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Summary: Naruto is killed by Mizuki only to raise again. Naruto makes a deal with death itself. What happens when Naruto befriends Death? Naruto Uzumaki will die and Naruto 'The Reaper' will rise! Naruto/Hinata story with small harem later.

The Reaper is Born!

It was a rainy day. The only ones about were the kids at the ninja academy. Most of the students would have rather stayed in today if it wasn't the graduation exams. We find a blonde loud mouth cursing the rain as he makes his way to the academy.

Naruto had all the misfortune the world could heap on his shoulders. The teachers except Iruka had purposely miss trained him so he would get killed if he every became a shinobi. The shop keepers would only sell him 'kill me' orange jump suits. If this wasn't enough, Naruto was hated by his own village for having the Kyuubi sealed inside of him. Every where he went the villagers would look on him with hate in their eyes and tried to kill him at every chance they could find.

It wasn't to say Naruto had no one that cared for him. The 3rd Hokage loved Naruto as a grandson but could never spend time with him. All of the 3rd's time was spent fighting his 'mortal' enemy, paperwork. Iruka had befriended Naruto but he was too late to fix the problems Naruto's other teachers had caused with Naruto's skills. The owner of the ramen shop and his daughter were kind to Naruto but since they weren't important in the village they could do nothing to stop Naruto's treatment.

Naruto had woken up early hoping to pass his exams. He hoped and prayed to Kami that he wouldn't have to do a clone jutsu as they never worked for him. Naruto had learned everything anyone tried to teach him but they never seemed to work. If it wasn't for Iruka, he wouldn't even know how to do the henge or replacement jutsu.

Naruto finally made it out of the rain and into his classroom after getting drenched. He looked around to find most of the students dry with umbrellas standing next to their desks. He sorely wished the shops would sell him one but they refused. He took his seat after shaking himself dry.

There was shouting heard down the hall and Naruto groaned. He knew who was coming. It was Ino and Sakura fighting over Sasuke. Naruto had always wondered if Sasuke was gay because who would willingly be single with hot girls fawning over them. Naruto had a crush on Sakura when he was younger but that ended not that long ago.

'Even I am not stupid enough to want a girl that does nothing but hit me.' Naruto mused.

"Out of my way, Ino-pig." Sakura shouted.

"Your the one in my way, Forehead." Ino loudly retorted.

"Ha. I got her first, Ino-pig." Sakura exclaimed.

"No. I did, Forehead." Ino cursed.

It was then when they realized that Naruto was seating in the seat that they wanted. The one right next to Sasuke, of course. Naruto quickly got up as he wasn't in the mood to be yelled at or hit for a seat. Naruto simply offered it up but this only continued the arguing.

"Naruto-baka was offering it to me!" Sakura claimed.

"No, he was offering it to me!" Ino countered.

As the fight went on, Naruto took a seat next to Hinata. Hinata had fallen for our hero but she was too shy to tell him. Naruto had mistaken her stuttering and fainting as some kind of sickness. Hinata for her part had never debated this so her feelings for Naruto never came to light. Everyone else knew her feelings though much to the displeasure of Kiba. Kiba had always wanted Hinata but she was dead set on Naruto.

Naruto sat quietly until the fighting finally got on his nerves. He had taken this every day at the academy. This time though he snapped and yelled at the two useless fan girls.

"You call me stupid! Haven't you ever noticed there is a seat on either side of Sasuke!" Naruto snapped.

"Finally someone says it! Shino and I have been wondering how stupid you two really are!" Shikamaru exclaimed.

This had the effect of the two fan girls glaring at Shino, Shikamaru, and Naruto. They, however, each took a seat on either side of Sasuke. It was then that Iruka came into the room and was surprise that for once there was no fighting in his room. Iruka just chalked it up to the weather and started the second part of the exam.

"All right everyone. We did the written and reflex parts of the exam yesterday so we will move on to the ninjutsu and taijutsu parts today. Lets go to the yard and do taijutsu. Everyone follow me." Iruka explained.

It didn't take long for everyone to get out to the yard and lined up. Sakura and Ino hadn't fought as they both were concentrating on the exam. Hinata took all the courage she could find and stood next to Naruto. Sasuke for his part simply looked bored knowing he would pass.

