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Chapter 3

Teito's POV

"Darn it, bitch, would you move your ass?" I shoved Shuri aside, making space for me to actually sit.

Shuri gave me a shocked look, then turned away, "You're just jealous, mine's rounder than yours." So, I guess you now know where the 'bitch' comes from.

"Of course I am," I rolled my eyes.

Lance walked up to our group, "Since the other group has two injured people because of a certain smart short brown haired delinquent's wrath, I guess we have to postpone the second part of the challenge and continue next week. So, today is free play," He smiled then walked away.

That's our coach, the pansy with a curl hanging down one side of his face. You can call him Lance. It's not much of a gay name though, since he isn't but no one's sure why he has that weird hairstyle. Yes, despite his gay look, people respect him. No one did at the start but after a bunch of the guys decided to skip his class, he went through the whole school posting their nude pictures after getting permission from the headmaster, and I have to say it wasn't a pretty sight.

Damn, I hate gym, these shorts are, well, too short! I really feel like I'm in a gay pub when I'm here. I looked at the other guys, they're so comfortable with these, some even show off, like the biatch beside me just now. "People, before you go play, I have a message for Teito Klein." He took out a small note from his bag.

"Are you sure it's not a restraining order?" Shuri laughed out, earning a few praises from the class.

"Oh no, it's a very special one, from Frau." The whole gym immediately zipped to silence, every head turned to me. "Let's see… Please hurry and finish class, my cu-" I snatched the paper away from Lance before he could finish. "Teito-kun's so feisty, and secretive," He pouted.

I gave him a disgusted look and returned to my seat, reading the message while I did:

Please hurry up and finish school, my cute little Teito, Labrador told me to pick you up later. We'll be meeting someone, who is equally cute as you, but don't worry, she's not my girlfriend so don't get mad. It'll be a trouble if my little sweetheart got furious. I love your pouty frowns but smile more, it makes you look cuter.

Love, Frau

Kuroyuri's POV

"Ah, come on, mom! Get serious, I've been doing everything you said but there is no way I'm wearing a skirt!" I shouted. I even missed a day of school for this.

My mom folded her arms as she let out a sigh, the mini skirt still in her hands, "Kuroyuri, you need to wear a skirt if you want the guys to hit on you."

I put my hands on my hips, "But I'm a guy." I stated firmly, furrowing my brows.


Why am I having this stupid fight again? Right, you see, our ancestors were totally crack, from my mom's side, that is. Every child born within the family tree MUST marry a guy for unknown reasons, if you're a girl then you're lucky but unfortunately, I'm a guy and another is that I have pink hair due to, again, my mom. Since I was small, she kept on making me wear dresses. She even told me to keep my hair long.

I always wondered why but then when I turned ten, she explained the whole crap to me. By then, I've gotten used to the whole attire and hair thing so I didn't really care. I still act boyish though so I mingle with the guys around me, I never told them bout my real gender though and my mom never went over the line to actually make me wear a skirt. Sure, I wear those girly kinds of clothes, like spaghetti strap, tank top and criss cross but I usually wear them with shorts, pants and so on. My neutral voice tags along so it doesn't help much.

And now, I'm seventeen and around the same height as my mom, I'll be turning eighteen within a few months and my mom's planning to make me look for a fiancé and attend those marriage interviews. Man, what's wrong with these people? Early marriage, and with a boy, I doubt I'd find any that would pick up my interest.

"No, I'm not wearing it." I turned my face away, frowning.

"Look, Kuroyuri, the things you're wearing now are gorgeous, but it would look a whole lot better if you wore this." She stated persistently, holding the cloth in front of me.

I pushed her hand away, "Mom, even if I wear that, THIS wouldn't really get along with it." I pointed to the eye patch on my right eye, smiling in triumph.

My mom fell quiet suddenly, putting a finger on her chin, "Didn't I tell you to take that off a long time ago?"

I froze for a while, "What? No! It helps me escape out of economics class!"

"But we're not in school anymore, are we?"

"No!" I backed away, the eye patch is a great help for keeping some of the boys away, especially the nobles. And it was a gift from a childhood friend of mine.

"Kuroyuri!!" I heard my mom scream as I rush out the door.

