Puddles, Mist and Devils

Naruto couldn't sleep since it was going to be his first mission outside of the village. He went to the clearing to get his hawks, foxes, and wolves ready. He knew he would get to know his devil summons soon so after he fed his animals went to the clearing.

He bit his thumb and called out, "Summoning Art: Devil rising!"

A puff of smoke appeared as his right hand came down on the ground. A beautiful woman with horns, fangs, and a long tail stepped out of the smoke. She had white hair, a 44d bust, and barely any clothes to cover her prefect body. She held a huge scythe at her side and she gave Naruto a wicked smile.

"Reaper-sama! I was wondering when you would call us. Is this just meet and greet or did you have some pleasure in mind?" The devil asked seeing no one else around.

"I am sorry but I wanted to be ready should I need to use your power. You haven't given me your name yet though." Naruto replied.

"Sorry, Reaper-sama. I am Lilith, queen of the devils. It is a shame this isn't a visit for pleasure." Lilith said as she looked Naruto up and down like a piece of meat.

"Well, Lilith-chan, I need to know what your devils can do." Naruto stated as he couldn't help but blush.

"It really depends on what you need. All devils are female but each has their own uses. You have sirens, reapers, hunters, assassins, and corrupters. Sirens are like genjutsu users they mess with the heads of your victims. Reapers are warriors like yourself. Hunters are just that they hunt for enemies or food. Assassins will make sure any straight male enemy will never make it to the field of battle. Corrupters are special as they can be used to delay or even recruit enemies to your side. They aren't much good against women unless they swing that way." Lilith ticked off the uses of her devils.

"How do I summon the ones I need?" Naruto asked.

"You just need to summon the same way but you need to call each time as you summon. If you want sirens for example, you called "Devil Summoning: Siren's Call!"......" Lilith explained. (A/N: For times sake I will not go through all the ways to summon them.)

Naruto dispelled the summon and started practicing each of the summons. It wasn't long before he went back to his animal personal summons to explain the mission coming up. Each of the animals had different feelings about the mission. Naruto soon fell asleep in the clearing.


Village gates before the mission.

Naruto laid on his back watching the clouds as everyone but Kakashi had gathered at the gates. Naruto was listening to the rest of the party's conversations as he waited. He didn't want to interrupt them as Hinata was laying beside him and he for the moment was at peace.

"What is taking Sensei so long?" Sakura asked as she tapped her foot.

"Sakura, you know he is always late! For once follow Naruto's lead and be quiet." Sasuke told her as he was getting annoyed with Sakura.

"He needs to hurry up! I can't wait to show Naruto and Sasuke!" Kiba accidently said aloud.

"Kiba you could never show Sasuke up! Just be a good dog-boy and lay down next to the other loser Naruto-baka!" Sakura yelled at Kiba.

Naruto decided to tune out the rest as he didn't want to be dragged into it. Kakashi showed up late with Tazuna. Naruto and Hinata got up and tuned into the conversation just in time for Sakura to yell at Kakashi.

"You're late, Sensei!" Sakura yelled as Naruto wondered if she had a voice raising jutsu.

'I thought Kiba was loud.' Hinata, Shino, and Kurenai thought.

"Naruto, thank you for those new ear plugs." Sasuke and Kakashi said in unison.

'I would be deaf without them!' Kakashi and Sasuke thought in unison.

"What kind of teammate would I be if I didn't share the wealth?" Naruto asked to no one in general and handed a set to Shino, Hinata, and Kurenai.

'I bet they will be just as useful for around Kiba.' Naruto, Shino, Hinata, and Kurenai thought.

"Let's just get going. We don't have time for this." Kurenai suggested and they left.

Naruto was talking with Team 8 minus Kiba while Kiba and Sakura bugged Tazuna. For the most part, they tuned out Kiba and Sakura. Naruto was the first to notice a puddle as they were about to walk past it. He caught Kakashi, Kurenai, Shino, and Hinata's eyes and nodded towards the puddle. Kiba and Sakura didn't seem to notice and Sasuke was too busy glaring at Naruto to notice.