The taijutsu exams went by fast. Ino and Sakura tied as neither of them could do anything but academy taijutsu. They didn't bother training either because all they cared about was their looks trying to impress Sasuke. Hinata easily put away Amy as Amy didn't know anything other then academy taijutsu and Hinata had her Hyuuga style taijutsu. Kiba did well though it was hard on him to fight without using his ninjutsu. Shino, Choji, and Shikamaru did enough to pass. Then, it came down to the final match. Sasuke with his clan style vs Naruto that was never taught any style. Naruto couldn't help feel that either Sasuke was getting special treatment like always or that someone wanted Naruto to fail.

Naruto did the only thing he could do. He charged Sasuke only to be kicked in the face. Naruto got in a lucky shot now and again but Sasuke's style did more damage then Naruto could. Each charge Naruto made was countered or out right dodged. All the while wondering just who would be stupid enough to put a brawler up against a the best taijutsu fighter of the academy class. Naruto glanced to the side to see Mizuki smirk before Sasuke knocked him out.

Naruto knew that he had already failed by the time it came to do ninjutsu. Everyone made 5 perfect clones. Naruto while he watched Sasuke screamed in his head.

'Why did it have to be clones? Everyone knows I can't make a clone to save my life!' Naruto thought.

Naruto was called and told to make 5 clones. He gathered up his chakra hoping for a miracle. It seemed if Kami had taken the day off for Naruto. Naruto only created one clone and it laid on the floor drained of color. It looked very sickly. Then the words Naruto knew but dreaded came.

"Naruto, you fail!" Iruka screamed disappointed in his student.


After School

Naruto sat in the swing out side of the school and watched as the rest of his class were being con-graduated for passing. Even if he had passed, there would be no one to con-graduate him. This is why he had his secret dream. It was a simple dream but it looked like it would never come true. Naruto's dream was simply have a family and know what love was really like. His dream of being Hokage was only so he could get his real dream.

If he wanted a family, he would need someone to respect him enough to become his wife. He simply couldn't think of a way better to get respect then be Hokage. He knew with his current skills he wouldn't be able to become a ninja let alone Hokage.

This is why he trained his body non-stop every day. He wasn't as simple to think that he could become a ninja without a teacher. Iruka simply came too late. If Iruka had been his teacher all along maybe he wouldn't have been so bad at ninja skills.

It was at this point Mizuki came up to Naruto. Mizuki knew Naruto would do anything to become a ninja. It was something that Mizuki was counting on. Naruto would simply do it without thinking of anything but attaining his dream.

"Naruto. You know Iruka wanted you to pass don't you?" Mizuki asked setting his plan in motion.

"I know but he can't help that I am a failure." Naruto replied a little dead inside.

"You know there is a make up test don't you?" Mizuki taunted.

"Really? What do I have to do?" Naruto asked ignoring the bad feeling he had.

"All you have to do is steal the forbidden scroll in the Hokage's tower tonight and bring it to the old cabin in the woods outside of the main village." Mizuki told him with a hidden smirk.


Later that night

Naruto had stolen the scroll and made it to the cabin. Mizuki hadn't shown up yet to pass him so he decided to read the scroll. When he saw the first jutsu on the scroll his smile failed.

'It just had to be a clone. Does Kami hate me? Why is it always a clone?' Naruto mused.

Naruto decided it was better to learn what he could. No one would teach him anyways so he practiced for the two hours he waited for someone to show up. He had just learned the Shadow clone when he saw someone coming through the woods. He expected Mizuki but he was shocked to find a very angry looking Iruka.

"Naruto! What do you think you are doing?" Iruka shouted.

"What? Mizuki told me that if stole this scroll I would pass the make up test but I got bored. I actually learned one of the jutsu on the scroll." Naruto exclaimed happily.

"What there is no make up test! Oh no! Naruto, Mizuki tricked you....." Iruka said.

Naruto never heard the rest as Mizuki showed up. Before anyone could notice, Mizuki threw a kunai right into Naruto's forehead splitting his goggles. Naruto simply fell flat and Iruka grabbed the scroll.


Unknown place

Naruto couldn't figure out where he was. He knew Iruka was talking to him but everything was black. It was almost like all the light had died. It was then a ghostly image appeared in front of him.

