"So can you do it?" Orson asked the cop in front of him.

"I don't know why you ask me, you know I can…" he replied, raising one of his greying brows to the once dentist now turned caterer for his wife's company.

Orson gave a nod and chuckled, "Brilliant, I guess I'll look forward to reading about it in the newspaper..?"

"You betcha.." the cop replied.

"Good, here's the $30,000…make sure it's worth the money"

The cop took the wads of cash and nodded, "I always make it worth the cash don't you worry Hodge…" he smirked, "It'll help things for me too.." he sneered. And so the deed was done, no going back not for anyone…

* * * * *

Bree and Karl stayed together, the redhead was amazed her husband had gone through with their…session just some time before, it all seemed a little odd that he had without questioning it, but she guessed the ambush would happen when she got home from her 'busy day' on set, what didn't occur to her was that Orson HAD been jealous and he was now planning an ambush of his own on the new lovers, using another person, a cop.

So, Bree got home to her husband, sitting at their long dinner table, she'd seen that look from him before, she'd done something, so she looked around the sitting room to make sure he hadn't set out some of their valuables like last time when she'd decided to hide them in a storage unit. Bree saw none so she proceeded into the dining room to Orson, "Orson…?" she questioned him.

"Darling.." he gave her a curt nod as he greeted her.

"Is this about today?" the redhead asked him.

"This! This is about today, you damn humiliated me Bree! I just played along because you were happy!" Orson hissed at Bree as she pulled out a chair and sank onto it.

She became uncomfortable fairly swiftly and she looked to the vanished surface of the table, not wanting to make eye contact with Orson, she knew that he knew she wasn't happy with him, not in this marriage, once perfect and filled with love, but now…she couldn't be with him anymore, "Orson you know I want a divorce.." she tried.

"I do and you know I'm not going to grant you one!"

"Orson you can't keep me a captive in this marriage!"

Orson sighed heavily and looked to Bree, staring at her and goading her to challenge him more. He clenched his fists slightly and set his jaw momentarily, "Well, what are you going to do? Go running to your lawyer lover?!"

"I love Karl!" Bree found herself erupting, she quickly gasped after she'd admitted it to her husband. Bree saw the flicker of pain rushing through Orson's eyes as he finally come to the conclusion she didn't love him truly anymore, she wasn't only trying to hurt him, it was the truth. The redhead bit her lip and looked to Orson with a worried expression, "Orson…" she began.

"Don't!" he warned her.

"I should go" she said softly, wearily as she stood form the chair, still looking at Orson, pitying him slightly, if things had been different she would have made herself embrace him and tell him things were going to be fine. She couldn't do it, Orson would get the wrong signal and she couldn't afford to explain it to him that she was only merely comforting him.

Orson didn't reply to her, just sat staring at the tabletop. Finally when Bree was near the front door, Orson spoke up, "You really love him?"

The redhead stopped, her hand on the handle of the door, ready to leave, but she looked back to Orson and gave a miniscule sigh, "I do, I'm sorry…" the next thing Orson said, shocked Bree to the core, not because of the context or what was going to happen, but because it showed even after she told him she loved another man, while she was still his wife, he still wanted to help her.

"Get over and save his ass, someone's going to kill him Bree…I don't want you to loose out on someone great" he told her, sincerely, not sarcastically or patronisingly.

She looked to Orson for a few more seconds, gauging if it was to trick her or not, and she realised it was the truth, she nodded, and quickly she rushed out of the house, getting into her car and screeching out of the street, however what she didn't know, nor Orson knew of the man in Bree's backseat. At the end of Wisteria Lane before she turned onto the freeway, Bree swerved off course as she realised she was being held at gunpoint, ordered to drive where she was told to go.

When they got to the destination; her trailer, the guy wrenched her from the car, still holding her at gunpoint as they got inside the trailer, and he pushed her down onto a chair in the center of the room, Bree gasped out when she realised there was another chair opposite her, seating Karl. Karl was tied up and when she looked up at his captivator, she felt the color drain from her face, her body paled when she saw his sinister grin to her.