Teito's POV

Yeah, the whole day passed by just like that. There were a few difficulties getting pass the gate since the perverted God from the high school division just had to come and show his face to pick me up. Not only that, I even made new enemies after getting hugged by the pervert in front of the whole school and then speeding off with him on his ride in what they call a 'romantic position'.

And now, at Labrador-san's place, fortunately with no Ayanami around, I am currently having the worst problem ever, "You'll have to wear this dress for today's rehearsal. We need to check whether it affects your movements or not." Labrador stated, holding the layered costume in front of me.

"I thought my part was a guy!" I sputtered, a horrified expression across my face.

Castor chuckled, "Honestly, Teito, you're so naïve."

"Why do you think most of the employees are girls?" Labrador asked.

I shrugged, "Guys with frills and aprons don't mix?"

"Exactly," Castor replied.

"What bout me?"

Frau wrapped his arms around me, pulling me onto his lap as usual, "You're cute. Anyways, the second reason is 'cause big boobs and panty flash attract more customers every Saturday."

I stared perplexed at him, "You moron! Pervert! Let go!"

"Ah, I need to pick Razette up," Interrupted Castor, "While we go get her, how bout you help Teito dress up?"


"Bye!" And they left, leaving me and the moron.

Kuroyuri's POV

I don't know how but one way or another, I ended up at the park. I'm totally pooped, I never knew I ran that far. I plopped under a tree, fortunately shaded.

"Bad day, huh?" A guy walked up to my spot. Is he talking to me? I couldn't see his face since he was too tall and the sun in the background was shining too brightly for my poor eye to handle.

Okay, this is where the awkward plus dramatic scene came in. In a way, the sun shone so brightly soon adjusted, revealing a REALLY good looking guy with nicely done navy blue hair. And the sparkles came in along with a few roses blooming in the background. I think I spaced out a bit. "Hello?" he said, waving a hand in front of me.

Ah shit, seventeen years and only now I could feel the gay hormones doing their stuff. "H-hah?" It came out as a spat though. I jerked up into a sitting position, "Sorry, I was dozing off. Did you say something?"

He laughed then smiled, "Want a drink?"

And that's how things started off.


We walked along the park and I was probably blurting out my problems out to him. Excluding the family tree part and the whole mom raising me into a homo along with my gender.

I took a huge gulp of my drink, ending my conversation, "Seems like you got things tough, eh?" He chuckled.

I fiddled with my tin, biting my lip, "I guess so. So… do you usually do that?" God, how is this happening? I'm totally in girly mode.

"Huh?" A surprised look appeared on his face.

"You know, talk to strangers. Buy drinks for them, hear their nonstop ranting bout the worse parts of life." I joked. Damn, I'm telling a stranger bout my life, how horrible can I be? Moreover, I'm all fiddly with this can in my hand.

He looked at me apologetically, "I really give out that sort of first impression?"

"Anyways, thanks for the drink though. I'm Kuroyuri."

"I'm Haruse."

Normal POV

They went to the restaurant for lunch, and Kuroyuri was still looking for a good excuse to not go to the marriage interview.

"That's it!" Kuroyuri declared, slamming her hands onto the table, attracting a few attentions.

"That's what?" Haruse stared at the pink-haired teen who was obviously embarrassing himself.

The teen plopped onto the seat, a wide grin on his face, "You see, I could pretend that you're my boyfriend so I won't have to go to those stupid interviews and I don't have to wear a skirt! As a bonus, once I do get the real someone, we'll still be friends and nothing awkward will happen like those buddies who broke up after dating! Wait… you are single, right? I don't want your girlfriend getting all worked up while we're dating and have her point a finger in my face." His conversation stopped halfway when he saw the confused expression on Haruse's face.

Kuroyuri let out a deep breath, "Dude, you got a girlfriend?" he asked slowly. Haruse shook his head hesitantly. "Good. Cause now, you are officially my playmate." He hooked his arm with Haruse's and dragged him out of the restaurant, leaving the cash on the table.

Teito's POV

"Stop that, you pervert! Wait, oi! Where're you putting your hands?!" I shrieked. Yeah, I shrieked. Why?

Having a molester help you change into a dress really isn't the best idea. Well, in my case, I never asked, but Labrador-san told Frau to help me out for a while since the laces are hard work while they go get the girl. Wait, I'm not here to talk about those crap, the point is, I have a pervert in the dressing room with me!

