Prologue – Chapter Kyuubi


The children were playing together by the beach. Most of them were only thirteen, but there were a few older children, the oldest being sixteen. They were happy. Well, on the whole, but there was always one. Heh. Hiei was just like that too.

"Hey, Kurama-san!"

I looked down to see the child talking to me; a young blond haired boy with bright blue eyes and an even brighter grin. He was always the happiest. His smile was so infectious, I even did so despite myself. "Hello to you too, Naruto-kun." I replied. "How can I help you?"

The boy grinned. "Hinata-chan fainted, I think she wants some ice-cream!"

"Hm… And I suppose you would like some ice-cream for yourself too?"

"I suppose I can't be too careful!" The boy smiled. He was so happy. If only childhood was forever. But, sadly, I do not have that long.

"Naruto-kun…" I leaned over to the boy. "How would you like to play a game?"

I can't believe I'm doing this. They are only children, they don't deserve to be put through this… but I have no choice.

It's for mother…


I turned back to look at the children. "Yes, Ino-chan? What is it?"

"Where are you taking us?"

I smiled, forcing myself not to cry. "A special place." I told them. "Where we can begin the game."

"You had better not be taking us anywhere you shouldn't be." Temari warned me, pointing with her fan. "Alright?"

"Temari-san, would I do that?" I asked her. She pouted. I almost smiled, she is a lot like Keiko-san.


No, I don't have time for doubts.

"We're nearly there." I told them. "Right this way…"


"What is this..?"

"This is my special place." I told TenTen-chan. "This is where the game starts."

I got the admission plate out from the corner. "In this game, you will all take turns, piloting a giant robot called 'Kyuubi'. During this time, you will have Forty-Eight Hours to defeat the enemy robot."

"Two days?" Kiba-kun asked "That's a lot, isn't it?"

"Don't worry," I told him, "Most fights are over in a few minutes." I gestured to the admission plate. "This is the admission plate. If you want to play the game, just put your hand on here and say your name. Your name will appear on the computer screen over there," I gestured to my left, where many of the children looked, "Out of the people playing, the next pilot will be chosen at random twenty four hours before the battle."

"A full day?" Shino asked, suspicious.

"To give you time to prepare." I told him. "It is very important that you win each battle, because if any of you are defeated, or cannot defeat your enemy in time…" I bowed my head. "The game ends."

"What?" Neji glared. "What about everyone who hasn't had their turn yet?"

"They won't get one." I told him. "Don't worry, you can all help each other, but only the pilot will be able to move the Kyuubi."

"How many enemies will there be?" Shikamaru asked.

"Sixteen." I told them. "I will be going first, to show you how to do it. However, you can only pilot the Kyuubi once…" I hung my head in shame. I shouldn't be doing this.

"How can you show us how to do it, if you haven't done it before?" Kankuro asked me.

"The pilot who fights the last battle has to find fifteen new players, then show them how to do it." I smiled. "So it will be my second time. Don't worry," I told them again, "It's very easy once you start."

There was silence. I shouldn't put these children through this. It's wrong, I can't do-

"Where do I sign up?"


"I just put my hand on the plate, right?" Naruto fought his way to the front and slapped the admission plate. "Naruto Uzumaki! Believe it!"

Ping! The boy's name appeared on the screen, right underneath mine. He turned around and gave a thumbs up to the others, smiling.

The poor boy…

"Out of my way." The quiet dark haired youth also fought to the front, stamping his palm onto the plate. "Sasuke Uchiha." Ping!

Naruto-kun smiled at him, but Sasuke-kun just glared.

"I'll do it too!" Came another voice. "Sakura Haruno, Present!" Ping!

"If Forehead can do it, that so will I! Ino Yamanaka! Here!" Ping!


"Heh, Kiba Inuzuka!" Ping! "You too, Shino."

"Hmph. Shino Aburame." Ping!

"A-Ano… Hinata Hyuuga…" Ping!

"Hmph! Fine then. Neji Hyuuga." Ping!

"TenTen Tamura! Ready and Willing!" Ping!

"I'm in. Chouji Akimichi!" Ping!

"Sounds fun. Kankuro Sabaku!" Ping!

"…Gaara Sabaku…" Ping!

"Fine, if everyone else is doing it… Temari Sabaku." Ping!

Everyone looked at the one boy at the back. "You not doing it, Shika?" Chouji-kun asked him.

"It sounds like a hassle." Shikamaru-kun shook his head. "I'm out."

"Aw, come on!" Ino pleaded, "Please!"

"Nah, you guys go on ahead- Hey, let go!"

Temari-san had grabbed his wrist and forced him onto the plate. "We're all doing this," She told him, "So are you."

Shikamaru-kun glared at her, before saying "Tch. Fine. Shikamaru Nara." Ping! "There, you happy!"

"This is gonna ROCK!" Naruto-Kun shouted. "I dibs first go!"

"We're picked at random," Sasuke-kun reminded him. "Idiot."

"What did you call me!?" Hm, they are just like Yusuke and Kuwabara were…

Those poor children…

"Heheheh… Not so moral now, are we?"

"Silence, demon." I hated that thing. It was more evil than the devil himself.

