Author's Note:: Kathree slashy fic. One shot.

Returning home from the photoshoot they had been asked to pose on together, Katherine and Bree parked up on Bree's drive, sighing as they pressed and rested back into their seat in Bree's Lexus. They looked to each other and said their goodnights before parting their separate ways to their respective homes and getting ready for bed, in the eyes of their neighbours. Once their neighbours had kissed their spouses goodnight and put the kids to bed, and turned off the lights, the women would meet in Bree's house. Katherine would go over and let herself inside to make sure Bree wasn't alone with any alcohol and she would look after her during the night, staying with her.

On this night, Bree had not yet changed and readied herself for bed when Katherine arrived at her house, so when Katherine came into the bedroom she was puzzled and confused when she looked at Bree. The redhead looked back to Katherine and she swallowed before she cleared her throat as best she could, since she'd been crying and she said, "Orson comes home tomorrow…" and she stared at the same spot on the carpet while Katherine moved closer to her, "I don't know what to do…I'm…not ready for him to be here again"

"Bree, I…" Katherine stalled and she sighed, sitting with the redhead on the edge of the bed.

Bree looked up at Katherine and she nodded before moving close to her friend and holding onto her, "I'm not ready to see him"

"I know you're not but you have to be Bree, you have to be ready!" Katherine replied firmly.

Bree didn't like Katherine to be firm like that, she saw the firmness as her job, since she was the one who had taken over the business, stealing it right from under Katherine's nose and claiming it as her own. But when Katherine spoke to her that way, she always felt something…something a married, forty-something female shouldn't feel. Lust for another woman, her best friend. Bree nodded a little before she leaned against Katherine, "Do something…?"

"Like what? What can I do?!"

"Kiss me" Bree replied, swiftly and shortly.

Katherine looked to Bree and she saw that look in Bree's eyes, she knew she was wanted by the redhead, and she could feel herself heating to want Bree too. Katherine found her lips being unexpectantly drawn to Bree's in a deep and powerful kiss, letting her tongue rub up harshly against the redhead's.

Feeling this, Bree moaned into Katherine's mouth, the sound swallowed as Katherine lapped her lips and tongue against Bree's in a fit of lust. Katherine moved her fingers into Bree's hair and pushed her down into the mattress, moving over her body, "Honey…I'll do something…I promise you'll love it…" Katherine muttered before she kissed Bree deeply again, full of passion, fuelled for her.