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Morning, oh how she hated that word. It didn't matter that it was mumbled from warm lips pressing against her bare back. That word was still just as evil until she got some coffee into her system. Some might consider her an early riser because of the job. She was always on time or early, so most just assumed she got out of bed ready to greet the day but oh how wrong they were. Lisbon loved her sleep, she loved the warm blankets and soft pillows. Even more so since one very playful consultant started keeping her awake for all hours of the night - not that she was really going to complain. Eight months, thirty days, and five hours. She was starting to think there would be no getting rid of this one, then again she didn't want to.

"Time to wake up sleepyhead." His breath tickled at her skin, causing shivers to run down her spine. Cracking open one eye she stared at the clock, five am.

"No it's not." They didn't have to be awake for another hour, this meant he was wanting something and she knew what that something was. "We still have an hour."

"Think of what we could do with an hour." She felt him trail kisses down the back of neck, heard the rustling of the sheets when he shifted lower to start between her shoulder blades.

"We could sleep." Lisbon thought it was a valid answer but judging by the way Jane chuckled, she was guessing he didn't think so.

"Nonsense, its almost our nine month anniversary." She almost jumped when his breath tickled her ear, his mouth had been on her shoulder. She hated it when he moved so silently.

"Yeah, tomorrow."

"Let's celebrate early." He had moved in on their so called 'seven month anniversary' and since then he'd been adament about celebrating every one. She thought it was silly but went along with it anyway. His lips pressed against her neck pulling a soft moan from her lungs. She hated reacting to him, it only made him more determined but honestly who could resist when he was letting his hands roam to all the right places.

"Patrick..." Her voice had taken on that whiney tone. Jane wasn't going to rain on her parade but that only made him want her even more. She was just so damn cute in the morning. He knew as soon as she rolled over to face him that he had won. Victory was sweet.

"We can shower, make some breakfast..."

"Sleep for thirty more minutes..." Her grumpines became more of a battle of wills as she gave in to the gentle kisses he was brushing across her lips.

"Nice try hotshot. I'll go make breakfast but if you're not down when it's done, I'm feeding yours to the dog."

"We don't have a dog." Her green eyes flashed as a saucy smirk played at her lips. "You can bring me breakfast in bed."

"Oh?" Burrowing deeper into his arms, Lisbon found herself smiling and pressing persuasive kisses to his neck. Eight months, thirty days and five hours, she knew which buttons to press to get what she wanted.

"Mhm, I'm thinking a cheese omelet, toast, oh and some coffee would be great. You gonna remember all that?"

"I don't believe I agreed to this." Jane was finding it a little hard to concentrate with her teeth nipping at his skin but he was almost positive he was being suckered into something. He knew she had a punch line coming, she always did.

"And I didn't agree to waking up so tough."

"No, you come down or you don't get breakfast." Extracting himself from her hold wasn't as difficult as he figured it would be, in fact she was almost shoving him out of the bed. It was like she wanted him to go.

"What am I, five?"

"Sometimes I wonder." He backed out of the bedroom tossing a wink her direction to which she just rolled her eyes and waved him off. As soon as she heard him on the stairs a groan fell from her lips and she sunk back into the pillows. Muttering a curse into the warmth of her blankets she closed her eyes and relished the quiet. Sometimes the best way to get rid of Jane was to play nice until he left and then go back to sleep, which is exactly what she was planning to do. Her thirty minutes would be spent in a peaceful quiet sleep with no annoying lovable man to keep her from enjoying them. Whether he brought her breakfast or not was an entirely different matter, she didn't care really. She just wanted the sleep.

Jane was fairly certain the woman upstairs was probably already back to snoozing by the time he'd cracked the first egg. It was a good thing he loved her or he wouldn't have been slaving over the stove making her omelet. The coffee was already brewing and he'd already stuck the bread into the toaster. There was a knock at the door and after looking around the living room, he decided the shirt wasn't really necessary. He just hoped it wasn't that nosy neighbor who seemed to have a crush on him. Hurrying to the door he threw it open and plastered a friendly grin on his face.


"I brought the thing I was supposed to bring." He had an early present for Lisbon that he had asked Cho to pick up and bring. He'd seen them a sign for them outside someone's house about a week ago and had put a plan into action. Thankfully she hadn't caught on at all, it was too easy to hide things like this from her. Christmas would be fun, he could already tell.

"I forgot we agreed on such an early time. Come on in, Teresa's still upstairs."

