance in her life?

"Hey, Rae."

Oh. Joy. Beast Boy has joined the party. Fantastic.

The green boy peered in through the doorway as if wary of being attacked and smiled nervously with his usual toothy grin as he finally showed himself clearly. "I was wondering if I could make it up to you..."

What was he talking about? She raised a brow and tried to recall what he could be talking about. "Umm...?"

"For the window...?" He pointed weakly at the broken glass.

Wait. Why was he trying to make it up to her? Red-X was the one who broke it, wasn't he? Was the insanity of her day causing her to lose her mind? "What do you mean?" She was dumbfounded now. Here Beast Boy was, claiming that the broken window was his fault when she had seen with her own two eyes that Red-X shattered the glass and made his escape through it.

He shrugged and scratched at the back of his head. "Well, you see... I was out doing some training and I was using the new equipment even though Cyborg told me not to and... yeah. I sorta didn't know what I was doing and I think it flung some kind of thingy at your window and broke it... hehe?"

"Some sort of thingy?" Couldn't he expand his vocabulary sometimes soon? She muttered and gave Beast Boy a bored look. "Don't worry about it, you didn't break it. I did," she lied again. How many times would she have to explain the lie? It was starting to make her stomach churn...

"Huh?! But—but I saw it! The thing flew at your window and then in went down and you flew out of your window and th—mmph!"

Raven slapped her hands over Beast Boys mouth and glared. Robin was nearby. She yanked Beast Boy close and whispered into his ear in a low, quiet voice. "We'll talk later. Don't say anything else or you're dead," she threatened venomously, releasing him just in time for Robin's expected arrival.

Robin nodded towards Beast Boy in greeting and simply walked over to the window, taking out the broken bits of glass remaining in the window frame. "Raven, I'll have it done within the next half hour but could you help me out?" He was going to get her to talk about what really happened, and it was the perfect opportunity to strike. "Just come over here and help me out a little."

She gave Beast Boy a final death glare and hovered over to Robin. He handed her a measuring tape and pointed to the frame. Was he serious? He could do it himself! She simply bent down and began measuring. It was probably some sort of elaborate trick to get her to start talking. After all, he was Robin.

He frowned when she didn't try to argue about not wanting to do the work. If Raven didn't break it herself, she'd want the criminal to fix it themselves and say so too. Something was off.

After taking the measurements, she reported her results to Robin, who nodded and made some marking before taking out some screws here and there and trying to fit in the new panel. Why wasn't she talking yet? Usually she would crack after this long... he wanted to punch something out of frustration. Only when it came to Raven he would feel like this—a sense of defeat and inferiority. Perhaps it was her demeanor that made him feel that way, or maybe he was just being an idiot... "...there! I'm done," he announced proudly.

"Thanks," she mumbled, using her powers to pick up the broken glass and move them to the trash can sitting at her bedside. "Now, if you don't mind, I have to--"

"Raven, you know that I know that there's something up."

"As soon as I manage to wrap my head around that ridiculous sentence of yours, I'll get back to you. As for now, I have things to attend to," she said briskly, disappearing into the hallway before he could say anymore. Robin was definitely playing detective with her... but there was no way she would ever let him find out that her first kiss was with one of his worst nightmares. "Stupid, playboy criminal..." she muttered bitterly, trudging down the hall towards Beast Boys room. She'd have to ensure silence from him.

Robin stayed hidden at the corner and let his brows knit together as he began thinking about what Raven could possibly thinking. "Playboy criminals...?" Who could that...? No. It can't be. He stared at the space Raven was occupying only moments ago and brushed his fingers over his chin. It couldn't be...! But, who else could it be? Robin felt the ends of his nerves light on fire. The only criminal he could think of that fit that description was... Red-X.

End of Chapter 2

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