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Brittany was on her way home from a date. Today was her 16th birthday and her family wanted her home by 3:45 pm. She didn't know why, but didn't pursue the argument any longer than 15 minutes.

She stepped up to the front porch and just as she was about to unlock the door, someone grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth and wrapping their free arm around her waist. She dropped her keys.

"Now, now. Don't your worry, sweetie. They won't even know you're missing. Since they're dead." Came the captor's voice. It was a male. Her breath caught and she shook her head in disbelief. "I think I know someone who'll want you." With that, he inserted a needle into her neck, she winced at the pain, but soon darkness overcame her within seconds.

The first thing she heard was noise. People walking around hurriedly and frantically. "The Princes are coming! Get the females ready!" Came the same voice who had taken her. Her vision was blurry as she struggled to clear her eyes. She heard a gate door open and she was pulled out of it. She was forced into a line along with the other girls. They were crying and sniffling, shivering against one another.

"Hello, my old friend!" came a younger voice.

"Hello, Prince." The man said, trying not to sound intimidated with the boys' royal power.

"Hello, James." came another, more mature sounding young voice.

"Hiya, James!" came yet another, sweeter, more gentle voice.

"We brought some lovely women. Some loyal looking slaves." He said again, motioning to the line of girls. Some looked ready to go to the princes. Some, like Brittany, were ready to go back home. She couldn't see clearly yet, but her hearing was fine. Slaves!? She was ready to demand what was going on, but words wouldn't form. She could make out a tall, older man next to 3 younger men. One was the tallest, the one in the middle was second tallest, and the last one was slightly chubbier and the shortest.

"Well, let's take a look see!" Came the first voice of the group. He walked from the beginning of the line, slowly down. He stopped at two girls from Brittany. "Well, my my. Aren't you cute?" He said in what Brittany thought was an overused flirt tone. The girl made no reply that Brittany could hear, and the boy chuckled. This only deepened her disgust and desire to go home. "Shy too, huh? Well, I can fix that. I'll take this one, James." the boy said.

"A fine choice, Sir. Next?" He asked. From Brittany's still blurred vision, she could see the chubby one come up next. It didn't take him long to pick. He had still been at the top of the line. "Your turn, Sir." The last boy sighed.

"Must I?" He asked in an annoyed and bored tone.

"Yes! Dad told all of us to choose a slave." came the first boy's voice. The last one sighed and walked down the line, not really paying much attention. Brittany closed her eyes, not sure if she wanted to be chosen or to go with the extras.

He had passed Brittany, she could tell by the sound of his footsteps. He stopped and backtracked, stopping in front of her. "Well, well. You're a unique beauty, aren't you?" He asked, tilting her head up by her chin. He didn't sound like he was flirting, like the first boy. He sounded more like he was observing. She didn't open her eyes, her heart pounding. "She looks like she still has some of that drug in her system, James. How much did you use on her?"

"The same as the other girls. She hasn't come out of it yet?" He asked, moving next to him. "Pardon me, Sir." He said and the boy let go of her chin. She was grabbed roughly by her shirt. "Wake up you lazy whore!" He shook her roughly.

"Stop that this instant!" The last boy yelled. The shaking stopped. Brittany's knees gave out, but someone caught her. "You won't manhandle her! Hear me?!" He yelled at James.

"Yes, Sir." He said frightened. "Is she your choice?" He asked with caution. Brittany lifted her head to look at the boy who held her bridal style, but couldn't make out his face through her blurred vision.

"Yes, she is my choice." He said in a low, angry growl, though it wasn't aimed at her, it made Brittany shiver against him. She lowered her head, closing her eyes back just as he looked down at her.

He parted with his brothers once inside the palace. "Just so you know," he said, talking to Brittany now as he walked down the hall to his room. "I have no intention of using you the way my brothers plan on using their girls." She didn't reply, this didn't surprise him. He opened the door to his room and she felt something soft under her. He closed his door. "Can you see yet?" He asked, sitting on his bed across from the one he was on. She opened her eyes part way. Her vision was most of the way back. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. "Wait! Wait!" He said. She stopped and lowered her hands.

He was sitting on his knees by the bed and was cleaning her hands with a damp rag. She wished she could see him clearly. She tried to talk, but could form no words. He looked at her and smiled. "You should be able to talk and see fine in a few hours." He said gently, lowering her hands back and standing. "Sleep now, I need to talk to my brothers and father." He left his room, shutting the door gently. Brittany didn't want to sleep in some strange boy's room. But she was so tired from the long journey, her body outfought her mind and she was asleep in seconds.

"Where is Alvin?" Their father asked once Simon arrived. Simon rolled his eyes.

"I don't think he could wait, Dad." came the smallest one's voice. Simon looked at him.

"Wait for what?" Their dad asked, looking at Simon. Simon arched an eyebrow and shook his head. "That boy! I'd ground him, but I'd only encourage his senseless behavior." Just then, Alvin came in, looking highly satisfied, for the moment at least.

"Theodore, you wouldn't believe the lungs on that girl! She can scream!" He exclaimed, but fell silent at the look their father gave him. "Sorry, Dad." He said, bowing his head submissively.

"Now that you're all here." He began, making Alvin blush. "I want you to know, you are not wedded or bound to these girls. Simon, I'm glad you chose one." He addressed the tallest of them. Simon nodded once. "And, though Alvin beat you two to the punch, you don't have to make them sex slaves. Though, naturally, that's what they're there for. If not for bed, make them useful. Have them clean, help prepare food. Just don't let them waste space. OK?" They all nodded in unison. "And, no Alvin, you can't have more than one. Though, you can trade with your brothers, but only for a night. And only if they want to. OK?" Alvin pouted at the first statement, but beamed at the second and nodded.

"Hey, Si. Can I borrow yours? You got a freakin' hot one!" Alvin asked, maitaining his cool about it, but still looking eager.

"What?! No! Are you insane!?" Simon demanded. Alvin scowled.

"Fine, don't share. I like mine better anyway." He said with a cocky attitude. Simon and Theodore rolled their eyes, and their dad shook his head.

"Go on, you 3. Have fun, but remember, you have training in the morning. OK?" They nodded and left.

Simon closed his door quietly when he saw that she was asleep. He smiled and covered her up. He then turned off his light and sat on the edge of his bed. He removed his glasses, shirt and shoes, folding them up. He laid on his back and let out a breath. He laid with his back to her, covered up and settled to sleep as well.

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