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Waking from a hard night's sleep before sunrise, Brittany sighed and sat up. It was no use, with the knowing fact that she could be helping having her family be found, she couldn't just lay around and do nothing. She looked over at Simon's bed and saw that he was gone again. It looked as though maybe he hadn't come back at all last night. Tossing her blanket off, she climbed out of her bed and stood. She went through her drawer for an outfit she could look nice in, but be willing to work in as well. It was hard to decide, all of them looked so delicate. She decided on a pink, baby blue and light purple outfit. Taking her hair out of the braid, she ran her fingers through it and tied it in a half up, half down style. Slipping on her shoes, she left Simon's room.

Looking around as she walked around the palace, there was major business going on. It was like they never slept. Lifting her gaze to the stained glass windows several feet above the ground, she made out an eagle, clouds and a multicolored sun, in the background was what she assumed as the castle she was in. It was very beautifully done, and she felt bad for the hard work the people must have done and were probably not even acknowledged for it.

Bumping into one of the maids she knocked the laundry she had been so careful carrying. "Oh! I'm sorry!" Brittany exclaimed. The maid said nothing, just bent, gathered them up, and scurried about her destination. Brittany watched her leave, feeling badly, but annoyed at not being responded to. Rolling her eyes, she turned and continued ahead. She came across a door, and tried to open it, but it was locked. She stood on her toes and looked through the round windows and into a large room that was at least 200 feet wide and 300 feet long. There was a large table that could fit probably over a hundred people on both sides. And each chair was occupied. There was more stained glass along the windows, but no designs, just luxurious colors.

Someone must have seen her, because all heads turned in a falling dominoes style. One person stood, bowed and made their way over to the doors. She recognized him as Simon instantly. Stepping back onto her feet completely, she stood away from the doors as he came through them. "Brittany, what are you doing wandering around?" He asked, closing the door most of the way, holding it from closing with his left hand. He must have been in this room all night, he looked exhausted. There were bags under his eyes, and his eyes weren't opened all the way, like he was trying to stay awake at this very moment.

"We were supposed to see the sketch artist this morning..." She told him. He sighed and rubbed his eyes.

"I know, I haven't forgotten. I just have to stay in this meeting. And besides, it's still very early, barely sunrise. I thought I told you to stay in the room, anyway. I have to make sure you don't get in the way. Or else I'll have you taken from me. Wandering around is getting in others way." He informed her, rambling endlessly out of having done it all night.

"What's the point of all night meetings? You have a different meeting, or class to go to everyday. They'll run you down and out of energy before they know it." She stated, not liking the fact that they were doing this to them.

"I have to be a part of this, I need to get used to it. If anything were to happen to Alvin as King, I'll take his place, I need to know all I can." Simon replied, leaning against the door.

"What good will you be with no energy?" She demanded, folding her arms over her chest. "I suggest, you go in there, be the Prince and order some time to rest and digest the information you've been given. The same for your brothers." He sighed and closed his eyes for a second.

"Wait here, alright?" He said once he opened his eyes back. She nodded and he went back into the Conference Room. She went back to the window and stood on her toes, straining to see what he was doing. She could tell by his body language he was taking her advice. Several people at the table were nodding as he spoke. She watched his brothers stand and move to be with him. All were talking now, she could tell, though barely, the older men and women were proud and impressed. With a wave of their hands, they allowed the Princes dismissal and as they walked to the door, they were gathering up their stuff as well.

Brittany stepped back as the three brothers came out of the room. "I thought it'd never end!" Alvin exclaimed, looking just as worn out as Simon.

"My head hurts!" Theodore joined in, massaging his temples in agony. "And I'm starving!" He said, wrapping his arms over his stomach.

"Thank Brittany, I wouldn't have done it without her help." Simon said with a smile. Alvin smiled as well and went over to her.

"How can I ever thank you for saving my sanity?" He asked, his eyes lowered in a seductive manner. He held her hand up to his lips, kissing it softly.

"I didn't mean that way, Alvin!" Simon snapped, dragging his brother away from her by the collar of his shirt. He gagged and jerked from his grip, massaging his neck.

She smiled at Simon and they all parted. "I'm glad to see you finally asserted your power as Prince. You may not be King, but you do have the right to do things, don't you?" She asked him as they headed back to his room.