"Naruto Uzumaki, I have come for you. I take no pleasure for taking you as you have lived a life worse then hell itself. This is why I offer you a deal. Kyuubi belongs in Hell and I need a champion in the mortal realm. I will give you a blood-line if you will act on my behalf. I order for you to do so I will give you knowledge of the deadly arts that you were robbed of. I will even give you a contract to summon devils to your aid. After I take Kyuubi out of you, you will gain the smarts, and chakra control it denied you." Shinigami offered.

"If I accept, what would the blood-line do?" Naruto asked.

"It allows you to keep the skills that belong to those you kill. Everything they know and can do is yours for the kill. I will warn you anything they have stolen will go with them. If a blood-line is stolen or given to them they will take it with them to the after life. Otherwise, you keep what you kill." Shinigami explained.

"I won't kill a fellow leaf ninja or give up on being a ninja. Will the blood-line pass on to my children and so on?" Naruto asked.

"You don't have to kill your fellow leaf ninja don't worry. Wow, the fox did more damage then I thought. A blood-line means it is passed from parent to children little one." Shinigami explained while laughing.

"Then I accept." Naruto answered.

Shinigami handed Naruto a contract with devils and had Naruto sign it. After Naruto signed it, Shinigami reached into Naruto's body and ripped out the Kyuubi sending it to Hell. Naruto could feel as his mind and body changed. Knowledge of kenjutsu, taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu seeped into his brain. Naruto could feel as two pitch back swords appeared on each side with a double chain scythe appeared on his back. His happy-go-lucky personality disappeared being replaced by a malestorm both calm and wild took it's place. A tattoo of the Grim Reaper appeared on each of his forearms. The kanji for death appeared where the kunai struck him and his whisker marks disappeared. The summoning scroll was contained in a scroll pouch that appeared on the back of his new belt that has a skull buckle. His clothes disappeared being replaced with skin tight black pants, a skin tight black shirt and black ninja shoes.

"Time to go back and be my Reaper. Naruto from now on you are my friend. You never need fear death again. Go forth and be my angel without mercy." Shinigami told Naruto as he faded away and the blackness receded.


Back at cabin in the mortal realm

Naruto's lifeless body stirred as Iruka was barely fighting off Mizuki. Iruka had taken a oversized shuriken to the back and it was slowing him down. Iruka held onto the forbidden scroll for dear life but he knew he would soon pass out with the loss of blood. It was then that Mizuki noticed a changed Naruto pull the kunai out of his forehead.

"How are you alive? I killed you!" Mizuki ranted making Iruka turn around to see a now standing Naruto.

"Death is a friend of mine! He will never come for me until I am ready! Here let me introduce you!" Naruto taunted.

Naruto pulled his midnight black swords and jumped in front of Mizuki. Naruto slashed at Mizuki with both swords to be blocked by two kunai. Naruto keep striking with his swords and each strike was wearing down Mizuki. After each strike, Mizuki's hands became more and more numb.

'How is he doing this? He couldn't even do taijutsu earlier.' Mizuki wondered.

"If you want to live, you best pay attention!" Naruto taunted.

Mizuki kept countering Naruto but was beginning to tire. Naruto seemed to have un-godly stamina and now had the skill to back it up. Naruto jumped back and put up his katanas only to draw his double chain scythe. Each time he threw one of the sides it would cut Mizuki making it harder for Mizuki to fight. It was then Naruto threw one side of his double chain scythe for the last time Mizuki would ever see.

"Tell Shinigami that I said hi." Naruto said when he pulled on the chain bring the scythe back cutting off Mizuki's head.

It was then that the ANBU and the 3rd Hokage showed up. At an order from the 3rd, the ANBU took Iruka to the hospital and took away the very dead Mizuki. The 3rd Hokage lead Naruto to his office to explain what had happened.


Hokage's Office after one long explanation

"That is quiet a tell, Naruto." The 3rd Hokage replied.

"I know. It happened to me and I can hardly believe it. It is the truth though, Jiji-san." Naruto told the 3rd.

"Well for killing the traitor, Mizuki, I will make you a leaf ninja. Here is your headband and you need to show up at the academy tomorrow to get your team. Iruka should be up and around by then." The 3rd told Naruto as he handed him a leaf head band.

"Will do, Jiji-san." Naruto said while bowing and left for his hell hole apartment.


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