What Will Be, Will Be

(Slash and Preslash)

Warnings: Homosexuality, Vulgar Language, Mature Content

Pairing(s): Spock x Kirk (Spirk, Spork, Kock)


A/N – I have watched TOS and the new movie, but my knowledge on the universe is still very limited. Please bare with me and any inconsistencies that may arise. It is not too slow building, but you will see mature content in the future between Spock and Kirk. Enjoy, and if you have time, please review and/or share with your friends if you really like it! Thank you for your interest!


Starfleet had only issued the weary crew two weeks shore leave after their encounters with future Romulans (and death, don't forget about death). They were supposed to receive another two weeks, but with Starfleet Command still wanting to test the Enterprise and its new fangled glory (and with an apparent lacking on other heroic crews), the shore leave was cut in half. Captain James T. Kirk and his crew were to report back to the ship and conduct minor missions over a period of two months, and then return back to the Earth Starbase where the remaining promised two weeks would be waiting.

As you can imagine, Jim Kirk was not too happy about this.

Jim flung his bag over his shoulder as he looked up at the beautiful Enterprise sitting in dock. Crewmembers and personnel were already gathering and boarding the ship. Starfleet Nazis, he mused, I swear, if she wasn't such a beautiful ship, I would have told them to shove it! "I mean, you save the Earth and the thanks you get is more paperwork and a cut leave! Damnit!"

"That sounds just like my Captain." A warm hand pooled itself around Jim's neck and he turned slightly to see the hand belonged none other than the good doctor McCoy. A smile spread across his lips as he took in the full view of Bones, clean-shaven, still in civilian attire, and carrying a modest bag of personal supplies.

"'Sup, Bones!" Jim raised his hand in an attempt to give the man a fist-pound, and shortly it was met by an eye-rolling doctor. "Hey, you actually did the fist-pound this time, you must have had an awesome two weeks!"

"I went and saw my daughter, got drunk, and managed to snag a pair of legs for a week. I'm content—for now. Though," he began to sigh as the two headed together for the ship, "I was haunted by nightmares of the coming future. I saw you being a dumbass and getting hurt on several occasions and not enough alcohol to keep me from ringing your neck." Jim gave a smile.

"Sounds like we're in for a grand future, then." Bones rolled his eyes.

"I swear, Jim, it was hard handling you and your boisterous shit the first time around (and that doesn't include academy time), so I'm not sure if I can handle you for two more months."

"Wow, those are big words." Jim snickered to himself. "That's going to make the five year mission afterwards very awkward." Bones gave a smile and Jim started laughing. He slapped his shoulder and swung his bag on to his other side. "Come on, Bonesy! Have some faith in your friend! The world already knows I'm made of pure awesome and now it's your turn too!"

Bones shook his head. "You had best leave that cocky shit here on Earth. Doctor's order." Another smile. Jim liked it when Bones smiled. It was like a breath of fresh air through the monotony that was Starfleet protocol and regulation. Well, it was starting out good, Jim thought, maybe the cut leave wasn't such a bad thing after all.

I stand corrected.

When Jim entered his cabin, he expected to see an empty room full of Starfleet issued useless materials and a lonely bed with little promise of a good night's sleep. What he found instead was piles of paperwork sitting atop his desk and one pointy-eared bastard standing beside it. It looked as though Jim had just walked in and caught the Vulcan in mid-drop of another stack of paper. Once dropped, Spock turned and acknowledged him.

"Good morning, Captain." His voice was calm and collected, his features ridged and stone. Absolutely expressionless. Jim thought for a moment that there was little difference between Spock and a blank sheet.

"Call me crazy, Spock, but, I'm pretty sure this is, you know, my quarters." He watched the Vulcan's brow tip slightly. "If you have lots to do already, you should probably do them in your own room."

"I am aware that these are your quarters, Captain. I arrived early to make sure the data for a next few missions were available to you and that the necessary paperwork was lined up for you to look over." Jim eyed the stacks of paper.

"You know, we do have these little things call PADDs."

"Upon study of your academy record, I found that tangible material paper was better suited for you to accomplish obligatory tasks." It was Jim's turn to lift a brow, only his was also complimented by a slight drop in his jaw.

Are you shitting me?

"You seem confused." Spock began. "Would you have rather I brought this work sooner?"