"I do, but I try not to use it often. I worry that I'll get too used to it and become overwhelmed with the smallest things I have the power over." He explained.

She giggled lightly, "unlikely." She stated. He looked at her.

"You think so?" He asked.

"I'm sure. You don't seem like the type to be overwhelmed with power. You seem more logical than that. Now, with Alvin as King, well, I pray for you all." They both laughed.

"He'll have advisers. I just hope he listens to them. He'll have matured by then though." Simon said. There was silence as they arrived in his room. "Give me time to sleep, and as soon as I'm up, we'll get those sketches done, alright?" He said as he sat down.

"No worries, I'll go get to work. Let me know when you're ready." He nodded and she headed back out to her work station.

She was cleaning the floors, feeling a lot like Cinderella in multiple ways when someone called her over. Standing, careful not to slip on the soapy floors, she went over to him. "Prince Simon has sent me to retrieve you. This was please." He led her from her work station, down a mile long corridor and to a small room surrounded by multiple doors. Where they led, she had no clue. He opened the door and she went in. "Prince Simon. Your Slave is here." Simon looked back and nodded. Brittany winced at the word 'slave' and sighed as she made her way over to him.

"Here she is, Martin." Simon said with a smile as she stood next to him. She forced herself not to react as he scanned her up and down, repeating the action several times before nodding. Martin was a young man, early twenties she was guessing. Not bad looking, but she wouldn't date him if he asked. He had short, neatly cut black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Well, shall we get started?" He asked, addressing Simon when he asked.

"Will you be staying?" She asked Simon.

"Yes." He answered both questions, nodding once to both of them.

As they began the sketching, Brittany was very detailed as she described each family member. Each unique characteristic they all had sticking out in her mind and remaining there until there sketch was finished. Martin showed her each sketch once more, making sure she was positive it was fully correct. She smiled into familiar green eyes, she described them so well, he managed to get the right glisten. She nodded.

"Yes, that's my sister, Jeanette." She forced away any worried tears, feeling Simon rest his hands reassuringly on her shoulders, standing behind her while she sat by a table. She drew strength from him and relaxed.

He showed her another sketch, and she giggled faintly, hearing her other sister's scolding her for some stupid thing she did. "That's Eleanor." She sniffled as her worries increased, she didn't what she'd do without them. He showed her the last sketch. "No doubt. That's Miss Miller." She felt and heard Simon chuckle at how abrupt her response had been.

"OK. Now that we've got the sketches, I can give them to the Captain of the search team." Martin stated, putting them neatly into a folder and putting his sketching supplies into a briefcase. She stood and moved next to Simon. He was aiming his information towards Simon. We'll inform you when he's left and the Pilot will forward information the you and your father." Simon nodded.

"Ready to go?" Simon asked, looking at Brittany. She looked at the folder containing the sketches for a minute, then at Simon. He smiled gently and she smiled back, nodding. "Thanks for your help, Martin."

"Anything for you, Prince." He said with a respectful bow. Simon nodded and they left.

A week later, they were notified that the group going to search had just left and that they were going to be keeping in touch weekly.

"That's great! I still can't believe how long it will take..." She told Simon when he told her. He smiled, realizing that over the past week, he was growing very fond of her.

"Yeah, me either. But you'll be safe here. I like to think everything happens for a reason. Don't you?" He asked. She thought about it for a few seconds.

"I guess so..." She said with a shrug. Simon chuckled and caressed her cheek gently. She gasped lightly as he tilted her chin up.

"I'm not going to be like Alvin." He told her, resting his forhead against hers. She kept her light blue eyes locked to his gray ones. "I don't want you for the reason you were given to me. But I do want to kiss you right now. May I?" He asked softly. She smiled faintly and nodded. Lifting his forehead from hers, he tilted his head to the left and caught her lips under his in a soft kiss. He lingered for a few seconds and pulled back. Letting go of her chin, he looked into her slightly confused eyes and only smiled again. "I have to go for another class. I'll see you later on."

She nodded. He was about to leave, but looked back. "Oh, I got you some work clothes so you don't have to worry about ruining your new clothes. They're in your drawer." He smiled and left. She smiled and sat on her bed.

Yes, I definetly believe everything happens for a reason. She lightly touched her lips and giggled. Then she got changed and left to clean.