'A puddle? It hasn't rained in days and the sun is out!' Kakashi thought.

Suddenly two chains came out of the puddle and cut Kakashi and Kurenai into pieces.

"Two down and six to go!" One of the assassins said.

Naruto and Hinata weren't fazed. Naruto handed something to Hinata as he pulled his swords out and took on one of the two assassins. Hinata attacked the other with what looked like a piece of paper on her right hand.

Naruto slashed at one of the shinobi as Hinata managed to put the paper on the other one where he couldn't reach. Naruto cut off his enemy from his partner. Naruto started to count down as he got towards the other leaf ninja. Just as he counted to nine, Naruto yelled at Hinata.

"Jump away, Hinata!" Naruto yelled.

Hinata just got out of the way when the piece of paper exploded. Hinata just used the paper as Naruto gave it to her. She was surprised that it was an explosive tag as she didn't have time to look at it. Naruto saw his enemy get distracted by the death of his partner and forced him to his knees.

Naruto quickly tied up the missing ninja with his own chain. Most of the leaf ninja just stared at Naruto as if he suddenly grew a second head. Naruto saw his chance once he finished tieing up the enemy to called out.

"Kakashi-sensei and Kurenai come out already!" Naruto called out and watched them both walk back to the group.

"Nice work, Naruto and Hinata. Where on earth did you get the explosive tag, Hinata?" Kurenai asked her student.

"I didn't know it was an explosive tag. Naruto just handed it to me and told me to use it on the ninja." Hinata told her before she bent over and threw up.

"Hey! We needed to take them down and I didn't see the others helping." Naruto told them as he got evil glares.

"Nothing we can do about that. Here, Hinata, take this a seal his head so you can get your bounty." Kakashi told her as he handed her a seal scroll.

"Since I brought this one down, can I get the information and have his head?" Naruto asked Kakashi.

'I was right he is a psycho!' Kakashi thought.

'What just happened?' The rest of the gennin wondered.

'Is this really the dead last of the year?' Kurenai wondered as Naruto didn't wait for an answer and took the ninja into the forest.

"You know Naruto did you a favor, Hinata. You are very lucky now you don't have to worry about your first kill. Naruto gave it to you without you realizing it til it was too late. The first kill is always the worst." Kurenai consoled her.

'Hinata and Naruto beat me to the first kill! This can't be happening! No one should beat me and here I didn't even get to fight!' Sasuke ranted in his head.

'How did Naruto and Hinata beat my Sasuke to their first kill?' Sakura raged in her head.

'That happened so fast I didn't know what was going on.' The rest of the gennin thought.

There was a muffled scream in the forest where Naruto was. Naruto came back onto the road wiping down his sword before he put it back in his sheath. Naruto stopped as Kakashi and Kurenai gave a questioning look.

"They were called the Demon Brothers and were hired by some guy named Gato. He said that there were lots of mercenaries and a couple other ninja ahead. He also said some guy named Zabuza would take my head for this. I think he said something about Zabuza being a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. That is all I could get out of him before I took his head." Naruto told them with a cold lifeless voice.

'Shinigami, am I doing a good job for you?' Naruto mentally asked.

"Yes, you are my dear Reaper. Looks like you will be sending me more. It is time for your gift for your kill." Shinigami answered in his head.

Naruto's eyes went wide as his kanji for death glowed and he passed out. He felt a knowledge of poisons seep into his head. This came with mixed reactions but all the group's eyes went wide as Naruto fell to the ground. Kakashi picked Naruto up and put him on his shoulder.

'Dobe gave himself chakra exhaustion!' Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba thought with a smirk.

'What happened to my Naruto?' Hinata questioned.

'He was fine a minute ago.' Kakashi, Shino, and Kurenai thought.

'Is this going to happen every time the kid kills?' Tazuna wondered.


