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Blood. Thick red blood. It's all around me. Lying face down I'm practically drinking my own blood. It'll end soon. My life. Everything I've done and not done. Gone. Just like that. Looking back I never should have entered Subspace again. I pushed aside everyone I hold dear in my heart, just for my own selfish reasons. They all tried to stop me; Pit, Roy, Link and especially Marth. Funny though, he put up the biggest fight. If only I had listened to Pit's disparate pleas, and stopped to wipe his tears away, or taken Link and Roy's offer of having a friendly match. It would have been really fun. I should have listened to Marth when he said I would be done for. But still I kept going, and look at me now. Lying on the ground, my body bent this way and that, and covered in blood. Mine. I'm such a fool. I'm sorry Pit. I'm sorry Roy. I'm sorry Link. I'm sorry Marth. Forgive me for all the suffering I'm causing.


It's short I know. Working on alternate endings I might put up some time in the future

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