"Soon—Damnit, Spock, I just got back! I'm just a little tired and when I entered my quarters I was expecting an empty space, not a paper-filled, First Officer-filled, whatever room!" Jim just then had dropped his bag to the floor. "You might be able to work non-stop and live off of little rest, but I can't. I need time to prepare myself." Spock's brow tipped and he turned on his heels. Jim then watched as Spock began picking up the papers. When he was sure he had them all, he walked towards the door, but stopped just a step in front of Jim.

"My apologies. I will bring these at a later time that is convenient for you." Spock nodded slightly. "Welcome back, Captain." Jim's eyes followed Spock all the way until his First Officer was out the door and it had closed behind him.

Oh, this was going to suck ass.

And it's only the first day!

A few hours later, when everyone was accounted for, settled in, and now at their stations, Jim walked out onto the Bridge. He was in uniform, looking calm, excited, with just a smidge of sleep deprivation. He had spent his two weeks at home and with all the news press and hanging with his mom, he had gotten little time to actually sleep.

He looked around and was greeted by the perky faces of his Bridge crew. Chekov was smiling, as he always was, and a twinkle in his eye told Jim he was excited to be back and on board. Sulu also was excited, but shown it less than Chekov. He looked like a man who was ready to fly into anything, anywhere, anytime. Then there was Uhura. Beautiful, radiant, absolutely stunning in that red uniform with her smooth legs poking out from the short hem of that sexy—whoa, hey, calm down there, Tiger—she was looking good.

Note to self: Stare at Uhura's legs when she isn't looking, he thought as he saw Uhura shake her head and roll her eyes. She was aware he had been staring. To calm himself from that sexy, dark-skinned communication officer, he turned to look for his First Officer. Spock was right where Jim expected him to be—right at the Science Station looking as stoic as a block of tofu and just as uptight.

Satisfied with the familiar faces, he clapped his hands together and sat down eagerly in his command chair. Crossing his legs and relaxing into his "captain-stance", he turned to Chekov and smiled warmly.

"Mr. Checkov, please debrief the crew of our mission and then set us a course for the Centauri Colony." Chekov's smile never faded. That boy was too cute for words.

"Aye-aye, Keptin."

The mission was simple enough. The Enterprise would take needed supplies to the Centauri Colony about four days away, dock, drop the cargo, pick up some colony data and transfer it to Starfleet Command and then go on to the next small mission. When Jim looked them over, most of them were transporting related. It was like the Enterprise became a temporary errand boy. If Jim wasn't so tired from saving the world and having such a short shore leave, he might have cared that such missions were insults to him and his crew. As it was, though, they were easy enough for Jim to be satisfied to proving he was capable of managing small missions and he could handle being a normal Captain as well as a captain of all that is badassery.

Admit it, saving the world makes you the captain of all that is badass. And you damn well know it. Jim chuckled silently to himself.

After the briefing and already a few hours into the job, Jim turned to Spock who looked like he was enthralled in whatever he was doing. Well, as enthralled as a Vulcan could look, anyway.

"Mr. Spock," Jim started and continued when his First Officer turned to him and tilted a brow, "now is a good time for that paperwork you tried to ambush me with earlier. Where'd you put it?" Spock stood and walked over shortly to his desk and pulled out a data PADD, he then handed it to Jim who looked confused, but was smiling.

"I reconsidered my logic and found that a PADD will suffice. I know how excited you were to receive actual paper, but for storage purposes, I knew you would understand." It didn't take long for Jim to figure it out, but he was pretty certain that the Vulcan was making fun of him on an intellectual level. Smiling, Jim took the PADD.

"Thank you, Mr. Spock. Your logic is not flawed in the understanding of my paper-fetish and to take it upon yourself to prevent my Bridge crew from seeing unwanted sexual tension. You are a man of honour and loyalty." Spock's brow tilted and he eyes squinted in the smallest bit. Jim thought he heard Chekov give a muffled giggle and Sulu swatting his arm. When Spock's features didn't soften, Jim gave a larger smile and stood.

"It was a joke, Mr. Spock. Lighten up." Blatant insult vs. intellectual insult. Blatant wins.

Jim = 1

Spock = 0

Oh, how those numbers were going to be fun to tally.