"Oh, I'll be silent. Once the games begin…"

"You are sick." I spat.

"Me? I believe you are the ones who tricked children into this?"

I looked at the ground. "Y-you gave me no choice…"

"I did. All you had to do was refuse, and this world would have been saved."

"At that cost!?" I shouted, crying. "How do you expect me to make that decision?"

"It would have been the right thing to do." The demon smiled. I hated it. So… Much…

A few hours later, the room I was in began to glow. Fifteen seats appeared, all in a ring. Just like before…

"I'll let you do the talking." The foul thing laughed. "Let you explain what is going to happen to those kids."

The beast disappeared, just as the children appeared in the room.

"K-Kurama-san!" Naruto-kun asked. "W-where are we?"

"We are inside of the Kyuubi." I told them. "Everyone, get into your chairs, you should recognise yours."

Yes, once again, the chairs each belonged to a different child. Armchairs, rocking chairs, logs, Naruto-kun sat on a floating swing, it's chains vertical and taught, rising into the blackness above.

Once we are all seated, the seats rose into the air.

Just like before…

"Hey, what's happening?"

"It's okay Kiba-kun." I told him. "Everything is just starting…"

The ochre walls seemed to fade away, showing the outside. "Whoa!" Naruto-kun shouted, "We're flying!"

"No." I told him. "You can just see the outside of the Kyuubi, all around you."

"Wow…" Everyone was impressed. They were so innocent…

"Kurama-san!" Sakura shouted, "What is that!?"

I looked where she was pointing. A golden disk was descending, and a dark red figure appeared above it, materialising from the head down as the disk fell.

"That is our enemy." I told them, looking at the enemy's mask. Only three lights?

I'm so sorry…

"It looks like a samurai!"

The figure indeed looked like it was from the feudal period. The majority of its body was akin to red samurais robe, with a long flowing gray mane at its head.

"It's got dog ears!" Kiba-kun shouted. "This'll be great!"

A whimper could be heard from Kiba-kun's chair. "Hey, don't worry Akamaru!" He petted the puppy in his coat. "It's just a game!"

No. No, a game is exactly what this is not.

"Kurama-san!" Naruto-kun shouted, "The baddy's got a big sword!"

The sword in question was indeed huge, at least the size of the enemy. It was curved, and the hilt was decorated to look like flames. Normally, an oversized weapon would be a weakness, but I knew the strength of these monsters all too well.

"Watch carefully children." I told them. "This is how you fight it."

The enemy charged, swinging its blade desperately. Good, they are panicking. I swiftly dodged, slashing at the foe as I did so.

"Nice, Kurama-san!" Naruto-kun cheered.

"Kyuubi is built like a nine tailed demon fox." I told them. "You move it by willing it to do so, but you must fight like an animal to win."

"Got it!" Naruto-kun was enjoying this.

"Look Out!" Ino called, warning me about the three invisible blades cutting through the ocean.

I quickly dodged, then roared. Flames coursed from Kyuubi's throat, setting the enemy ablaze.

It fell into the water to put out the flames, dropping its weapons. "Alright, Kurama-san!"

Fools. I picked up the blade with Kyuubi's powerful jaw. As the enemy rose to its feet, I bit down, breaking the blade into pieces.

"Nice!" No TenTen, it isn't.

The enemy roared, then charged at me with its claws. I dove for it, biting the shoulder as I leapt. It fell, having lost its arm.

I spat out the useless part. This pilot was weak, they didn't know how to fight.

I pity them.

"Finish them, Kurama-san!"

I'm sorry.

I lifted the Kyuubi's front paw into the air. "This," I said, letting them see the red energy gather into a ball in the machine's paw, "Is called the Rasengan. It is an incredibly destructive power, and should not be taken lightly."

"Huh?" Gaara-kun asked. "Why?"

The enemy charged, red spikes shining from its remaining hand. "This is why." I told him, forcing the raging storm into its chest.

The effect was tremendous. The enemy fell, its chest completely exposed. "Many of your opponents have regenerative abilities." I told the children, "And all of them can fight no matter what wounds they receive. The only way to kill them," I said, brushing wires and parts aside, is to destroy the core."

"Is that it?" Temari-san asked, pointing to the white orb in the centre of the open torso.

"Yes." I took it up in the Kyuubi's jaw. "Once you have it," I bit down. Hard. "Crush it."

The lights in the enemy's mask faded. I had won.

"You did it Kurama-san!" Cried Naruto-kun as the seats descended slowly. "You were awesome!"

"Yeah!" Kankuro-kun agreed, "That was amazing!"

Lee-kun jumped to his feet. "YOSH! If I do not fight that well during my bought, I will run around the Kyuubi fifty times!"

Sakura-chan laughed. "Yeah, like you could manage that!"

The children laughed, and were all happy.

"Kurama-san?" Naruto-kun asked me. "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes…" I told him, as the room began to fill with light. "I- I'm sorry…"

"You couldn't do it, could you?"

"Don't you dare judge me." I glared at the demon.

"Hey, that's fine." The demon laughed. "I can't wait to see their little faces when they find out!"

"I hate you."

"Hey, what can I say?" The demon smiled. "Nice knowing you. Kurama."

"I hate you… I hate you so mu-"



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