Uh, This is my first 07-Ghost fic and an AU. I'm not really good with making stories but decided to give this one a go.


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Chapter 1

07 Academy, school for prestigious students, so to say, boys only. Full of arrogant brats and snobs, known to have taken virginities before turning 15 and still manage to keep their family background safe.

And of course, the school name should have a few explanation of itself. 07 Academy, comes from the name 07-Ghost, an organization that consists of seven people who manage almost everything in the world. The rest of the information is unknown.

Having set up this school, their family members should also enroll, who are now popularly known as the 'Gods' of the school. Their beauty took everyone's attention and mind which eventually caused every boy who laid their eyes on them to turn gay and worship them.

However, to one certain person, such a thing was ridiculous. He has two guy friends and he doesn't feel any attraction, yes, they shared, what seemed like a bond, closer than what others have, but Teito shrugged it off and merely stated that it was a normal attachment people develop with childhood friends and understandable partners. So, how is it that by looking at some good-looking guys would be enough to make them betray pride and succumb to their affection?

Teito Klein, known as the freak of the school for being different than everyone. Those who go to 07 Academy are known come from rich families, but he managed to enroll due to his guardian's connection with the school and so, is shunned by people. But mainly, for being normal. Ever since he heard the rumor of people falling blindly in love with those three men just by looking at them, has avoided having any connection with them in order to keep his sanity and prevent from turning into one of those homosexual beings. And so, was about to be proven wrong as on a bright sunny day, fate takes its first step.


"I'm going home!!" Teito declared, wheeling around and stomping back in the direction of his home. One hand lapped onto his hoodie and tugged, causing him to fall right on his butt, "I already agreed to come but I'm not going there!" He growled.

"Come on, Teito, it'll probably be a minute or two for him to take his stuff from the dude then we'll be off to watch some movies." Mikage smiled, helping the brunette back on his feet.

"I'm not going there." He firmly stated, looking away and folding his arms. "Why do I have to? I can always stay home."

Hakuren grinned, "Actually, the question is, Why DON'T you want to?" He walked over to Teito, who paled. He smirked, "Ooo... I bet you like them too, right?" He scoffed, flicking the boy's nose.

"I DON'T!"

"Oh, you do?"


And it continued for a few minutes before Teito gave up, "Fine. But promise you'll hurry up!"


Frau, a very complicated man, who can only be described now as a genius for taking his popularity into advantage to sell a few of his 'Special Books' which are not allowed for nobles/commoner underage at stores in order to gain money that he doesn't need since he's stinking rich. He prefers to slack off and let people relief him for his responsibilities, yet still earns himself respect for his ability to get things under control if problems get out of hand.

"Thank you, Frau-sama." Hakuren said as he bowed, taking the package full of Special Books in his hands. Apparently forgetting his promise with Teito. Well, it couldn't be helped, he admired the man with all his heart and getting to talk with him face-to-face was an honor and he treasured every bit of time he spent.

The man simply ruffled his hair, "Don't menti-"

"Hakuren!!" A voice shrieked and Hakuren immediately ran out of the room and down the stairs, with hope that he'd still live to see tomorrow. Frau followed behind in curiosity of who was the one making such an unfamiliar noise.

As he reached the foot of the stairs, He was surprised to see a brunette strangling his customer, "You promise you'd hurry up!! At this rate, we'll miss the movies and I have work today, I can't be late on the first day!" The teen hissed before realizing Frau's presence and looked up, unconsciously making eye contact with him.

Teito immediately tore away from the man's perverted blue gaze and let go of his choking friend, feeling a shiver run down his spine and walked away.

Frau kept his eyes on the boy, watching in interest as the small body exited the front door with two blonds trailing after.


Castor was currently on the phone, "Oh really?" He asked, trying to sound interested, observing the whole place to make sure everything was in order.

Castor, one of 07 Academy's Gods. In real life, runs a lot of companies at his age, but he mostly finds himself comfortable at one of the simple stores he owns since he could put his tailoring talents to use, the Cosplay Cafe. But doesn't really come often since he has to take care of others.