Smirk in place, Jim told Spock to have the Conn as he exited the Bridge to do his "paperwork", and by paperwork, he meant visiting Bones and bugging him for a while. Of course, his plan was thrown out of whack when Bones shooed him away and sternly told him logical things like "I have work to do" and "you have work to do".

Okay, time to be a real Captain. Thinking better, he went to his quarters where he sat and went through the paperwork. This was going to be a long four days.

It was nearly dinnertime when his door chime rang. He looked up, acknowledged the person and the door was opened. In the doorway stood his First Officer, hands clasped behind his back and the same stone features from earlier. When he saw Jim sitting there with the data PADD in hand, his features subtly softened.

"Never seen a Captain do his duties?" Jim asked as he sat the PADD aside. Spock was silent for a brief moment.

"I have. I have just never seen you do yours." Jim smiled and relaxed back into his chair, a smug look crossing his expressions just enough to cause that brow to tilt again. "Have you been working this whole time?"


"You are aware that it is past your shift?" Jim looked at the clock.

"I am now."

"Would you like to join me in the Mess for dinner?" Jim was taken aback by the question at first, but then thought it over and shrugged nonchalantly.

"Sure." They exited promptly and when they entered the Mess, they saw most of the crew sitting, chatting, and eating their own dinners. Jim replicated himself a sandwich and sat at the nearest empty table. Soon, Spock joined him with a plate of fruit and salad. After they began eating a silence took hold of them and Jim could hardly stand it.

"Do you always eat quietly?" Spock dabbed his face with his napkin.

"Is there something which you need to discuss with me?"

"Come on, Spock, no one asks someone to eat with them just to sit like china dolls." Spock stared back at him with those glass-dark eyes. Jim was sure Spock was studying him, or maybe he just really liked to stare. Either way, it was intense and Jim could feel the pressure of Spock's thoughts.

"You are accurate in your assumption." He began after a moment, "I did wish to speak with you." Jim leaned back and stretched.

"Shoot. Go for it." Spock was silent for a few more moments, so much that Jim finished stretching and was now looking at the Vulcan with curiosity. What could he be having trouble forming the words to say? As he looked, Jim noticed a small twitching in his brow and his dark eyes were adverted to the tabletop. Suddenly, the eyes rose to meet him.

"I wished to apologize for my behaviour on the Bridge this morning. It was not my intent to insult you in front of your crew. You may reprimand me as you see fit." The way his First had said "reprimand" was almost like he was used to it happening. Like it happened all the time. Which Jim was pretty damn sure it, like, didn't. He quirked his head to the side and then after seeing that his second-in-command was indeed serious, he sighed and gave a light laugh.

"I don't need to reprimand you. I thought it was funny, really. I came back at you with my own little insult so consider us even. Don't worry about it."

"I was not in worry, I was simply recognizing that I had shown non-professional behaviour this morning."

"Spock, chill." Jim laid his hands flat on the table and leaned forward a bit. "It's okay. Hell, if that was non-professional I'd prefer it. If you have a problem with me, I'd rather you say it to my face than keep it to yourself."

"You are…not angry, Captain?"

"Pssh, no." He laughed a bit. "So let me get this straight, you wanted to eat with me because you thought I was angry with you?"

"That is why you left the Bridge, did you not?"

"Holy, fuck no!" Jim let out another laugh that brought some attention to their table. He didn't care, but Spock seemed to become aware of the extra eyes. Jim toned himself down and brought himself closer to his First so to ease up the eaves-dropping. "I wasn't angry with you." He snickered, "but seeing as you thought I was, it's really funny. Have you had it on your mind all day?"

"You were gone for the entire shift." Jim laughed again and started waving his hands to keep Spock's attention from his opened mouth.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's just too funny to picture you all worried because you thought I was angry with you."

"Vulcans do not worry. That is an emotion."

"Okay, whatever. That's cool. Be in denial and all that."

"I am not in—"

"Look, thanks. I appreciate your concern. This day turned out better than I thought it would be. It started so badly I could have sworn you and I were gonna be at each other's throats—uh, no pun intended there." Spock looked at him curiously. Jim was finding it completely laughable that Spock had probably worried about his disposition all day. The actual image that popped in his head was Spock dressed in a 1920s dress looking all upset and worried over his husband.