"Mrs Hodge…" he sneered, "maybe I can finally get a book signing from you…." he chuckled. His greyed hair reflecting the light from the bulb above his head. He crossed to her, "You know who employed me don't you?"

"Wayne…just let us go, Orson's fine with th…Orson. He didn't!!"

"Sorry Red, he did…"

"No! Look Wayne, what did he pay you for this?"

"$30000, and maybe more if I get rid of you too.."

"If you let us go, I'll match his offer, you'll have $60000, please, we just want to be happy, Orson said he understood…" Bree said, panic rising in her voice as she looked over at Karl, sitting his head hung slightly ominously, he'd been beat, she could tell, otherwise he would be looking at her.

"Hmm, let me make some calls first" Wayne replied to her offer.

"DON'T call Orson!" she hissed.

"Oh, someone's turned sassy…" Wayne chuckled.

"You bet your ass I have!" Bree hissed at Wayne, snarling slightly as she was ready for anything he could give.

"Leave her alone Davis!" Karl then piped up, earning him a snide punch in the gut from one of Wayne's heavies, forcing the air from Karl's body, he chuckled and looked up at Wayne, "Can't even do the job yourself? Have to employ gorilla's to do it for you!"

"Karl, stop…" Bree muttered to her lover, fearing for him. She knew what Wayne was like when angered.

"Aww, it's love…" Wayne sneered at the two, "It might just end like Romeo & Juliet…I always thought you were a tragic woman Bree"

Bree looked up at Wayne and she glared at him, as he neared her face she got up the courage and she spat. Looking into his eyes, she hissed, "I despise you!"

"Good, that feeling is mutual, something we both agree on" he chuckled and brought himself away from her, wiping her saliva from his cheek. He turned to Karl and rought up his gun, aiming at the lawyer sitting pathetically in the chair. He held the gun still at Karl as he looked over his shoulder to Bree, "Any last words for your man?"

"Don't you dare shoot him! I mean it Wayne! Don't!"

"Always one for drama aren't we…? What's it worth again?"

"$60000, well, you'll have Orson's $30000 and then mine…"

"Make it $80000"

"You want me to give you $50000?!"

"You bet your perfect ass I do" Wayne smirked.

Bree looked down and she bit her lip, she thought a little. Finally, she looked up and to Wayne, "Okay…but you'll let us go?"

"I'm a man of my word Bree, you know that, and Katherine sure knew that"

"Don't bring Katherine into this Wayne" Karl once again hissed.

"She was my wife, so who cares!" Wayne chuckled, "Anyway, you wives are all the same, you get bored after so many years and go off with some dick and start up something, then complain when you get hurt!"

Bree was filled with rage and she managed to get her leg free, she kicked Wayne hard, making him back away and fire a shot, luckily it didn't hit Karl, only one of the heavies next to him. The guy went down hard against the wall of the trailer and gasped a few times as he bled, before he was gone.

"Look what the fuck you did!!" Wayne yelled at Bree.

"Oh I did nothing, you were the one holding and firing the gun" she told him, smirking. It was until she came face to face with the barrel of the gun herself, she stopped smirking and looked into Wayne's eyes, "You think you scare me…?" she asked him, "I've been held at gunpoint before"

"Only this time, where are the FBI to save you?" Wayne smirked.

Bree looked into Wayne's eyes, seeing malice and hatred and a need for revenge upon Bree. She saw him as if in slow motion raise the gun back to be pointing at her, she was once again at gunpoint, it was at that moment there was a lot of scuffling outside the trailer, Bree swallowed, 'More heavies' she had thought to herself, of course, Wayne was one of the most sought after crooks/gangsters in Connecticut, probably the only one if fact, nonetheless he obviously needed extra security.

As if by some kind of magnetic force as he clicked back on the safety trigger for the gun, in burst none other than the actual Emma Peel herself. Looking to Bree, as she kicked Wayne, just as Bree had done, and just as when Bree had done it, the gun fired once more, hitting another being.