A long explanation later

Naruto had woken up after Shinigami promised not to make him faint next time but that meant that he could have his new abilities until he rested after the battle. The group kept an eye on Naruto to see if he would faint again. Kakashi knew it wasn't chakra exhaustion that cause Naruto to pass out but now wasn't the time to ask.

As they walked, the fog got thicker. They came across a boat man that Tazuna seemed to know. They all piled into the boat and started talking about the mission. Kiba was being his loud self.

"Grr. I could have taken them both down myself. Naruto, you just had to steal my kills." Kiba claimed.

"Yeah right, Dog-Boy. Naruto stole Sasuke's kills." Sakura retorted.

"Oh really? I could have sworn you all left me and Hinata to fight them. I didn't see one of you try to help us." Naruto snapped at them.

"Quiet, all of you! We are traveling in the fog so we aren't detected." The boatman informed them.

The rest of the trip everyone was quiet. Naruto couldn't shake the words of Shinigami. Shinigami had be so helpful but he didn't like how the death god was being cryptic about him sending more souls to him. It was almost as if he was being warned that there was more to come and soon.

'Zabuza is going to be here? I am the only one that stands a chance but maybe Naruto could help me with him. What better way to slow down a swordsman then with another kenjutsu user. Naruto alone wouldn't stand a chance though.' Kakashi thought.

They made land and with a quick thank you to the boatman went on there way. Kiba started to throw kunai into every other bush as he was getting nervous. Sakura was about to yell at Kiba when all of a sudden Naruto threw one of his special kunai into a bush. Naruto went to get his kunai back as he loved his new ones when he grabbed a white rabbit that was almost hit. Naruto came out after putting his ear plugs in.

"Naruto, you almost killed a helpless bunny!" Sakura yelled as she grabbed the rabbit from him.

'Rabbits aren't suppose to be white this time of year!' Kurenai and Kakashi thought at the same time.

"Sakura. How can you be the smartest girl in our year? What color are rabbits in the summer?" Naruto asked.

"They are brown, baka!" Sakura told him thinking she won.

"What color is that rabbit?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"It is white duh! Huh?" Sakura said.

"Get down!" Kakashi and Kurenai yelled.

Naruto pulled down Hinata. Sasuke dropped to the floor alone. Shino pulled down Sakura and Kiba. Kakashi and Kurenai pulled down Tazuna. Just as everyone was down a blade flew just over them embedding itself in a tree. As they looked over at it, they saw a man with his face wrapped in bandages, a brown shirt, and camo pants standing on it. They quickly got to their feet then the man spoke.

"Not bad reflexes for a bunch of kids. Hand over the old man and I will let you live." The man ordered.

"Zabuza, 'The Demon of the Mist'. I was wondering when you would show up! You can forget about leaf ninja abandoning their client!" Kakashi called.

"Kakashi, 'The Copy Ninja', how did you know I was coming?" Zabuza asked as he was surprised that he was expected.

"I don't know how he did it but Naruto got a lot of information out of one of your Demon Brothers." Kakashi informed him in a voice that sounded like he was bored.

"Whatever! If you don't hand over that man, I will have to kill you all." Zabuza said as he regained his composure.

"Guard Tazuna! I will take on Zabuza. Whatever you do Naruto don't leave Tazuna's side." Kakashi ordered them.

"Well, I guess the leaf village will lose some ninja!" Zabuza told them then called out his jutsu, "Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Jutsu."

The mist got thicker as everyone could feel the killer intent form Zabuza. Naruto drew swords as Hinata, Shino, and Kurenai drew kunai. Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba were scared to death and couldn't so anything. Unknown by everyone Kakashi lifted his headband to show his Sharingan.

Kakashi let out a lot of chakra to dispel the mist. By this time, Sasuke was fighting himself looking at a kunai he took out. Kakashi could almost see Sasuke was about to snap.

