Alright everyone. The reason I don't update this story much is because, frankly, doing so makes me depressed. It's a very sad story, which is why I took the poll down.

Initially, I wanted to do this as an experiment, to see whether people would vote for their favourites to star in their own chapter, or their hated ones to die.

Sadly, this experiment failed, so I'll end it at this chapter.

Yes, in this chapter, they lose.


"Sasuke-kun, how're you feeling?"

"Fine, whatever." I told the woman, not even looking at her.

Damn them. Damn them all.

All I ever got was sympathy. I'm sick of it.

I can't do anything under my own power, no-one will let me.

I can't even get punished at school anymore. The teachers all feel sorry for me, or send me to the councillor.

You know what? I'm sick of bearded preachers who claim that talking about my feelings will make me feel better.

There's only one thing that'll ever make me feel better.

Killing that man before I die.

My mark's near the nape of my neck. It looks like three commas in a circle.

That means that within 48 hours, I'll be dead.

But so will that man.

See, I don't need to fight whatever monster they put us against right away. I can ignore it while I hunt him down.


"What do you want?" I shouted, pulling on a shirt and walking to the door.

"It's Shikamaru."

I opened the door. His dad took over the police after the massacre, and he has the decency not to give me any sympathy.

Well, for that, anyways.

"How're you feeling?" He asked me, but it wasn't the same question as the one from that gossip earlier.

"Fine." I told him, letting him in. "Something you want to tell me?"

"Blunt as always…" Shikamaru sighed, flopping onto the couch. "There's something weird about this whole business, I want to pick your brain since this'll be my last chance."

"Tch." I grunted, sitting on the couch opposite him. "Do what you want."

"We're fighting at the cost of our lives for the continued existence of our universe." Shikamaru stated. "What about our opponents?"

"They probably get the same deal." I told him. "I'm not sure that bug-boy's fight was in our city."

"It wasn't." Shikamaru confirmed. "So that begs the question; are we destroying other people's universes when we fight?"

"Kill or be killed." I answered. "I don't care as long as I win."

"You really think that, don't you..?" Shikamaru asked, getting to his feet. "Well, I need to get home, unless your kind enough to let me stay over?"

I saw him out.

I spent most of the next day trailing that man. It's imperative that I know where he is so I can kill him with the Kyuubi.


"Kitsune." I said aloud.

"You called?"

I turned to the floating fox. "I have a request."


"I want my battle to take place in this city, this dimension."

"Oh?" The fox asked with a Cheshire Cat grin. "Figured that much out, have we?"

"Do we have a deal or don't we?" I asked him.

"Sure, the battle starts in ten minutes anyways."

What? "I thought I had twenty-four hours!?"

"You had up to twenty-four hours." Kitsune corrected maliciously. "So if you ever wanted to kill someone, now's your chance."

I looked down the alleyway to where my brother was. "I'll do it later."

Five minutes later, I was in my dad's old armchair as everyone else started to file into the cockpit. "We ready to go?" I asked Kitsune once everyone was seated.

"Just wait for your opponent to show up." Kitsune chuckled.

The enemy mech was red. It had fangs and a pair of ridiculous sunglasses on its chest, a samurai helmet on its head.

It is the tackiest thing I have ever seen.

"That is the most youthful thing I have ever seen." Rock Lee declared. Whatever, idiot.

"Good look Sasuke-kun!" Some girl shouted. I was busy looking for him.

"Hey, isn't that your brother Itachi-san?" Chouji asked, munching at his food.

I twisted the Kyuubi in the opposite direction and bounded towards my brother.

Pretty soon, I tore open the werehouse he was hiding in with his friends. "Sasuke, what the hell are you doing!?" Itachi shouted.

"REVENGE!!!" I roared, spewing judgement flame over the sinners who murdered my parents.


I only stopped when the Kyuubi got punched by whatever we were fighting.

"LISTEN TO ME SASUKE!!" Shikamaru shouted over everyone else. "Just because your brother was not at work that day does not mean it's his fault they died!"

"MOM TOOK HIS SHIFT!" I screamed at him. "IT IS HIS FAULT!"


"Your brother escaped the fire." Gaara pointed out as a dill-covered fist pierced the Kyuubi. "Just so you know."

I twisted the Kyuubi around and slammed a paw down on my brother.

He dodged it.


I leapt forward and launched fire at him.


Then I bit the concrete, crushing him for good.


I finally did it… I killed my brother…

This is…


The end.