This is when the turtles were little four year olds. Which means their pronunciation is sort of bad, and Leonardo pronounces 'w' 'v' for some reason. Just so you know my spelling and such aren't that bad. I don't own the Turtles and whatever. x)

Splinter was meditating in his room when a strange sound alerted him of someone else's presence. He snapped out of his trance and opened one eye cautiously. There wasn't any movement in the room, which implied that the source of the noise was outside. Splinter rose to his feet, making his way to his door before opening it quietly and checking what was happening.

Three of his sons- Raphael, Leonardo and Donatello- were dragging their youngest brother across the carpeted floor. Their hands were tightly clenched around the edge of a fraying mat, on which Michelangelo was lying upon, fast asleep. Splinter didn't move from where he was standing, curious to see what his four year old sons were doing. When they had reached the door to the lair, Splinter decided to go see what they were up to. "My sons," Splinter approached them. They jumped, letting go of the mat as if they thought he hadn't seen what they were doing, thinking that they could hide their previous actions and pretend they hadn't been up to anything naughty. Michelangelo remained where he was, the fall not having woken him up. "What are you doing with your brother?"

"Nothin'…" Leo smiled, showing the gap in his teeth, which made him sound as though he had a larger speaking impediment than he and his brother's usually had. "Ve… ve vos jus' playin'."

"But Leo, I thought we was takin' Mikey back to the sewers where daddy found him," Raph said. Leo and Don looked at each other, rolling their eyes at their brother's stupidity.

"Wait to go," groaned Donnie, "Now daddy knows what we're doin'."

Splinter motioned for his sons to come closer, holding his arms out in their direction. They edged towards him, Leo taking up the front protectively. Splinter smiled, before wrapping his arms around their small bodies and embracing them tightly. "Tell me, why would you want to take your brother back to where I found him?"

"He's… He's pointless!" Don burst out, Leo and Raph nodding in agreement.

"Why is he pointless?" Splinter asked them, looking from child to child.

"You know Sensei…" Leo said, pausing in case Splinter wanted to answer. When their father remained silent, Leo continued, "All he does is be lazy, Master. He doesn' listen to ya ven you talk, and he plays loud music ven I'm readin'."

"And he's always breaks my toys," Don pressed on, "And ya know that scoo driver ya got me? He flushed it down…" Don tugged at his master's robe, bringing the rat's head closer to his level. Don cupped his three fingered hands around his mouth and whispered loudly, "The toilet, Master."

"And he talks all the time," Raph said, "He goes blah blah blah about stupid stuff and he keeps callin' me fat and ugly and smelly."

Splinter nodded, taking in his sons' comments. Then, he gently removed his arms and stood up. "Do you really wish to get rid of Michelangelo that much?"

"Yeah!" the trio half shouted.

"Very well," Splinter gathered Mikey in his arms, letting the child rest his head against his chest. Michelangelo looked like an angel when he was asleep, and a lot more innocent than he actually was when he was awake. Splinter jerked his head, and the three young turtles followed him out of the lair and into the dark, cold sewers. After a few paces, Splinter raised his eyebrows at his students, "It is very cold, isn't it? And it is dreadfully dark as well. Do you think Michelangelo will like it here?"

"Nah," Don shook his head, "Michaelangee is scared of the dark. And he won't like the cold 'cos he's a turtle. I read it in a book, daddy."

"I see," they walked a little further when Splinter stopped once more, "Do you think Michelangelo will have anything to eat when he gets there?"

"He thon't find anythin' much," Leo shrugged, "Me and you spend ages lookin' for food and sometime it takes months. Mikey won't find anythin', so he'll probabbie starve."

"Very well," Splinter didn't say anything for a while as they continued their journey, their footsteps keeping the silence away. Soon, they arrived at a spot next to some sewer water. Splinter lay Mikey on the ground carefully, "There, now let's return home."

The four of them headed home. The journey seemed a lot longer than before, and the three turtles found themselves bored of walking. Don wrapped his arms around his stomach, groaning, "I'm hungry, master."

"I did not bring any food," Splinter told him sadly.

"Mikey always has food stashed up his shell so maybe…" Don stopped, before sighing, "Oh yeah, we got rid of Michelangee, didn't we?"

"Indeed we did, Donatello, just as you and your brothers requested. Now come, it will be your nap time when we return home."

"But nap time's stup-ed," whined Leo, who hated lying down and not doing anything. His master had hundreds of things to teach them, and Leo loved getting the answers right in their lessons and looking good so much that he found nap time pointless. "Mikey always makes it fun vith his scary store-hes and his silly jokes… But he's gone now, isn't he Sensei?"

"Yes he is," Splinter said, "But if it really bothers you that much, Leonardo, then we can do something else when we get home. How about we play a game when we return? What do you three suggest we do when we get home?"

"We could…" Raph scratched his chin thoughtfully, "I dunno, Master Spintah. Mike always comes up with fun games to play, like pin the tail on the Sensei and Turtle tag. I forgeted the rules and only Mikey knowed how to play them funly. But we made Mikeylow go away." The three turtles looked at each other, realizing the mistake they had made and what they were missing out on now that Mikey was gone. After a silent conversation with themselves, the trio stopped walking and looked at their master.

"Sensei, I think ve need Michanglow," Leo said to his father, "Even though he's lazy and annoyin' and stuff, he's funneh and he knows how to make us happy ven ve are sad."

"Yeah," Donatello nodded in agreement, "He's our brother and we love him and we want him back so can we go find him?"

Splinter sighed, masking his face with a reluctant expression, "If you insist, my sons, we will go back and retrieve him."

It took less than a minute to reach where they had left Michelangelo. Splinter picked him up off the ground and put the turtle under his robe. Thankfully, he had no grown very cold while they were gone, but Splinter wanted to have his youngest son close to him. The very thought of any of them going away forever made a chill run down his spine. Mikey's brothers each took a turn to pat Mikey on the head and apologize (with Raph kissing him on the head as he did so), before heading back to the lair, which they could see from where they were standing. Leo and Don sped ahead, arguing with each other about what was better- Teletubbies or Thomas the Tank Engine. Master Splinter felt a slight tug on his robe, and looked down at Raphael.

"Master Spintah…" Raph blinked up at him, "Can we get rid of Leo instead?"

Splinter laughed, "Why would you want to do that, Raphael?"

"Because he's always tellin' me what to do and he's borin'. Though Don does make fun of me when I don't know somethin', so maybe we could get rid of him too?"

"We'll see," Splinter patted him on the shoulder, smiling faintly, "We'll see."