Author's Note:: Just a quick two-shot story, part II will follow soon, I promise. Kathree, kinda AU. Enjoy.

"And….action!" came the directors voice above the sound of the helicopter effect and the wind machine being used. It was just milliseconds later that Bree crashed through the panes of glass and Katherine rolled into the shot in the bottom left of the screen on which the production crew were watching the playback of the scene before them. Bree stood, statuesque and clad in a form fitting PVC cat-suit, wielding an automatic in one of her outstretched arms, as Katherine crouched low to the floor, also cased in the PVC entrapment with her hands around the handle of a revolver, aimed to the 'bad guy' of the episode. Yes, both women had been cast as guest roles in the popular action cult [i]'The Avengers'[/i], they'd even been given their own character names; Katherine happened to be Lana Langford and Bree was Sukie Newman.

Since becoming famous, both women had had offers from magazines, TV gameshows, networks and many more, but the one thing they had both agreed on was this; The Avengers. They both couldn't help but wonder what it would do for their profiles but it was worth the risk even if one of them had had to be talked into doing it by the other, "It's something different" she'd said to her business partner, "Other celebrity cooks do the gameshows and the hosting but to come on this is a once in a lifetime thing, try it?" And so, it had come to pass that both Bree and Katherine were to play the newest, probably most sexiest crime fighting, ass kicking, amazingly fashionable gals with so much 'M. Appeal' that would make eyes pop from their sockets.

"Okay, so stick right there Marshall" came Katherine's line first, as Lana she looked over the 'bad guy' and stared at him, keeping her aim held at his chest, she then stood and flipped her hair from her face, catching Bree in the eye a little, obviously accidentally.

"Cut! Cut!" the director screeched, "Lana!"

"It's Katherine…"

"While you're on set, it's Lana.." he corrected her, looking to her and then scolded her, "Flip your hair by all means but no hitting Sukie okay?"

Katherine pouted a little as she looked to Bree, once more the center of attention in the middle of the scene, again with the best costume, the best weapon and of course with all the male crews' attention. The glare from the lights on Bree's hair was making Katherine ill, but she nodded and sighed harshly as she looked to Doug, the director of the show. She nodded and answered, "Sure, just tell Sukie not to stand too close to me then"

"Katherine…" Bree looked to her partner, "What is wrong with you?"

"Alright everyone take five!" yelled Doug, "We have a casting problem"

And so the cast and crew walked off set as Doug looked over Katherine and Bree, before Bree smiled and fluttered her lashes to him a little, "Don't worry, we'll sort this out"

"You'd better" he sighed and walked pff too.

"Okay" Bree grabbed Katherine's arm and dragged her off to their trailer, "What the hell has gotten into you?!"

"Into me?!" Katherine retorted.

"Yes you! You've been nothing but…like a spoiled brat since we got here!" Bree hissed.

"Oh says the one who only just realised it's not her work that's got her to be where she is.." Katherine rolled her eyes.

"You're jealous?!"

"No, no! Not jealous!" Katherine replied, "I'm furious, you've used my work and my recipes, the ones that took me the best part of twenty years to create and perfect, and you've passed them off as your own Bree!"

To Katherine's rant, Bree couldn't find a reply sufficient enough to justify what she had done, Katherine was surely smart but Bree was most probably smarter in some shape or form. The redhead couldn't think of anything else but Katherine's lips at that very moment, and she found herself covering them with her own mouth, kissing Katherine passionately before she was pushed off and away by Katherine.

"What the Hell are you thinking?!" hissed Katherine.

"Well…the truth is, I've been watching you a lot Katherine and uhm…well I think that kiss speaks for itself" Bree began then decided to add, "And well, seeing you in that leather catsuit, let's just say I was blinded with the volume of the voice begging me to kiss you, taste your lips…"

Katherine backed away a little as she looked to Bree, her eyes wide while the redhead licked her lips, tasting the gloss from Katherine's as it had mingled with her own during the kiss. Katherine shook her head, "Bree…"

"Don't say anything, please…did I make things awkward with us?"

Katherine took a minute to think before she shook her head.


Bree looked to Katherine and saw she had an odd look about her, and the next thing the redhead knew was that Katherine had pressed their lips together, a huge fit of passion building up against the pressure of the kiss. The shorter of the two, worked her partner back against the wall of the trailer, causing the impact to make a thud and force the breath from her lungs when she collided with it.

"Katherine…!" Bree moaned out, "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Katherine replied confidently as she toyed with the zipper of the catsuit Bree wore. She let the zipper trail down the tracks, letting it make its sound as she watched it and then looked into Bree's eyes, as if tempting her, goading her to unzip the remainder of the suit.

"Katherine we can't…" Bree replied.

"We can and we will"

"But we only have another…" Bree looked to the clock, "Three minutes. What if they come looking for us and find us without -" she was cut off as Katherine decided to kiss Bree to quieten her while she used one hand to push the suit off the redhead's shoulders, while with her other hand, she unzipped her own suit before grabbing at Bree's hand to unzip it. Within seconds both suits had been discarded onto the floor, Katherine had seen Bree's body before however Bree blushed at the sight of Katherine in just her underwear.