Whoa, weird thought.

When Jim's snickers subsided, he looked into those dark eyes and studied them. Maybe the older Spock had been right after all. He decided then he didn't want to leave the guy alone since Spock still seemed minutely upset about thinking he was angry with him. He thought for a long moment.

What do smart guys like to do in their spare time? He suddenly had a flash of one of his days back in the academy when he was doing computer studies and saw one of the students beside him playing virtual Chess on his computer screen.


That's a smart guy's game, right?

"Hey, why don't we go to one of the Rec Rooms and play a game of Chess?"

"Excuse me, Captain?" Spock's eyes tensed just the smallest bit. Jim shrugged. "I mean, how else am I going to convince you I'm not angry with you? Come on, we'll play a game to battle out the frustrations." His First appeared to contemplate that for a second.

"I did not know you played." He finally answered.

"I don't." Came Jim's perverted smile. "But, I can learn. It can't be that hard, right?"

"Chess is a strategic game. It is 'hard' based on the player's experience. Since you have none yourself, this will make the game appear said way." Jim bit his lip for a few seconds while he thought that Spock was really saying that he was going to kick Jim's ass. Well, he was never one to back down from a challenge.

"Oh, I get it." He taunted. "You're scared I'll be a Chess prodigy and kick your ass. Better to scare me off now than revoke your title."

"I never said I had a title in Chess."

"You never said you didn't either." Jim stood and brushed himself subconsciously. "Come on, I'm willing to bet some Credits that I'll take you down on the first game." Spock's brow tilted in an amused fashion.

"For someone who has never played, you are quite sure of your unseen abilities." Their eyes locked for a moment, steady, taunting, a spark igniting between them. Finally, Spock gave a small sigh. "I concede to you, Captain. I shall accept your challenge."

Jim = 2

Spock = 0

Fuck yeah. I'm on a roll.

The first game was a complete landslide win for Spock. Jim knew this would happen. As his First tried to teach him the basics, Jim found himself a quick learner, but not skilled enough to take on Spock's obvious passion for the game. This, however, would not last, as the days went on and the two found each other's company enjoyable enough to spend nearly every night playing the game. Jim saw it as a step forward from their previous professional relationship and watched it slowly become a recognized friendship.

It was their third week out on their missions when Jim peered up from his chess pieces, knowing that Spock was planning to take his bishop, and had been listening intently to his First while he explained the history of how the chess piece names came to be, that he diverted the conversation in a different direction.

"Spock, would you say that we're friends?" His First stopped mid-sentence and looked up, not puzzled, but a tilt in his brow to indicate curiosity.

"Considering that the term 'friend' means a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, I suppose I would say that you are accurate in your assumption. I hold a higher regard for you now than I did previously, so logically, that would make us friends." Jim smiled. Spock giving text book answers was something funny and positive at the same time. I mean, he could have just said 'yes' but that would be too easy.

"I'm glad. I think we're friends too."

"Your attempts to sway my logical play are undoubtedly for naught." He moved his queen directly before a trapped white king. "Checkmate." Jim looked down and saw that he had left himself wide open for that strategic play.

"I wasn't trying to sway you. I was just stating the obvious." A smile crossed his lips. "Besides, I don't make it a habit of mine to emotionally compromise you all the time." Spock stared blankly into his eyes as he commenced to clean up the board.

"Indeed." There was another spark. It was subtle, but Jim felt it. It was like the two had finally seen eye to eye and it was an incredible feeling. Spock was actually a pretty cool guy. He was good at lots of things that Jim would never have suspected. Of course, he did them logically and that made only a slight difference, but still. Jim was finding his company enjoyable and started looking forward to having his ass handed to him at Chess every night. It was therapeutic.

It was their forth week out, though, that challenged them both on terms of collective being and friendship. This was something neither were prepared for, but the universe decided to throw it their way anyway.

The universe was just a bitch like that.

Fucking universe and it's fucking "uni"…and "verse"…'n' stuff…

"Captain, an anomaly has been spotted." Spock's words broke through Jim's mind like a brick through glass. He had been concentrating on a PADD with information on their next mission when Spock spoke.

"What kind of anomaly?" Spock looked at his science station before replying.

"It has a high density and gravitational pull, almost like a black hole, and yet there are no disturbances with the star systems around it. This is strange behaviour."