'This pressure is too much. I want to kill myself so I don't have to feel it any more. There is no way I will make it out of this alive.' Sasuke thought.

"Don't worry Sasuke. I will protect all of you!" Kakashi told him before he did something stupid.

"Who is looking out for the client if you are worried about your students, Kakashi." Zabuza said as he appeared right in front of Tazuna.

Naruto reacted quickly and blocked Zabuza's sword with his own and Kakashi appeared behind Zabuza. Kakashi put a kunai to Zabuza's neck as Naruto was forced to his knees by Zabuza. Kakashi slashed at Zabuza's neck only for him to turn into water and find Zabuza behind him bring his sword down. Zabuza jumped back as Kakashi turned into water with the hit. Kakashi appeared once again behind Zabuza only to be backhanded into the water.

'Something is wrong with this water! It is too heavy! Oh no!' Kakashi realized too late.

"Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu!" Zabuza called out.

"Get out of here. Kurenai, you can't take him and protect Tazuna. Retreat!" Kakashi yelled out.

All the member of the teams but one jumped away with Tazuna. Naruto, the other hand, stayed behind to free Kakashi. Kakashi's eyes went wide when Naruto stayed behind.

"Naruto, you can't take him alone! Run!" Kakashi tried to order Naruto.

"I know I can't. Who said I was alone though?" Naruto laughed.

"You have a very stupid student, Kakashi!" Zabuza laughed.

"Personal Summons: Wolf Pack Calling!" Naruto called out.

There was a puff of smoke as Naruto slammed down a scroll he swiped his blood on. Ten very angry wolves appeared as the smoke disappeared. They were all mean looking gray wolves covered with scars. The main wolf had a scar over his eye where Naruto cut him to show his leadership. The wolf let out a blood curdling howl and looked over at the enemy. With a nod from Naruto, the wolves charged Zabuza. As Zabuza was busy trying to fight off the wolves with his water clones, Naruto summoned his foxes to follow the other leaf ninjas to set up traps between him and them.

Naruto charged in the fray cutting down each water clone with the help of his wolves. Zabuza knew he couldn't summon water clones fast enough to keep up with the wolves and Naruto. Before he realized what he was doing, he pulled his hand out of the water prison releasing Kakashi. Naruto smirked as he Kakashi pulled out of the water. While Zabuza was busy with the wolves and Naruto, Kakashi charged up his move.

'Chidori' Kakashi thought.

Just as his move formed, Kakashi, Naruto, and the wolves stopped. Two needles flew out of the trees and hit Zabuza in the neck. Kakashi went over and checked Zabuza's pulse. When he didn't find one, a hunter ninja jumped down and started talking.

"Thank you, leaf ninja. I been on his trail for a while now. I thank you for wearing him down. I will handle it from here." The masked hunter ninja informed him.

"Thank you, Hunter-sama. You can have him." Kakashi said as he covered his eye and fell to his knees.

The hunter ninja didn't say another word as he suddenly grabbed Zabuza. He made a hand sign and disappeared. This left Naruto and Kakashi wide eyed as they both knew this wasn't the way hunter ninja worked.

"Wrath, you and your pack can go back now. Trapper disable the traps and lead us to Tazuna's house." Naruto ordered the leaders of his personal summons as he reversed the summons.

Kakashi and Naruto silently followed Trapper to the house. They only stopped as Trapper disabled what Kakashi thought were masterful traps. They made it to Tazuna's house about an hour later and Naruto and Kakashi passed out at the doorstep after Naruto dismissed Trapper.


Tazuna's house as Naruto and Kakashi wake up

Naruto woke up to find a crying Hinata and a worried looking Kurenai standing over him. Hinata forgot herself as she saw Naruto open his eyes and she kissed him on the lips. Naruto was shocked as he never expected Hinata to confess let alone kiss him.

"Naruto, never do that to me again! I was afraid I would never get to tell you that I love you!" Hinata yelled at him the passed out from accidently telling him her secret.