Bree screamed and then gasped out. He'd come from nowhere and now he was gone. After everything they'd been through together, she hadn't had the chance to tell him what she actually thought of him. It was too late as Emma untied the ropes from Bree's hands and captured Wayne in the chair the redhead had just occupied.

"I'm sorry…" she cried over his body, "I'm so, so sorry…" she whispered, stroking over his hair. He had done so much for her, a charming man, perfect for her yet she'd ruined it by starting up the affair with Karl, and so as she looked over his still form, Bree couldn't help but shed her tears for her former love, "Orson, I'll never forget you, I know we had our differences towards the end, but I always loved you in some way, and I know I always will…" she gently leaned and kissed his forehead.

Just as she pulled back, her wrist was grabbed, she opened her eyes, blurred with tears and she saw dark eyes staring back at her, "Bree…please help me…" he'd said.

Orson, was alive?!

"Orson!" she gasped and looked to him, "Oh God, you're alright!!" she looked to him smiling brightly, "We have to get you to the hospital okay, but you have to be still and try to stay awake…" she told him as she reached for her purse and began to call for an ambulance and while there, the police for Wayne. Karl was now free from his constraints too and neared Bree, he gently placed a hand on the small of her back to comfort her.

Soon, the other two companions; Katherine and Elliot rushed into the trailer, "What happened?" Katherine panicked before she looked closely at the scene before her, "Oh shit!" she gasped, "Orson!" and she rushed to Bree, looking down at Orson on the floor and then finally she saw Wayne.

"Hello Kathy…" he smirked to her.

"Jesus! What are you doing here?!" she paled and retreated backwards, keeping her eyes trained on Wayne's form in the chair, nervous he could just leap up even though he was bound tightly in the position, she backed up into Elliot and was already shaking as she looked at her ex husband.

"Now that's no way to greet your love…" he smirked still.

"I shouldn't be greeting you anyway, you were dead the last time I saw you! In a body bag!!" she hissed, turning to cuddle into Elliot's chest, her new found love now.

Just before Wayne was to speak again, the blare of sirens and wheels screeching to a halt was heard outside, Emma moved to the door and opened it, summoning the crews to come into their trailer, moving the witnesses back towards the walls, so the crews could do their jobs. They first checked Orson and then moved him into the ambulance, while this was happening, Karl let Bree go, he knew he had to for this, and then the police arrested Wayne and his remaining heavy before flinging them in the squad car.

One police officer turned to Emma and then to Bree, "Finally we got him, you know how long we were looking for him?! Ever since he scorched one of our best men down at the city morgue…and he escaped, wearing the uniform…" the cop said, "God it feels good to have finally caught his ass!" and with that he walked off with the rest of his team.

Bree hurried outside to go in the ambulance with Orson, Karl just caught her wrist, "Baby, I'll wait for you…" he told her.

"Karl, I'd rather call you…" she replied, looking over her shoulder to Orson before she turned and pecked Karl's cheek and climbed into the back on the vehicle to go over to the hospital.

* * * * *

He waited for that call and yet got nothing. Wayne had been imprisoned for life, as had his heavy, Emma had brought back the show and, Katherine had found joy with Elliot, he'd decided to move in with her, bring his son, the one his wife hadn't been able to cope with, funnily enough, her name had been Kathy too…Karl saw people moving on and making new lives and yet there he was without his love, without his life. Until one day, she called him.

"Karl, it's Bree…uh…I'm sorry I…I didn't call sooner, I was busy…" she sounded distressed in her voicemail, "Could you…meet me somewhere? Call me back. Please…" and that was the message she'd left him. Karl could have sworn he'd heard something in that message and he couldn't pinpoint what it had been, but when he saw her, it was obvious.

"Bree, I'm sorry…" he told her, "I'm so sorry"

"It was Orson's time…" she replied, and then turned pulling closer to herself a buggy, "It was this reason I wanted us to meet…how would Evan fare with a brother? My son hasn't met his father yet…" she looked to him.