I felt Frau's hand on my hip, "Relax, will you? If you move a lot, the top will fall. Where's the ribbon?"

"I don't know! I can't move much, hurry up and find it, the collar's really hot and it's choking me." I retaliated. How do girls wear these things?

"Here you go," Wrapping the ribbon around my waist; he clipped it behind me then tied it into a bow. Wow, this guy sure knows a lot. Maybe it's because of the girls he went out with. He looks old enough to deflower a girl. Probably done it a lot of times, "Alright, now, where's the headband?"

"What about the laces?"

"Oh, right, turn around." I did as told. For some reason, I prefer the obedient, non-perverted Frau right now.

"So, how many women did you help put their clothes on?"

He dragged a chair nearby and plopped on it, "What?"

"You're pretty good with this."

"There's nothing hard bout figuring things out."

"Right. Which is why I need your help." I drawled sarcastically, watching how his hands worked to tie the laces up.

"Of course you do. Now, let's see that cute face of yours." He cupped my face, pulling me towards him. And the cheesy part comes in. I stumbled forward, his hand held protectively on my hip. The hand on my face moved and he used a finger to brush against my lips, "Hey, Teito."


"These are virgin lips, right?" He teased.

"W-wha? Shut up and finish!"

"Right, right."

Kuroyuri's POV

I stepped into the living room, hoping mom wouldn't see me but as usual, most of the things never go my way.

"Oh, Kuroyuri, thank goodness you're alright. Where have you been?" I saw my mom stood at the foot of the staircase in her fancy dress with her hair decorated in a tight bun, leaving a few strands to hang by her face. She walked towards me, swinging her hips and all that crap, then she grab hold of my hands, "Don't do that ever again. Hurry up and get ready, we'll meet your father by the airport then I'll drop you off at the Oak's residence for the interview."

She's obviously ignoring Haruse. "Mom, where're your manners? Do acknowledge my boyfriend here." Her grip loosened and she cocked her head to the side for a better view. I stepped back, pulling Haruse's hand, "Actually, mom, the reason why I've been avoiding the interviews is because I already have a boyfriend. And by luck, we might get engaged and become fiancés like those fantasy of yours."

Haruse gave a bow, flashed that charming smile of his and introduced himself, "A pleasure to meet you, I'm Haruse. I can see where Kuroyuri gets his attractiveness."

I'm practically smirking, mom's totally charmed. Though I have to say Haruse's words are plain, most of the guys I went out with before usually brought up her beauty and stuff. This is pretty easy. Wait… he knows my g-gender. I never told him about it, did I? The sentence totally doesn't fit! 'Gets', 'his' and 'attractiveness' do NOT mix!

So, after a few minutes of chatting, mom sorta excused herself, a dreamy smile on her face, "This must be a blessing, Kuroyuri. For you to find such an amazing man and even one who's willing to accept yourself despite your sex and the consequences of not getting babies with his good genes and-"

I rolled my eyes, cutting her sentence short and folded my arms, "Mom, get to the point."

She gave a pitched laugh and patted my shoulder, "How long have you two been going out? Was he this casual even when you first told him? He's rich, right? You can't let go of this opportunity, Kuroyuri. He's a full package!" She paused to look at me, then took my hand, "Dear, to be so hesitant in taking him as your husband, isn't that a bit…" She bit her lip, face contorted into a pleading look.

"Mom, we're talking about fiancés. So, I've got a boyfriend and we MIGHT get engaged and MIGHT become fiancés. So, how about you quit the skirt nagging and promise I get to keep this eye patch, eh?"

Teito's POV

"Razette says you look awfully red." Labrador translated for the pink-haired girl.

I fidgeted with the lace, sitting on the couch, "Of course I do," I'm not sure whether I was being sarcastic or not but I felt my face heat up more.

"You're so cute; now give me a panty flash!" He flipped my skirt up.

"Shut up! Would you stop treating me like your girlfriend?" I glared at him, backing up but he held my arm, that same abnormal non-pervy-Frau serene smile.

"Why not? As a practice since you'll be mine soon enough."

"Shut up, you cheesy moron!"

"I love you too, princess. Now, where's the kiss you owe me?"


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