Basically, the reason why he's here today is because he heard a new worker is starting today and from what the girls were giggling about was that it was a boy. And he specially came over to take a look at the boy since Libelle and the others were squealing about how cute he is.

He glanced at the clock, "I have to go now, I'll come over later. I'm expecting someone," He ended, flipping his phone close and slipping it into his pocket.


After exiting Frau's mansion, the trio went to the movies, which lasted around two hours and lingered around, playing a few games. All those have ended and left just enough time for him to sprint off and come to work on time.

As he stopped in front of the Cafe, he saw Castor, who seemed to be waiting for someone. He tried to ignore his anxiety as he stepped backwards, He won't notice me. Besides, I don't think he even knows me. He encouraged himself to step forward and pass the man but he was stuck to the ground.

"Teito-kun!" A soft voice called out and followed by another. Three of the girls working in the cafe immediately dashed outside, Rosalie hooking him under her arm, "Castor-sama, this is the new employee!"

Libelle looked at him cheerfully and introduced, "Teito-kun, this is Castor-sama. The man who owns this place."

The man immediately straightened his back, fixing his glasses, "Oh, so this is Teito-kun." He gave a light smile.

Teito couldn't help but gawk, all my hard work to stay away from the 'Gods' and I'm actually working under one of them?! He flinched a bit before hesitantly holding out his hand, "P-pleased to meet you, sir." He could feel his eye twitch as Castor took his hand and shook it.

"So, Teito-kun is our very first male employee... I have the perfect costume for you..." He said and the girls eventually joined him, eyes twinkling with mischievousness. Teito gulped, I have a feeling I'll regret this...


The roaring of motorcycle engines soon died out as a common customer made his way into the Cafe and sat at his usual place.

Castor walked over, "Oh, Frau, I thought I told you I'll come over later."

"Well, I can't wait that long. By the way, can I have Libelle to-"

"Oh, no, no. While I'm here, I won't have you harassing the girls. That's why I've prepared the perfect suit for you, one of my work of art," He paused, peering at his friend before proceeding, "Teito-chan!"

A few whispers from the changing room and soon the girls came into view at the corner, "Come on, Teito-chan, you look cute!" Frau smirked at the comment.

"You're giving me a nice one?"

"Fine, fine!" A boy shouted, a voice which Frau immediately picked up. His head whipped to observe as someone slowly stood from the floor and stomped towards him, stopping halfway and looking rather shocked before regaining composure.

Frau had to agree, this person really DID look cute, especially in THAT outfit. His abdomen and thighs were showing but his chest was FLAT. It's a BOY?! Moreover, the one from earlier on.

"It's envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, but Teito-chan doesn't really cope with wigs and he prefers his hair staying the same."

Teito listened as they talked, his mind screaming: What the heck?! There are two of them now?! But he managed to step up to the blonde and proceeded as how he practiced with the others, "May I t-take your order?" He forced the words out, staring hard at the floor.

"I'll leave you two for now." Castor stated as he scurried off.

Frau leaned forward, propping his chin onto his palm, "You're the one with Hakuren, weren't you?" He smirked.

Teito ignored the question, "If you won't have anything then I'll leave for now." He turned to retreat but the blond grabbed his arm, tugging and making him fall onto his lap. The brunette shuddered.

Frau chuckled at the reaction, "You're pretty cute."

"Let go of me!" Teito growled, successfully getting out of the man's grip and leaped away, "Pervert! Are you gonna order or what? Don't go all touchy on people-"

"I'll order." The blond cut off, a grin still on his face.

Teito heaved out a breath, glaring at the man, "W-what?"


"Shut it!" Teito flushed, pouncing on the man in attempt to kill him but instead, Frau held his wrists.

"How bout a kiss?" He teased, nearing his face to the younger man's.

"S-stop! Castor-san! Help!"

So, basically, I'm pretty lame when it comes to introductions. I hoped you enjoyed it. Teito's actually afraid that he'd turn gay so he tries to avoid the popular group who seemed to be the reason for the whole school turning gay. There will be more information on the ignored characters soon.

Give ideas and suggestions, I'll be happy to put them into consideration!