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Love in the Wind

Chapter 1-Hyrule

"Right, here is the first official meeting of the Legend of Zelda Appreciation group." said the boy pompously, grinning inanely, a strong British accent on his words.

The other two people rolled their eyes.

The speaker was a boy of around sixteen, to look at him-and about eight, to listen to him-of around six feet tall, long dark brown hair with a curl at the end and brown eyes, slightly chubby, with glasses.

The other two were a girl of fourteen and a bit, and a boy of eighteen. The girl was very cuddly, with wavy, dark brown hair, hazel-green eyes and glasses, a little over five foot, and the boy was just shorter than the speaker. He had brown hair too, and also hazel eyes, and you could easily tell that he was the oldest. In fact, he had glasses as well. They looked similar enough to be related, though they weren't.

"You know, Fee," said the second boy. "You're an idiot sometimes."
"Sometimes?" asked the girl with a smile.
"So?" replied the boy, Fee. "Come on, we need an official group handshake!"

"Why did we agree to this?" muttered the boy.
"Because he came to another continent to glomp us?" replied the girl.
The boy groaned.
"Yeah…" he said to her, hugging her. "Fine." he said to Fee. "Put our hands in the middle, like the Triforce thing, make a triangle."

They went to put their hands together, from three directions.
Anyone watching would probably only notice then that they were wearing gloves with Triforce images upon them. Fee's Triforce was a light watery blue, the girls a fiery orange, and the boys a pinky-red that he insisted was blood-but looked plain pink.

The triangles-within-triangles glowed, brighter and brighter.

They disconnected their hands in shock, but the glow continued.
The three were scared. The girl immediately hugged the boy, and Fee hugged them both.
The glow grew, brighter and brighter until it was a shining light that blocked out their vision.

And then it faded, and so did they.

* * *

"What… the hell?" asked Fee, waking up. "…why am I wearing linen?"
"Why am I wearing a really…" started the girl, blushing as the phrase 'revealing outfit' was given up as an understatement. She let out an 'eek' and sat down, curling into as small a shape as she could.

The boy was staring, with little subtlety, at the girl, yet somehow managed to not get noticed.
"We must be in Link's world!" said Fee excitedly. "We need codenames, you can be Kylie and Darin, and I'll be-"
"Fee?" asked 'Kylie'.
"… Lix!" exclaimed Fee.

"Like he didn't have enough nicknames as it was…" sighed 'Darin'. "Ok, the names are fine with me."
"Me too." said Kylie.
"Great!" said Lix. "Now… aren't you two cold?"
"Yes." said Darin.
"Nope." said Kylie. "Not at all."

There was a brief silence as Lix and Darin stared at her in disbelief.
"Your finger is on fire." pointed out Lix slowly.

"…huh." she said, flicking her finger and seeing it vanish. "Cool. Wait, what?"
"Is your glove glowing?" said Lix, interrupting her sudden franticness, looking carefully at the Triforce on Kylie's hand.
Another flame appeared on her finger, and the uppermost of the triangles glowed brightly, a small flame appearing in the centre of the symbol.

"If she has a power I must have a power… I wonder what I can do…" mused Lix, mentally going through every power he could think of.

Darin looked briefly up from calming Kylie down, then looked back at the girl.

Then his head snapped round to Lix again.
"Lix, you're a girl." he said.

Lix looked down. Indeed, she was a girl. Her hair was curlier too.
"Cool." she said.
The left triangle on her glove was glowing, and a sign combining both of the gender symbols shone in the centre.

By now, predictably, Darin was wondering what he had.
He concentrated, and nothing seemed to happen.

But the right triangle was glowing, and a pink heart appeared in the middle of the Triforce sign.

Lix sniggered.
"Your power is heart."
"…what kind of a power is Heart anyway?" complained Darin.

With that, both Lix and Kylie collapsed into laughter.
At least, until it started to rain.

Then they stopped laughing, and started to run for shelter.

The only thing in sight was what looked like a large barn.
In fact, it was a large barn. Who'd have guessed.

There was nothing around, even on top of the hill as they were, they could see nothing. Inside the barn there was very little-but in one corner was what looked like a scaled down version of the building, almost a small cottage in itself. Their curiosity piqued, they walked over to it, glad to be out of the rain.

Opening the door, they found a suite of four rooms, three of which seemed to be bedrooms, on what was a second floor of the small cottage-in-a-barn, and the other was an oversized living room and kitchen filling the bottom.

They stared open mouthed as they looked around.
"Hey, Kylie, I think you should get out of those wet clothes." said Lix, an innocent smile on her face.
"I don't have anything spare." said the other girl.
"I know." smiled Lix.

"Pervert. Darin, tell him off!" said Kylie, smiling slightly.
"Uh, Lix, don't be pervy." said Darin, trying very hard not to imagine Kylie naked. And failing.

Lix sniggered, knowing exactly what Darin was thinking.
"Uh, so, we're going to sleep here?" asked Darin.

"I guess." said Lix. "There's three bedrooms. One each."
"I don't know…" Kylie said. "This is probably someone's house!"

"Well, you can sleep in the rain if you like." pointed out Darin.
Silence. Stillness.
"I get that room." said Kylie, pointing.

* * *

A knock sounded early the next morning, when no-one was yet awake. With some groaning and irritated noises, someone finally reached the door.

The man knocking was about forty, with silvery hair and a small beard. He blinked as the door was opened.
"Good morning, Miss…" he began, trailing off. "You're not wearing a bra."
"No, I suppose I'm not." agreed Lix.

"That's really not the done thing…" mumbled the man. "Could you please go and put one on?"

Lix sighed, and went to her room-not stopping to question why there was a full wardrobe, in her size. It was too early.
She returned a minute or so later. By now, both Kylie and Darin had appeared to find out what was going on.

"I knew it…" said the man in a whisper. "You three."
"What about us?" asked Kylie.
"That's a song." sniggered Lix, being ignored.

"You're the ones. You're coming was foretold, that's why this cottage was built. You will eliminate a great evil from this land."
"Huh?" they all said. "Us? No, seriously…"

Seeing his expression, they had to go and sit down for a minute.

* * *

Into Hyrule? Sure, Lix could cope with that. Shapeshifting into a girl? Best thing that had happened for a long time. Saving the world? Well, that was weird, but hey.

The last few days had been… strange. Going to the nearby town for things they needed, making the cottage a nicer place to live, getting used to the slower pace, and simpler life of this world. It was better than she would have expected-though washing things by hand was hell.

* * *

This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to Kylie. Inside the world of a computer game… seriously. Weird.
And saving the world? Who did they think she was, Zelda?

Well, at least nothing weird had happened so far. Well, no more weird than finding out an abandoned barn had been refitted as a three person cottage for you sixty years ago. And they knew your breast size.

Well, at least the townspeople were friendly. And there was a very nice café too.
Something was off about Darin though…

* * *

Something felt wrong. Darin was on edge all the time. Something… dangerous… nearby.
Finding that he alone among the three of them had a chest in his room, containing a glowing sword and a shield, inscribed with words that reflected anything that they saw just made it all worse. Not to mention the clothes he'd noticed in his room.
If playing twelve of the Zelda games had taught Darin anything, it was this: if you're wearing a green tunic and wielding a sword and shield, you're the one who's going to be doing all the hard work.

He was totally out of his depth. They all were, even if they wouldn't admit it.

Well, at least he got to be out of his depth with Kylie…

* * *

They were here. The spell had worked, just as the sorcerer thought it would. The boy was an unexpected surprise, but the two girls were perfect.
And they had somewhere they went regularly. Even better.

He'd just get a job there. Simple.
Just. As. Planned.