Lesser Evil

By: Raicheru

Summary: Taken to Hueco Mundo against his will, Ichigo must find a way to cope with the loss of part of himself.

Pairing: GrimmXIchi, slight UlquiXIchi- Yaoi, some non-con

Disclaimer: No money, just fun.

Ichigo clapped a hand to his eye and started cursing. His arrancar opponent raised a wary eyebrow then frowned. The kid's spiritual energy was fluctuating wildly. Grimmjow wondered if that's all the little punk had to give him. The fight was rapidly dwindling to a rather unsatisfactory conclusion. He had no interest in slaughtering the weak. There was no challenge in it.

The shinigami raised his weapon again and flexed his spiritual energy making Grimmjow grin again. Maybe it wasn't over yet. He dove forward but stopped suddenly as the waves of energy licked over him. They brushed his skin like rough, but not unpleasant caress. A muscle in his jaw jumped as the sensation shot straight to his groin. His thoughts muddled in confusion for a moment. That doesn't feel like soul reaper energy. He feels more like a hollow. What the hell is he? He shuddered as another wave hit him.

It felt. . .good. Really good. Grimmjow shook his head as if to shake away the lingering sensation. Diving down, he aimed a savage kick to the wounded Soul Reaper. His foot caught Ichigo on the chin sending him sprawling to the ground. Grimmjow was pleased to see the boy struggle to his feet again. A look of determination hardened his pretty features.

The arrancar was hardly breaking a sweat, but every time he knocked the soul reaper down, there was an angry surge of energy in response. The kid had potential. Grimmjow could almost see it, all those emotions roiling under the surface. Were all humans like this, or was it just this one?

Ichigo had gotten back to his feet and leapt to attack. Grimmjow easily caught the blade ripping it out of the boy's hands and heaved it away from him. The black Zanpaku-to skittered across the pavement creating a glowing trail of sparks that faded off into the darkness.

"Well that was pathetic. Is that all you've got?" Grimmjow fisted his hand in the fabric of Ichigo's kimono and drew him close. "Are all soul reapers this weak, or is it just you?" Ichigo responded by trying to break free, but the taller man merely used his free hand to grab hold of one of Ichigo's wrists and squeeze. Ichigo could feel the bones pressing together and suppressed a groan of pain only to let it out in rush as Grimmjow drove a knee into his stomach. It was all he could do to keep his focus on breathing. He was jerked around suddenly as Grimmjow turned without letting go.

"What do you think you're doing Grimmjow?" Ulquiorra stepped from the tear in space. Ichigo looked back over his shoulder. He recognized the other arrancar from their previous encounter.

"What the hell do you care?" As Ichigo tried to squirm out of his grasp again, he spun the boy and wrapped an arm around his throat holding him tight. Ulquiorra's expression didn't change, but Grimmjow knew he was pissed. "What's the matter? Are you mad because I didn't invite you?"

"Hardly. None of the others survived your little outing. Lord Aizen will not be pleased."

"Tch. You don't give a damn about them any more than I did. What's your problem now?"

"Did you or did you not hear what Lord Aizen said at our last meeting? The boy is mine to do with as I wish." Grimmjow's eyebrows rose then drew in as he smirked in the other arrancar's face.

"Finder's keepers." Ulquiorra eyed the semi-conscious boy in Grimmjow's arms.

"If you're not careful, you'll break him." Ichigo was grasping weakly at the arm pressed to his throat. "We should return to Las Noches before the rest of the garbage comes looking for him." Grimmjow looked at the other arrancar suspiciously. "I'm sure you noticed unique way his energy fluxed while he was fighting. If we don't go now, you won't be able to explore that further." The realization dawned and the aquamarine eyes narrowed slightly.

"You felt it too." Ulquiorra didn't reply. He merely turned and opened a door identical to the one he'd arrived through. Ichigo struggled in Grimmjow's grip, his voice a strangled whisper.

"Let go you bastard. . .ow!" He hissed out an angry breath as the arrancar bit the edge of his ear. Licking along the teeth marks left behind, Grimmjow all but purred.

"I like it when you fight, but I'm in a bit of a hurry here. Keep that up and you might lose a limb." The boy stilled and Grimmjow took the opportunity to wind his other arm around Ichigo's slim waist. Grimmjow could feel the spiritual energy of others approaching. Retreating, he moved back toward the doorway dragging his prize with him.

