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After some consideration and long hours of work, consisting in writing and rewriting several ideas, I present to you my latest project. An AXS story, though I sadly don't own Hellsing. But what the heck, that's not stopping me. So please sit back and enjoy.

Chapter 1


/../; /.../ thinking

"You bloody idiot!" Sir Integra's voice could be heard screaming making the entire household stop for a moment from what they were doing. "What the hell where you thinking? O wait, nothing! Cause if you were we wouldn't be in this mess!"

There had been a mission that night: several freak vampires, ghouls, nothing unusual. Still something went horribly wrong. "Do you have idea how long it took me to explain this matter to the queen? You're dam well lucky I don't have you and that pet put down"

"It was only a building master." Alucard tried maintaining his composure, however difficult that was considering the situation.

"She blew up half the docks! I'm warning you Alucard, if you can't control that girl I'll be forced to take action! And believe me I won't hesitate to do it!"

"You will not touch her!" he finally shouted back all patience lost. "She may be a child but she is my child! My fledgling, my property not yours!"

"Then take care of it! I don't care how you do it just do it!" Standing up form the chair, her right fist came down forcefully against the wooden surface of the desk." Or I swear she'll be terminated faster than you made her and I don't give a dam by whose hand it will be! Now get out!"

Not even answering back, Alucard simply turned around disappearing from sight.

Meanwhile, down in the manor's basement, a frightened girl waited for news of her faith. It had all gone so terribly wrong she was sure there would be severe punishment waiting for her as soon as her master returned form dealing with his own. Her shoulder was hurting and bleeding still due to the injury sustained in the fight. Drinking her dinner had helped but being so tiered made the healing process much slower than normally. The worst part was that she'd only tried to help, yet only ended up making a horrible mistake. There was a moment during the mission where she just lost it completely, the beast within her waking up with a vengeance after being locked up for so long. She'd finally starting drinking her blood like her master had always told her to, but instead of helping her that single act made her more unstable for some unknown reason, made her crave things she normally didn't, made be more aggressive towards all around her. She had been wounded badly and cornered after helping some of the men, and all hell broke lose. The sane part of her mind was roughly pushed aside turning her into a most destructive creature who took down not only the freaks but some of her own men as well, injuring them badly. And as she stood there by her coffin waiting for the end the entire room suddenly became colder and full of shadows.
" Master?"

"What the hell were you thinking?" Alucard's anger filled voice screamed at her before she found herself pined against the stone wall, his strong hand tightly wrapped around the throat. "Stupid girl! Do you have any idea of the situation you put me in?


"Be quite!" Her feet barely touched the ground, his grip only getting stronger and leaving marks on the alabaster skin. "You want to be destroyed? Is that it? If you ever disobey me again I'll make sure that happens!" throwing her across the room, she landed right on her already injured shoulder making her whimper in pain. "You will not leave this room without permission! Your training starts tomorrow, your punishment now!" Eyes burning with rage and anger, he could clearly smell the fear coming form her which in turn only made him grin even more.

To be continued...

I know the first chapter is a bit short, but I'm working on the rest so hopefully they'll be much longer. I'll try my best to post the next chapter as soon as possible.

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