"Why did she have to pass out before I could tell her? How can Kami be that mean?" Naruto asked out loud.

"What are you talking about Naruto?" Kurenai asked.

"Simply that I love her too." Naruto said then clamped his hand over his mouth.

"Aww. I take it you wanted her to be the first to know." Kurenai stated while giggling and felt a little jelous.

'Why can't Asuma say something like that to me. I swear all this time we been going out and he hasn't said he loved me once.' Kurenai ranted in her head.

"Well, anyway. When she wakes up, would you tell her. I don't think she will stay awake long enough for me to do it." Naruto asked Kurenai.

Naruto went down to the living room and was shortly joined by Kurenai and Hinata. Kakashi was informing everyone what had happened. He told him out most likely Zabuza was still alive with his fake hunter ninja and that they would try again. Then, he left each of leaf ninja to think about what he said.

'I have to get Naruto to hand over those wolves. He doesn't deserve that kind of power.' Sasuke thought.

'Naruto is head over heels with me. I can get his weapons and wolves for Sasuke!' Sakura thought.

'I got to get those wolves! They should belong to my clan!' Kiba thought.

'Oh no. We are about to hear a fight.' Shino, Kakashi, and Kurenai thought.

'I got to get strong for Naruto! I can't believe it. Sensei told he that he admitted loving me!' Hinata thought as she couldn't get it out of her head after Kurenai told her.

"Give me those wolves of yours! I am an Uchiha and a dobe like you doesn't deserve them." Sasuke demanded.

"No! I raised them and took care of them. You have no right to what you don't earn!" Naruto shot back.

"Come on, Naruto. As a personal favor to me, would you give them to Sasuke?' Sakura asked sure that it would work.

"Why would I want to do a favor? What have you ever done for me?" Naruto asked.

"I thought you would want to do it since you love me." Sakura told him in a sugar sweet voice.

"You got to be kidding me. Why would I love someone that hits me and tried to kill me? So you know, I love Hinata not you!" Naruto retorted.


"It's alright Hinata just fainted." Shino informed them.

"Naruto you know those summons belong to my clan!" Kiba barked.

"Really? I could have sworn your clan only worked with dogs. Hana never told me once I had to surrender then when I took them for check ups." Naruto retorted in a voice as cold as death.

"That is enough! Those wolves belong to Naruto! Everyone we are going to work off some steam. Meet me outside to train. I got to summon Pakkun to deliver a message to the Hokage anyway." Kakashi informed them.

"Is Pakkun a bird?" Naruto asked.

"No. He is a ninja dog but I don't have a faster way to deliver a message. Why?" Kakashi answered.

"Oh. Just a second you can use Hermes." Naruto replied pulled out a scroll and swiped some blood on it.

With a puff of smoke a letter carrying brown hawk appeared. Kakashi's eyes went wide but it would be faster then Pakkun. Kakashi took a blank scroll form the back of the scroll pouch on his jacket and wrote a letter. Kakashi took Hermes and released him outside.

"Naruto, will he come back here or will he return to his cage?" Kakashi asked Naruto.

"Either. It depends on if the Hokage sends a reply. If a reply is sent, Hermes will track me down. His summoning tattoo makes it know where I am at all times or rather my summoning scroll." Naruto informed him.

Everyone's eyes went wide. They just couldn't believe Naruto, the dead last, was this prepared. Something had to have happened the day he failed the test but none of them knew what. They all decided they would use there own ways to find out.

'I will beat the information out of Naruto!' Sakura and Kiba thought.

'He will tell me because I am an Uchiha.' Sasuke thought.

'I will ask if he can help me out and if he doesn't mind teach me how to do some of those things.' Shino thought.

'I will have to talk to him to find out why he changed. I like this new Naruto but I feel like I don't know him that well any more.' Hinata thought.

"Kakashi-sensei, Hinata-chan, and Kurenai-sama would you swipe your blood on these scrolls?" Naruto asked suddenly as he unrolled 3 scrolls.