Ichigo suddenly burst into movement and nearly slipped from the startled arrancar's grasp. He had no intention of seeing what was on the other side of that rip in space. Just being this close made him slightly nauseous. Kicking back, he twisted out of the arms wrapped around him. He growled as the other fought to get a hold on him again and drove the heel of his hand into the arrancar's chest. Being so close, the blow was weak and had no real effect.

Grimmjow's fist slammed into his jaw. His vision wavered as the arrancar pulled him back against his body pinning his arms to his sides. He managed to work his right arm free, but he was already being dragged through the opening. Ichigo reached out as if trying to make one last grab for the human world, and inarticulate cry escaping his lips. As the rip sealed itself, Ichigo felt something tear inside him. He screamed in pain digging his nails into the arms wrapped around him.

"What the hell is wrong with him?" Grimmjow eyed the soul reaper in his arms. For a moment, he wasn't sure what to do. He was unused to violent screaming fits that he had not caused himself. Ulquiorra came closer to peer into the boy's face.

"It appears that he has never traveled through the Garganta before. The ambient Reishi seems to be bothering him."

"I can't bring him into Hueco Mundo like this. He'll draw all kinds of attention." His trip to the human world had not been sanctioned. Grimmjow wasn't particularly worried about the consequences, but he had no intention of heralding his return with a screaming captive. Ulquiorra placed two slim fingertips on Ichigo's temple.

"Duerme." Sleep. Ichigo struggled briefly, tossing his head to the side as if trying to shake off the spell.

Grimmjow heaved a sigh of irritation as the boy fell limp in his arms. Ulquiorra turned and moved off not bothering to see if the other arrancar followed. He easily created his own smooth, narrow path out of the violent sea of Reishi that surrounded them.

Grimmjow frowned and looked down at Ichigo. Even unconscious, the soul reaper's spiritual energy spilled out unchecked. He had to hide him somehow. Raising his own spiritual energy to near stifling levels, he wrapped it around the shinigami.

He had to shift his hold as Ichigo threw his head back, his whole body arching as he fought the intrusion of foreign energy. His breath heaved in his chest and he let out a pained cry as their auras were forcibly blended. It was over in a moment and he was still once more.

Satisfied that no one would notice the boy's presence unless they were specifically looking, Grimmjow slung the unconscious soul reaper over his shoulder and followed after Ulquiorra. His own path was much less defined and jagged. It appeared just before he set his foot down and dissipated just as quickly.

They arrived shortly in Las Noches, the stark white center of power Aizen had created in the center of the vast desert that was Hueco Mundo. The former soul reaper had suddenly appeared and with promises of power had changed the balance in the hollow realm forever. Grimmjow didn't care about any of that. He had what he wanted and he followed as long as it suited him.

Both Grimmjow and Ulquiorra stopped suddenly as a lesser hollow appeared before them requesting their presence in the main hall. Grimmjow quickly blasted him with a cero. There was nothing left of the creature but a stained shadow on the wall. Ulquiorra eyed him impassively.

"Was that wise?"

"You mean I should have let him go tell everyone?"

"Hardly. But now you will have to explain yet again why Lord Aizen has lost a messenger. It's become a rather bad habit of yours."

"Whatever." He moved off toward his quarters.

"My rooms are closer." Grimmjow clutched the soul reaper possessively.

"He's mine."

"We'll see. But for now, we must get him out of sight and report to the main hall. Or have you forgotten already?" Huffing irritably, Grimmjow followed the other arrancar. Ulquiorra was right even though he would never say so. There would be time later after they went to find out what Aizen wanted. The taller man looked around the spacious rooms as they entered.

"Hmph. These are bigger than my quarters."

"I am Quarta, you are Sexta." Ulquiorra's flat tone implied that the difference should be obvious. Grimmjow fumed silently. He hated being a subordinate to Ulquiorra, but he knew not to challenge him. At least not yet.

Dropping Ichigo unceremoniously on the bed he stood back and looked down at the boy he'd stolen. His hakama and kimono were disheveled and torn from their fight earlier. Numerous cuts and scrapes colored his skin, some of them deep and still bleeding. An ugly bruise bloomed along the line of his jaw. His features had relaxed in sleep. Grimmjow wasn't sure if he enjoyed the pained expression better or the look of this softer one. He caught Ulquiorra watching him.


"Are you coming?" Grimmjow growled but followed the shorter man out. The constant meetings were always a pain. Best to find out what Aizen wanted and get it over with.