"Yeah, strange and it sounds deadly anyway, so Sulu take us around it and be sure to keep us at a safe distance."

"Aye, Captain." The ship moved in deep dips and the entire crew could feel every turn Sulu made. Just as they were about to clear this 'anomaly', a shockwave was sent through the ship. Everyone toppled to the left on impact. Jim tried to regain himself from the floor.

"Status report, Mr. Spock!"

"Captain, it appears it was some kind of magnetic burst. Possibly a release of charged particles."

"We have visual of an unknown craft on screen," Sulu's voice broke through. Jim looked up and saw a small craft floating through the void. From what it looked like, a trail of some cosmic fluid was behind it and it was coming from the strange anomaly.

"Zoom up on that craft." Jim barked. Sulu did as commanded and the small craft was brought into view. It was a small vessel named "Orion". Jim thought for a moment. Didn't he have a small vessel named Orion as well? Displacing those thoughts, he turned to Uhura.

"Open communications to the vessel."

"Aye, Sir." When the acknowledging sound was heard, he began.

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. I do not see any other starships in the area, are you in need of assistance, Orion?" There was no response. Silence. "I repeat, this is Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise, are you in need of assistance, Orion?" Still, almost heart-pounding, there was no response. "Cut the transmission." Uhura obliged. Jim turned towards Spock with a slight fear in his gaze.

"Mr. Spock, what are the chances that the ship was damaged by the burst and can not communicate?"

"High, Sir. A burst like that on such a small vessel could also render the crew inside it unconsciousness. It would be in best interest to use the tractor beam and bring the vessel in should the crew need medical assistance." Jim agreed. What was a small vessel like that doing out here in this part of space? He had a morbid thought that the crew inside might have been dead for some time and maybe it was more like a floating coffin—but, that couldn't be true. Looking at the vessel again, he saw that it looked clean and smooth, not at all like a vessel would look if it were floating aimlessly through space to be thrown about and destroyed by debris.

In the end, Jim had the vessel pulled into their docks. It was when he stepped into the air locked dock that he felt something strange in the pit of his gut. When he looked at the vessel, it was blocky, very square in shape, but the design was nearly similar to that of one of his smaller vessels. It looked like it belong to the Federation. What was a Federation vessel doing out here by itself? Was it collecting data on the anomaly? That could be a possibility. But, alone?

Bones had come with them just in case of a medical emergency and stood beside Jim as Spock went to the vessel's hatch. It took a few tries, but the door finally released and it opened. Immediately, smoke came pouring out but there were no voices from inside. Jim was fearing the worst, especially when the smell of burnt material wiped his face.

The good doctor was first to enter. He was grabbing his tricorder and ruffling through his medical bag before he even stepped foot inside. The next thing Jim heard was Bones muffled gasps.

"Oh my God, Jim." Jim darted to the door but could barely see through the smoke, the smell becoming intense.

"What is it, Bones?" His voice sounded shaky. He was prepared for dead crewmen. To start his career off with dead crewmen would not look kindly upon the rest of his missions. The others would see it as a bad omen and trying to identify these men would be a hassle in itself. But, in all respect, Jim just didn't like the idea of people dying. It was a dreadful thought that he preferred to keep as far away from his mind as humanly possible.

He traveled though the smoke, noticing that Spock had joined him by being a step behind. He found Bones kneeling next to three bodies lying on the floor. Jim almost started backing out, and would have too had Spock not been directly behind him, so he was forced to come face to face with the bodies and Bones.

"Jim, you need to look at this." He felt his stomach churn.

"Damnit, Bones, if they're dead, that's your jurisdiction! Don't make me look at them!"

"No, Jim. Look." The smoked cleared a little and Bones had moved some stray hairs from the face of one of the men lying on the floor. Jim's heart jumped at what he saw. He couldn't stop himself from looking closer and then looking at the rest of the men. His eyes played a small game of hot potato as he searched the features of each one.

They were alive, thankfully, but that was not what Bones wanted him to see.

Jim stepped back, in complete awe and turned to his First Officer whom also seemed to be wearing a mask of shock behind his stoic, stone appearance.

On the floor, the three bodies were identified as CMO Leonard McCoy, Lt. Cmd Spock, and Captain James T. Kirk.


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