Title: A New Watcher

Author: Ripper's Girl

Rating: FRT (teens)

Spoilers: Anything before and including Tabula Rasae, goes AU after that

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, FOX, etc. I'm just borrowing them for a little while.

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Summary: Buffy needs a Watcher. When Giles refuses to come back, Buffy has no choice but to call the Council.

Pairing: B/G, X/A, W/T

Note: This was from a challenge by Shelley found at the B/G Writer's Muse

Something happens to Buffy that causes her to really need a Watcher.
Buffy calls Giles in Bath and asks him to come back to Sunnydale, but
he thinks that she is simply trying to manipulate him and refuses to
come. He later learns that she has taken another Watcher, and is
absolutely overwhelmed with jealousy. He confronts her, and learns
that her need for a Watcher--preferably him--was entirely legitimate.
When he realizes that he wasn't there for her when she needed him, he
is overcome with guilt. Buffy forgives him, and B/G smoochies ensue.
It is up to you whether Giles stays strictly as a boyfriend, or
whether Buffy gives her new Watcher the boot.
Your story must have the following required elements:
1) A legitimate reason that Buffy would really need a Watcher, and
that the combined Scoobies can't meet that need. (Perhaps Buffy lost
a limb in a fight and needs to learn to slay without it, or there are a
series of books in languages that none of the Scoobies know, or there
is a prophecy that mentions an active Watcher...)
2) "Scary Dawn" reading Giles the riot act for not agreeing to serve
as Buffy's Watcher when she asked him.
3) A snotty Watcher, who brings out Giles' inner Ripper.
4) Mention of Buffy's jealousy over Kendra and/or Faith, when she
thought that Giles liked the other Slayers more than her.
5) Buffy's unconditional acceptance and forgiveness of Giles, no
matter what he said to her when he refused to serve as her Watcher.

It had been a month since Giles had left.

After getting over the hurt and anger that she had felt at him, Buffy realized that he had been right. She had been using him and treating him unfairly. After he had left, she had really started thinking. She had realized that no matter how much she didn't want to be here, she was here and she was just going to have to deal with it.

The first thing she had done was to have a talk with Dawn. There had been screaming and yelling, but had ended with tears and hugs. Dawn had even admitted to the shoplifting she had done. Buffy made Dawn either return what she had stolen or pay for it. Luckily none of the stores had pressed charges.

Her next task was to have a talk with Willow. It went much the same as her talk with Dawn. Tara's leaving had really upset Willow and she finally agreed that she had a problem. Willow said that she would talk to Tara to see if she knew any type of magical AA. Tara helped Willow find a counselor who specialized in "abnormal" cases. Willow had gone cold turkey with her magic use. Some days were harder than others, but she was doing it. Her therapist said that if she continued to do well she would be set up with a coven outside of Sunnydale. They would show her how to control her magic and not let it control her. Willow had also managed to get a part time job so she could help Buffy out with some of the expenses.

Continuing with her list of people to talk to, Buffy's next stop was Spike's crypt. She had told him in no uncertain terms that she wasn't interested in him and that kissing him had been a mistake. Spike had gotten angry and tried to kiss her again. She had thrown Spike against the wall and left. She hadn't heard from him since, which she was very much grateful for.

Her last task had been the hardest: finding a job. The only place that would hire a college dropout with basically no skills, other than slaying that is, was Doublemeat Palace. The pay was crap, but the hours worked for her and at least she could keep her and Dawn fed, clothed, and housed. She worked one shift during the day while Dawn was in school. Then she picked Dawn up from school, fed her dinner, went back for a night shift, and patrolled. Xander had agreed to take Dawn to school in the morning so that Buffy could get some sleep before her day shift at work. Xander had also taught Buffy how to drive and she had managed to pass her driving test. Being able to drive her mom's car made things a little easier on Buffy and she was grateful for that.

Thursday was the day it all came apart.

It started like every other day. Buffy made sure Dawn got up and then went back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Unfortunately this morning, Buffy forgot to reset the alarm after she got Dawn up. When she woke up again, she saw that it was ten minutes before her shift was supposed to start. She leaped out of bed, threw on her work clothes, grabbed her purse, and was out the door.

She was running late so she was speeding a little as she drove through the streets of Sunnydale. All of a sudden a dog ran into the road in front of her car. She hit the breaks and swerved to avoid hitting the dog. Unfortunately, she realized too late that there was a giant tree in the direction that she had just veered. There was a loud crash when the car hit the tree. Buffy felt an excruciating pain in her leg and then everything went black.