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Diddy Kong Racing Chronicles

Story 1

The Dino Domain Crash Landing


Chapter 1:

The Letter

No....papa........please wake up papa......

I sat there, tears running down my cheeks, shaking the only parent I had left in the rubble left over from a deadly plane crash that left little survivours, including me. I panicked. My papa wouldnt wake up.

Papa....i cried....please open your eyes papa.......but he would never open his eyes again. He was dead. But i was so young. I was only five years old and i was orphaned that very day.

I woke up, covered in sweat, in a fit of screams, and a frenzy of tears. I had no intention on remembering that horrible day but with the Hot Top Volcano Race being the next day i couldnt help but remember.

I have been afraid of planes since that day but yet on my adventures with my friends i would hide the it so i wouldnt hold anyone back.

After waking from that terrible nightmare, my girlfriend, Dixie, walked in.

"I heard you scream, Diddy. Are you okay", she asked. I looked at her and faked a smile.

"Of course i am, Dix. I just had a weird dream". She sighed.

"Diddy, this is the third time this week. Are you sure you're okay"? I nodded.

"I'm sure".

As she left the room, i lyed down and turned on my side, looking out the window at the starry night sky, thinking.

"How the hell am i gonna do this? There's no way ill be able to go near that plane tomorrow. I can't and......i....."

I fell asleep again in the middle of my sentence. The dream was different this time.

I saw me. I saw me standing in a molten looking place. I had a person on my shoulders. I think it was a girl. She was unconcious. I was confused and scared.

Someone help us.....help us......i screamed. But no one answered.

I saw molten lava begin to rise. It was getting close to me and the life i had hanging off my shoulders. I screamed one last time before the molten lava reached me.

Then i heard someone call my name.

"Diddy.....wake up".

I woke up with a jolt. Next to me was my childhood friend, Timber. He had a surprised look on his face.

"Are you okay, bud", he asked. I nodded.

"Yeah. I was a having a strange dream".

"Strange dream? Isn't that what you told your girl"?

I thought for a moment. Really i forgot Dixie came in the room last night. I shrugged to him. He sighed.

"Well its nine o'clock. You better get ready". I looked at him.

"For what"?

"Are you that spacey this morning? The race is in about and hour". My breath froze in the back of my throat.

It's time....NOW???


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