"I can't stick around. Just bringing the gift." A solid white puppy sat at Cho's feet with a bow around its neck, wagging it's tail happily and staring up at Jane. He'd been wanting to get her a dog for a long time. "Jane, I know you and Lisbon have been together for awhile but the rule still applies, don't hurt her."

"I think we have to worry about her hurting me, she almost pushed me out of bed this morning." Seeing the asian man's unamused expression, Jane sobered. "She's all I have, I'm not going to hurt her."

"Good. This was the only pup they had left. It's a girl, completely housebroken but no idea what breed. Just a mix and she'll probably be pretty good sized."

"She's perfect. Thank you for this, the bow is a nice touch." Picking up the little pup, Jane bid farewell to Cho and gently closed the door. He stared up at the ceiling for a moment and smiled when it was still silent. Setting the puppy down on the floor he ran back to the kitchen to finish the food. The omelet was already situated on the plate, the toast was waiting to be buttered and the coffee waiting to be poured. All in all it was about a five minute job, without even waiting he grabbed the mug and plate and headed to the stairs. He knew before he even left the bedroom that he'd end up taking her breakfast in bed. They both had known it.

He waited for the puppy to try and follow, which she did, and chuckled when she missed the second step. She was too overly excited and lost her footing but as soon as he whistled she tried again and made it all the way up without another mishap. Lisbon was going to love her, he had no doubt. Crossing the threshold into the bedroom he rolled his eyes as the giant lump of blankets, he knew she would fall back asleep. Setting the food and coffee down on their night stand he sat on the edge of the bed next to what he assumed was the general area of her hip. He picked up the puppy from the floor and then started peeling back the blankets until he saw the beautiful face and dark locks he was looking for.


"Ugh, not again." It was obvious that she didn't feel like playing nice the second time around.

"It's been thirty minutes." The wiggling pup in his arms kept quiet but tried to lick his face each time he opened his mouth.

"The alarm hasn't went off yet." Grabbing the blanket in his fist he tugged it off of her, leaving her bare and cursing. He found it quite funny how she sat straight up but didn't even bother to cover herself. They'd been in this way too long for modesty. "Dammit Jane!" The last name always came into play when she got that scowl on her face.

"I have a present and I brought you breakfast in bed, so you little Miss Sunshine can get up now." She'd been so busy scrambling for the warm blankets that she hadn't even been paying attention to him at all. As soon as her gaze landed on the eager puppy in his arms, her attitude completely changed. She was smiling at him while she grabbed his shirt from the end of the bed and shrugged it on.

Lisbon had been dead set on wrestling him to the ground as soon as the cool air hit her skin but then she'd seen those puppy eyes and Jane's stupid I-got-something-for-you grin. There was no staying grumpy around that man. He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as she took the white fuzzy pup from his arms.

"She needs a name." Scratching the happy puppy behind her ears, Lisbon beamed up at Jane. The little one demanded the attention by nudging her hand as soon as she stopped petting her. It seemed this pup would be easily spoiled.

"You got me a puppy! Patrick..." The puppy sat between them as Lisbon wrapped her arms around Jane's neck and buried her face in his shoulder. "I can't believe this. Where did you get her?"

"I told you I'd feed your food to the dog, I thought that was a pretty good hint. I saw a little sign the other day while we were out and turns out they still had one left. Cho picked her up for me." Jane was pleasantly surprised when she pulled back and kissed him softly, maybe there was hope for her morning attitude yet.

"How 'bout we name her Lila?" Jane watched as Lisbon scratched the pups belly making her leg kick wildly in the air.

"I got her for you, the choice is yours."

"Lila it is then. Thank you!" He leaned in and pressed his lips to her forehead. Lila jumped up and stuck her cold nose right between them in delight, they'd have to work with her on manners. Five minutes later she ended up at the bottom of the bed, sleeping happily.

Jane loved that the woman in his arms hadn't complained or grumbled when he situated himself behind her and pulled her back against his chest. They ate the breakfast he had made, sharing bites and stealing kisses while watching their new addition to the family. It wasn't long until the alarm was going off and Lisbon was groaning about going to work, he silenced her with soft touches and a playful morning romp. She had laughed so hard when he had stopped in the middle of peppering kisses to her jaw, just to shut the pup out of the bedroom. He said it was creepy to be watched and he was right but she still found it funny. When they arrived at work twenty minutes late, Lisbon was back to her grumpy morning demeanor and of course Jane was wearing the biggest smile around. How was he to know that when she said 'I don't want to be late' she actually meant she didn't want to be late?

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