Doug and Carrie received an invitation to their reunion party. Their friends were anxious to see them once again, but they never showed up. You'd never believe why.

"Hello? Yeah, hi Carla! Yes, I got my invitation, wait…hold on a minute," Carrie smiled. "Alexia, Samantha, Sean, and Patrick! Upstairs now!" Carrie screamed. "Yeah, I couldn't go. Well, after Doug and I had some fertility issues, we decided to spend a little nest egg on fertility drugs. So, after we had one, we wanted another one, naturally, and we got five. Yeah, Doug and I have quintuplets, but no worries. Wait, sorry…Kimberly! Stop messing up Alexia's hair! Sean! Patrick! No sliding down the stairs! Carla? Yeah, so that's why. We couldn't find a babysitter. They're five now. Yeah, we waited a little bit. Oh, yeah I can email you a video with all of us so you can send it around. Sure, let me start on that tomorrow, and I'll call you when I send it. No, thank you! Buh-bye!"

"Mommy!" Alexia and Samantha repeated at her feet. They grabbed her legs as she walked to the stairs.

"Timothy! You're supposed to be the role model!" she commanded, catching his as he slid down the stairs. "All of you, upstairs. Daddy has to get you ready to meet your teachers."

Carrie sighed and decided to write out the children's biographies. She started with the oldest.

Timothy Alexander Heffernan was born seven years ago. When he was one, we decided to have more children. Timothy was excited as my stomach started to grow, but he had no idea what was about to happen. Mommy was having five babies, and he was going to be their big brother.

The five babies are, in birth order, Alexia, Patrick, Sean, Kimberly, then Samantha. Samantha and Alexia are identical twins and both are girly-girls. Patrick, Sean, and Kimberly are identical triplets. Kimberly is the quiet bookworm, but her brothers are rambunctious and easily keep up with older Timothy.

Though all of them would love to go on camera, they were unable to due to a stomach virus. Carrie and Doug send their love over the wire, and they hope to make it to the next reunion.

Carrie smirked as she sent the email to Carla. She then sighed. She gave a little white lie. Really, she didn't want to have to deal with seven kids and a camera. Doug would be home any minute with the kids from meet the teacher, and the house was a mess. Carrie sighed and looked at her watch. Doug walked in carrying two kids on his back and the others were holding hands.

"What's wrong?" Carrie exclaimed, picking up Alexia and Kimberly.

"They got sick in the van. I think it's some kind of virus," Doug said quickly. Carrie sighed and immediately began working on helping the children to bed. Who knew the affects would hit within the hour, or that Carla would show up? The plan worked out, and everything was perfect as Carrie's life moved forward.