How amazing was 7x02 Reunion?

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This one-shot is pretty self-explanatory, I think. The dialogue does not belong to me! Nor do the characters. But I suppose you knew that.

"I thought you weren't sure what to say." There was a light, teasing tone in his voice, but Ziva was determined not to alleviate this moment by a joke, not now. This time did not call for lightness.

"Guess I had a long time to think about ... things." She looked down, anything to prevent him from seeing her eyes. The past few months she would not easily forget, but she was not yet ready to share the burden. She doubted if she'd ever be.

But when she did look up, she saw understanding in his eyes, and a slight smile that told her he knew what she was saying behind her actual words. Then he blinked, and the moment was gone.

"I'm sorry, Ziva."

"No," she replied quickly. She leaned away from the sink, trying to emphasize her words. "It is I who am sorry." The sentence sounded strange to her ears, but she gave it no further thought.

Then she looked at him again, and saw the –what was it?Hurt– in his eyes, and she gave in to the urge she had been having all day today: leaning in, she saw his eyes widen ever so slightly.

She kissed his cheek, lingering a little longer than she would have if this was a simple work partner. But that was the thing – they were not simple. She closed her eyes, smelling what made him him; what she had missed so much during those dark months.

When she pulled back, she somehow felt a need to explain her motive; he looked a bit puzzled.

"Your instincts were right. You were a cop and I should've never faulted you for thinking-"

Ziva didn't even see him move, but suddenly his hands were on her shoulders. She froze, eyes wide open as she tried to find out what he was trying to do. Then she saw that glint in his eyes; the one he always got when he had a breakthrough. She tried to ignore the slight pang of disappointment in her stomach.

"I'm a cop," he said, as if it was the biggest revelation he had ever had. "And I think like a cop." He cupped her head, like she had earlier, and for a moment she feared –hoped?– he was going to do what she had done only moments ago. "Genius."

Then he was gone, but she was still standing there.

What had just happened? She was not sure. But it had felt like the right thing to do.

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