"Why?" Kakashi asked before anyone else could.

Naruto leaned in and whispered why in Kakashi's ear. Kakashi turned and whispered it in Kurenai's ear. Kurenai did the same to Hinata. Each of them swiped their blood over one of the scrolls and Naruto swiped his blood under theirs.

"Summon Transfer Jutsu!" Naruto called out.

"Kakashi, your hawk's name is Apollo. Kurenai, your hawk's name is Breeze. Hinata-chan, your hawk's name is Shooting Star. They are my fastest hawks after Hermes and they will never betray you. I will keep them when they aren't in use. They are my gifts to you." Naruto explained.

"Dobe, I deserve one of those hawks. In fact, I deserve the fastest one." Sasuke told Naruto.

"I don't take orders from you. Stealing an ninja's personal tools is punishable by death too!" Naruto said cold as death as he saw Sasuke try to steal Hinata's scroll.

"Sasuke! Don't you dare touch Hinata's scroll or I will personally kill you!" Kurenai said as she followed Naruto's eyes.

Everyone packed up and locked their supplies. Naruto supplied each person with a personal locking tag as he didn't trust Sakura, Kiba, or Sasuke. Each one was keyed into the person's blood and would send a near lethal shock to anyone else trying to open them. Naruto was glad he knew some basic seals but he would need to learn more.

They made their way out to train on tree walking when the ended up three short. Kakashi went inside and found all three of them. He threw Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba on the ground. Kurenai knew what probably happened but asked anyway.

"What happened to them?" Kurenai asked.

"I found Sasuke passed out holding Naruto's pack. Sakura was passed out holding yours. Kiba was passed out trying to open Hinata but unlike the others he was trying to open the middle pocket...." Kakashi answered her but was cut short when Hinata screamed.

"He was trying to get into where I keep my panties!" Hinata ran over and started kicking Kiba repeatedly.

Naruto and Shino joined in with Hinata kicking Kiba. It wasn't official yet but Naruto felt as Kiba had wronged his girlfriend. Shino wanted to punish Kiba for being annoying as well as trying to steal from his teammate. Kakashi sent the three with Kurenai to train on tree climbing as he wanted for the other three to wake up for their training.


30 minutes later

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba woke up to see Apollo returning to Kakashi. Kakashi quickly returned Apollo how he saw Naruto return his summons and put away the scroll. It was then that Kakashi turned to address the three.

"I have just got permission form the Hokage. You three are now all on my team. Oh and Kiba, your mother is going to have a word or two with you when we get back. Since you can't be good with Hinata or Naruto, the team has changed. Naruto has been exchanged for you Kiba. If it wasn't for the Hokage's mercy, you three would be charged with treason for trying to steal the belongs of another leaf ninja. Now for training we are going to walk up trees. Here is how you do it...." Kakashi informed them.


After training at Tazuna's house, meeting Inari, and hearing Inari's story

(Sorry but this is too much for the to write)

"Why are your trying so hard to fight? Gato will kill you anyway." Inari, the grandson of Tazuna, asked.

"We are doing our jobs. We can't let your village suffer like this." Naruto answered the boy getting more and more annoyed with him.

"You don't know what suffering is! You lived a pampered life anyway from suffering in your village!" Inari retorted.

"I don't know what suffering is? As bad as things are here, you know nothing of the suffering I endured." Naruto yelled back.

"Whatever! You couldn't know anything about suffering. You haven't seen what I have. Here let me show you!" Naruto yelled.

Naruto pulled off his shirt to show his upper body. His body was covered with scars and more then one were over vital organs. The leaf gennin always assumed the scars on his arms were from training but these scars on his back and chest couldn't be explained that way. Naruto's upper body looked like it was a jigsaw puzzle and it was quite clear that he had been sown back together in places with how far the scars went. Naruto pulled his shirt back on and left to train some more so he didn't kill Inari.

