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Chapter Two-Flight of the Sorcerer

"Hey Lix. Morning." said Kylie sleepily.
"Morning?" replied the odd, gender switching 'girl'. "Already? Wake me at noon…"

Kylie considered setting Lix' bedding on fire, but settled with pouring a mug of water over her with a snigger.

"I'm up, I'm up!" shouted an annoyed Lix, leaping up.
"Huh... she's wearing clothes." said Kylie, surprised.

The slightly dressed 'girl' ran through the house searching for something to dry herself with.

Kylie found Darin staring in amusement.
"She's insane." said Kylie cheerfully.
"That's why we love her, right?" said Darin.
"Yup." said Kylie with a smile.

Tentatively, Darin embraced her. She hugged him back, and he sighed to himself. He needed to say something…

* * *

"Cocoa, please." asked Kylie to the waiter, a tall, purple haired boy with n austere air. He looked a little old to be working in a café, but they didn't bother asking.
"Same for me." said Lix, not even noticing the very, very purple boy.

"Of course." said the boy, with a very soft, melodic voice.

"I'm sure I recognise him…" thought Kylie.
"He's hot, don't you think?" asked Lix with a grin.
"Totally." agreed Kylie. "And you are adapting to being a girl disturbingly well."
Lix only sniggered, and they waited for the drinks to come.

They arrived, after a few minutes, carried out by the purple boy, who gave a slight-and rather mocking-bow, and said.

Kylie was ready to say something back to him, possibly rude, but he had already left. She sighed, and picked up her drink, seeing that Lix had already started to drink hers and was almost choking on the heat.

She laughed, and sipped at hers. It was hot, but bearable.
She sipped some more.

"Soo…" said Lix, slurring her words oddly. "How hooooot was that guy theen?"
"Lix?" asked Kylie, confused, drinking some more.
"He was reeeeaaaally hoooot…" she said, swaying from side to side. "I'd sooo totally hit thaaat…"

"I suppose he was quite hot…" agreed Kylie, worried. "What's wrong with you?"
"Oh, I feel great!" said Lix, giggling. "This drink is grrreeeaaaaaat!"
"Ohgod." said Kylie. "She's quoting cereal adverts. Lix, what's wrong with you?"

Kylie was worried. To brace herself, she drank more of her tea, finished it in fact.
"I hope that waiter is single…" sighed Lix.
"Me too." said Kylie giggling.
What had she been worried about again?

Lix collapsed on the table, and Kylie wondered what was happening.
"Liiiix, are you plaaaaying?" she asked, walking over to her, almost falling over. "Whoah… why is the ground moooving?"

There was no answer, and she rolled Lix over, noticing her friends lack of underwear, again. It seemed very funny at that moment, and Kylie fell into convulsive laughter.

And then collapsed asleep.

The purple-man appeared with a smirk, and grabbed Lix. He rose into the air with a strong wind, and vanished at a huge speed.

* * *

"I wonder how surprised Lix and Kylie will be to see me." said Darin, walking into town, wearing green.
He didn't have much choice; it was the only colour he had had in his wardrobe.

His mind began to wander, imagining all the things two teenage girls could get up to alone…
He slapped himself.
"Bad…" he said aloud.

He rounded the corner, and saw a purple man lifting an unconscious Kylie into the air.
He instantly ran, but the figure vanished with a gust of wind, and he fell to a halt.

"I know who that was…" he said, incredulous.


* * *

"Oh, awake now."
Kylie opened her eyes.

In front of her was a figure with purple clothes, hair, almost everything, but red eyes. His clothes were a tunic and cape, both purple, and a complicated set of red bottoms. He had slightly tinted skin, purple of course, and pointed ears. There was a cap upon his head, with a golden crown, embossed with a red gem. The golden theme was enforced by the clasp on his cloak, and by his belt.

Kylie recognised the man.
"Vaati!" she gasped. "Lix, we got drugged and kidnapped by Vaati!"

The odd thing was that she didn't sound upset, and the odder thing was that she jumped up and tried to hug the sorcerer, who looked surprised and very amused.
"Ungh… it's before noon again, isn't it…" groaned Lix. She awoke properly. "No jug of water-wait. Where are we?"

"You're mine." interjected Vaati. "I brought you to this world. Not enough girls around who look good. I mean, how am I supposed to build a harem without hot girls?"
"Why, thank you." said Lix. Kylie was blushing at the implied compliment. "So, we have to like have sex with you and stuff?" asked Lix, sounding very, very happy about the prospect.

Vaati stopped.
"It's no fun when they're slutty…" he complained.
"Oh." said Lix. "Umm… please leave me? I'm saving myself for marriage?"

"Good." said Vaati. "Keep that up and I'll let you choose a fetish. I'll be back later."
"He'sgonnaletmechooseafetishandigettopretendtobescarediloveroleplayohgodigettobeapersonalslut!" said Lix bouncing up and down.
"Is that a good thing?" asked Kylie. "Of course it is you stupid girl! Vaati is So Hot." said a not so quiet voice inside her.
"That's the stupidest question I have ever heard." said Lix. "Course it is!"
Kylie thought, and smiled.
"I guess so…"

* * *

"No. Just no." growled Darin, heading for the cottage at an impressive speed, pulling open the barn door alone with ease, despite its impressive weight, entering the cottage and storming to his room, where he opened a small chest.

He placed the glowing sword and scabbard upon his back, despite worrying how well he could use it, and buckled the shining shield onto his left arm.

He didn't notice the heart emblem on his glove glowing, not as he rushed out of the cottage, out of the barn, out of the town, headed for a place that he knew by virtue of far too many hours playing videogames.

He would get Kylie back.
And Lix. Lix too.

* * *

Secreeet romance. XD Yeeaaaah. Right.