"What's wrong?" Katherine sighed against Bree's neck as she felt Bree had frozen.

"N…nothing" Bree squeaked back.

Katherine hearing Bree's pathetic reply, looked to her and she saw the redhead's face, her cheeks of matching shade of her hair, "Oh come on Bree…it's not like you've never seen a pair of breasts before, you have them yourself…stop acting like a…well like Parker or one of the other boys we know! Just move this vase and do me!"

Bree's cheeks went beetroot as she heard Katherine use such crass language, it was true she'd heard (and not that she would admit it) also, used much worse language, she couldn't help but nod pathetically to Katherine's request, it just sounded so much more taboo coming from a woman, a woman who happened to be her best friend, business partner and now, in the space of the last minute and something, had become her lover. However Bree took one swipe at the vase in question and sent it to the floor with a mere smash and she then backed Katherine up and onto the cabinet it had once occupied.

The redhead looked to Katherine, "Honey, I can't do it.." she shook her head.

"What? Well, move…and I'll do you…" Katherine replied in a hushed, yet urgent whisper.

"No…I…I can't do it at all"

"Why not?!" Katherine hissed.

"Orson…" Bree sighed.

"Look, we had something much bigger than this back when he was in prison…so don't go feeling guilty or I don't know…because he's back home" said Katherine, taking Bree's hands and looking into her deep green eyes.

"I don't know Katherine, what if this gets out, I don't want there to be publicity around us…"

"Look, are you ashamed of what we've done?" Katherine stood looking directly at Bree.


Katherine sighed a little and she swallowed, "So what is it then? Me?"

"I'm just scared -"

"Scared that you'll end up in a lesbian relationship?"

Bree looked to Katherine, as if she'd read her mind, "I…I don't know what to say"

"Because it's true?!" Katherine gasped.

The redhead looked down and nodded, "We should get dressed Katherine." She said as she began to pull up the catsuit on her body, Katherine's hand stopped her own. She looked to Katherine, "What are you doing?"

"I know you Bree, I know what you want and don't want, and right now I can see you want this as much as I do"

"No Katherine, we can't"

"Let me ask you, is that 'can't' an actual can't or is it a don't want to? I know you Bree…"

Bree looked up at Katherine, and immediately Katherine recognised that face, she nodded. The redhead let go of her own suit before she bit her lip and moved her arms around Katherine before her, she pulled her close, causing Katherine to gasp out as Bree crushed their lips together in a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling between their mouths. Katherine let her hands climb up to the front clasp on the push-up bra Bree wore before pulling the straps almost violently from her arms and kneading her breasts immediately.

While Katherine basically tore away the layers Bree still wore, the redhead pulled off gently the suit Katherine wore, helping her step out of it as she caressed over her body, it was obviously clear how much Katherine wanted Bree, she wanted to make it special, even if it was only inside a trailer, during a cast break and against a wall which creaked, it was still making love even in its raw form.

Just as Katherine's fingers brushed over Bree's core, there was the call; [i]"Actors on set! Lana and Sukie on set!"[/i] and Bree groaned a little, feeling Katherine's fingertips teasing her, she knew they should get back as it was their career in jeopardy if they didn't. Also as Bree thought, while she still could before the pleasure raised, it was also their reputations at stake. That thought and everything around her soon melted away though as Katherine pushed her fingers into Bree's center. The redhead reciprocated the favour with Katherine, rubbing through her desire and inside her body, as they joined together, already building each other up to the finish line.

The women were too caught up in their act to even realise that they'd missed a second call from the director of the episode, they were just concentrating on their closeness and working the other to climaxing, pressing their lips to skin, slick with the exertions of the act together, it wasn't until the director had sent the newest member of the cast to get the women that they even noticed that they'd let each other forget the world around them…

[b][i]Three minutes before…[/i][/b]

"Oh God Katherine…I'm gonna…oh God!" Bree moaned out as Katherine took one of Bree's nipples into her mouth as the brunette pleasured the redhead with her fingers still, pumping her digits faster each time she ripped a moan of encouragement from her flame haired lover.

"Come on baby…come on.." Katherine urged Bree, as she too pleasured Katherine.

Bree brought Katherine's face to her own just before she was due to climax, she didn't want anybody walking by to hear her screaming out, probably in blasphemy and cursing aloud, it just wasn't her style. She allowed Katherine to cover her mouth as the waves hit her body, coursing through her as her muscles clamped around Katherine's fingers. She let her head tilt back as she then moaned aloud, "Oh my God, Katherine…I love you baby"

Literally moments before Katherine was set off like a rocket, someone came into the trailer, the newest addition to the 'The Avengers' cast. And someone both women knew extremely well, it wasn't until Bree saw him out of the corner of her eye that their love-fest was over. At least until they could all reconvene else where…

tbc, in Pt. II