"I wish he didn't show you that." Kakashi said with a sigh.

"What happened to him?" Tsunami, Tazuna's daughter, asked.

"Naruto was always hated by the village. He happened to be born on the darkest day in our village. The night a demon attacked us. Ever since he has been attacked and it is always the worst on his birthday. I think it is part of the reason he has so many trust issues. A lot of the villagers see Naruto as the Kyuubi that attacked us so long ago. Naruto has no family and spent most of his time on the streets. I am afraid that what Gato is doing to this village is nice compared to what our own village does to Naruto. At last count, Naruto has had over 200 attempts on his life. How Naruto is still sane and wishes to protect the village is beyond me. If I was him, I would have pulled an Itachi. (Sasuke gasps at hearing his brother's name.) He was a leaf ninja Sasuke's own brother that killed his own clan other then Sasuke. Those two know more about pain then anyone ever should." Kakashi explained while leaving some details out.

Hinata, Tsunami, and Kurenai broke down as they heard what had happened to Naruto. Shino to everyone's surprise shed some tears as he knew what it was like to be an outcast but no where close to that extent. Kiba and Sakura looked down as they were part of Naruto's pain. Sasuke seemed to have cared nothing for Naruto as he was focused on what his brother did to him.

"Enough of that. We need to make plans on trying to complete the bridge and protect Tazuna. Naruto's shadow clones should be a great help with the bridge. All you have to do is tell him what and how you want it done and he, in himself, can be a crew of hundreds. I think we should leave Naruto alone for the night though. No one ask Naruto about his past. He will tell us when he is ready. I have tried to ask him several times and he just gets quiet." Kakashi told them.

The rest of the night was spent talking about protecting Tazuna, his builders, and his family. They didn't have to worry about Inari and Tsunami as they soon spotted Naruto's foxes setting up traps around the house. They had just finished as Naruto sent them back and put up his scroll. No one questioned why Naruto's arms were bleeding and wrapped in bandages.

The rooms changed so Kurenai and Hinata shared Tsunami's room. Kiba and Sasuke shared a room alone. Sakura was given a room of her own since Kurenai didn't trust her. Kakashi, Naruto and Shino shared Inari's bedroom. Inari and Tazuna shared Tazuna's bedroom.

Shino was pulled aside by Naruto and given a hawk for his own. Like all the others this hawk was fast but not for battle. It was brown with a white chest and Naruto assured Shino that it refused to eat anything other then rabbits and mice so Shino's bugs were in no danger. Shino quietly whispered in Naruto's ear before they went to bed.

"If you ever need a friend, I am there for you." Shino whispered in what was now Naruto and his room.


(A/N) It is almost time to end the voting for the small harem. In the next chapter, we will deal with Haku, Zabuza, and Gato. I know I have skipped a lot of things that happen in this time period. Inari's past isn't that important in this story so I skipped it. Haku and Naruto never meet as I don't see the need to have Naruto get to know Haku. Naruto doesn't defeat Zabuza as he is powerful but not to the point he can take down Zabuza. If you are wondering why he doesn't use his double chain scythe, he simply can't with Kakashi and the rest close by or he would take the chance of killing his own teammates. Naruto will use his wolves and devils in the next chapter. As for why I switched Naruto and Kiba on the teams, I think Naruto deserves a team that cares for him. I am toying with the idea of adding Kiba to Asuma's team to help protect Ino and Shikamaru. Sakura and Sasuke will most likely leave leaf together turning the Chunin Exams Arc. I don't know yet as my stories take on a life of their own. Honestly, at the beginning of this chapter I wasn't going to take Naruto off of Team 7 but it seem to flow better that way. If you wish to know why I don't make Sasuke's personality change, send me a message and I will explain. If too many decide to do this, I will explain it at the beginning of the next chapter. Any other questions you send me I will either email you back with them or explain them in the next chapter one way or the other. I pride myself on answering to my fans. Well that is it for this A/N. Peace out!